You’re paying too much for electricity

You’re paying too much for electricity. Since Labor privatised electricity retail in 2006, prices have nearly doubled. And the result? Big corporations like AGL and Origin made $7.2 billion in profits alone. But it’s not just private corporations. Labor made $3 billion off state owned electricity assets. That’s about $500 per household, per year. Recently the premier announced a $50 rebate – returning some of the money they’ve already taken from Queenslanders. Frankly – this is a joke. They’re still pocketing $450 per household. Why? Because Labor and the LNP would rather make profit off us than make property developers and mining corporations pay their fair share. We are being taxed, via our electricity bills, because Labor and the LNP won’t tax big corporations. Since 2010 Labor and the LNP have taken $39 million in donations from big corporations. They’re in the pockets of big business and Queenslanders are suffering. So what’s our plan? By scrapping private electricity retail and stopping the government from profiting off us, we could save every household up $600 per year. Instead of levying dodgy electricity taxes on Queenslanders we’ll make mining corporations and property developers pay their fair share. This election let’s fight for a future for all of us.

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