Yoga For Energy (Feels Amazing!) 20 Minute Energizing Flow

Yoga For Energy (Feels Amazing!) 20 Minute Energizing Flow


    Thanks again mam.. I'm just waiting for this energetic yoga video.. Nd now I'm too much excited to do this nxt morning.. Nd mam u r looking soo lovely ♥️🙏🧘‍♀️

    Thank you for doing the voice overs! I found your videos yesterday when I was trying to get on the mat and my usual go to videos were frustrating me because they talk while doing the poses and found myself becoming frustrated, because my mind and body were not agreeing that I should be working out. So found yours and got them under control! Thank you so much!

    How long are the classes on MyYogaPal? One sequence mentions 20 minutes and another says 60 minutes. And is new content being added to the site? If so how frequently?? Is there a length of membership that is required?

    This was our first time with you, it was very enjoyable, not to hard and it have a good flow to it. We look forward to doing more with you.

    As always, thanks for the kickstart Lesley and Duke! 💗🙏🏻 This was exactly what I needed today 👌🏻😊

    Hi Leslie! I’m not much on Facebook so I shared your video on Snapchat. Thanks it was perfect as usual. Can you please do a minimal cues video? I must admit though your voice is so soothing.

    great kickstart for the day. thank you, loved this one, I feel full of energy. I'm already a My yoga pal member and I love it but I still like doing your new videos on you tube every monday (Tuesday morning here in Italy)

    Love it – Have shared on my FB. You are by far the best Yoga teacher on YouTube and the world needs to know about it!

    thanks for the kickstart, and that what happen in january when i started 30 days for beginner because i never stop after. i have now completed fix 90 and i just found a new addition to MyYoga Pal a 30 day Hatha , i doing it 👌🏻😊

    Hi, I don’t think this would be the best video to share. Its a bit of a confusing class with an uncertain theme. I think one of your best features is the quote, I also like how when I search for you in YouTube I can choose by length of class

    Hi I love your channel. I always feel so relaxed afterwards that I usually forget to hit the LIKE button, I suspect that happens to a lot of your viewers, so remind us to hit that button before we get started!

    A lot of the yoga channels I like don't come up in searches unless I search the exact channel name and even then it doesn't come up in predictions.
    I think the algorithm has made "yoga" one of its no no words because they think teenage boys look up yoga videos to look at butts. Thats probably true but it's still unfair and rediculous. The algorithm is trash

    Dear madam .which is your country. Yoga is consern in india.In indian prime minister is requested in united nation in genaral assambly therefore becoming on international yoga day in june 21 every year.

    I follow u on Patreon and like ur YouTube channel so much. I have a severe anxiety disorder and this is wonderful. I am sharing it now

    The background is so beautiful! It looks very relaxing. Thanks for another great yoga video. I love starting my day with you. Your voice is so calming

    I've never really looked into yoga until recently, it was a last ditch effort to pull myself out of this depression… I'm so happy I found your videos. Doing daily sessions with your videos has pulled me out of the darkest time of my life and I feel the best I have in over a decade. I'm so thankful and happy that I'm not just moving through the motions anymore but actually living how I always hoped to… thank you.

    Beautiful setting, great energizer, thank you Lesley and Duke. I would share this on FB but I quit it and all social media 1 1/2 years ago. And I feel wonderful. I agree that for some reason you aren't showing up readily in my youtube. There's someone who LOOKS like you but she's called SarahBeth. Imitation IS the highest form of flattery…

    I really enjoy your videos. They can be as short or long as you need them which is ideal. I always feel better after going through a yoga flow with you. Your voice is soothing too. I did a different one this morning but I think I’ll do this one later today when I need that energy boost! 😁

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