Youtube Space Lab Entry – Fluid Density in Outer Space (Sphere Machine)

Hello. My name is Claudio Nahmad.
I’m from Mexico City. I’m 18, and this is my experiment. First of all, what’s density? The density of a fluid or a body
is determined by the ratio… …of its mass over its volume. A less dense fluid will always float
on a more dense fluid. Water is denser than oil.
This is why oil floats on water. You can see that here. But this happens
because of the action of gravity… …which separates the fluids
according to their densities. But what will happen if we try this in space
where there is no gravity? Experiment question Does microgravity affect the distribution or
position of fluids according to their density? Hypothesis In space there is no
top or bottom, no up or down… …then the oil can’t “float” over water. Then what will be the oil’s reaction
when injected into a water bubble? I expect difference in density will show
physically in the experiment. By using a mechanical system that can
maintain the fluids under strict control… Method …the experiment can be executed
with precision. A thing we don’t want to happen is liquids
floating uncontrollably around the cabin. That’s why I designed this prototype. Experiment prototype system
Possible vacuum / pressure pump We need a Plexiglas cylinder
covered from both sides… …where fluids will be contained
during the experiment. Fluids will be injected into the Plexiglas
cylinder using these injection cylinders… …or syringes. Using coaxial feed lines
through the cylinder… …we can administer the preferred
amount of fluid inside of it. Fluids will come out from a plastic needle
in which a sphere of liquid will be formed. Expected Results If the experiment works in space… …then what I expect is that the denser fluid
will contain the less dense fluid… …on its center,
which would mean that density… …can affect the fluid’s distribution,
even in outer space. Thank you for–

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