World Energy Council – Our Mission

Energy is always in transition, but the scale and the urgency of the task we face today is unprecedented. The World Energy Council is the only truly international and impartial network of energy experts working together to shape the energy future. Our mission: to promote
the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people. That means a balance between Security: reliable energy at the press of a button Equity: affordable energy available to everyone and Environmental
Sustainability: energy that respects the world we all depend on how we respond to the challenges and opportunities of decentralisation, digitalisation and decarbonisation will affect not just the energy sector, but all industries, governments, consumers and even the survival of the planet itself. The world Energy Council is uniquely
placed to be at the heart of the global energy transition, facilitating and accelerating the change that is needed. We have an unrivalled network where the
most important influential and innovative people in energy can work
together to face the hardest questions. We have the trust of the private sector
and governments of industrialised nations and the developing world. Of established energy companies and disruptors. For nearly 100 years we’ve
been building impact communities, national member committees in more than 90 countries, communities of CEOs, of ministers, of Future Energy Leaders of startups and innovators, of energy experts… Combining our global impact
communities with our dynamic Energy Transition Toolkit, which is comprised of five tools, we drive effective change and mission impact. Through the World Energy Issues monitor we have access to the knowledge and experience of more than 2,000 energy leaders. A reality check that finds out what keeps them awake at
night, the Issues Monitor helps to define the world energy agenda and its
evolution over time. Using our World Energy Scenarios, partners can test their strategies, modelling the plausible future consequences of today’s decisions. The World Energy Trilemma guides better action on managing Security, Equity and Sustainability through energy transition, identifying best practices and
establishing universally understood benchmarks for success. Our fresh focus on innovation and Start-Up Energy Transition Awards identify groundbreaking solutions and new talents, helping us create an innovation
ecosystem where transformational leadership can flourish. And we are sharing best practices in dealing with systemic risks, from cybersecurity to extreme weather events as we develop an overall framework for dynamic resilience. Along with these practical and flexible
tools the World Energy Council provides the platforms for our impact communities
to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate on new courses of action, so that together we can tackle the most difficult challenges and identify best
fit solutions in order to accelerate a successful global energy transition.

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