Why NASA Is Sending An $850 Million Hammer To Mars

Why NASA Is Sending An $850 Million Hammer To Mars

NASA’s about to break new ground like never before, by sending a giant drill to Mars. It’s the largest drill NASA
has ever sent to space, and it will dig deeper
into Mars than ever before. The mission? Uncover clues to one of the
most outstanding mysteries in our solar system. NASA’s $850 million InSight Lander is the first designed to study the interior structure of Mars. Until now, NASA’s landers mainly focused on exploring Mars’ surface
for signs of potential life. They’ve touched down near
volcanoes, valleys, and canyons. But InSight won’t be
going anywhere like that, since InSight is not a
rover and can’t move around. NASA has one shot to land
it in the perfect spot, here! Elysium Planitia, sometimes referred to as the
biggest parking lot on Mars. It’s one of the plainest
spots NASA could find and the perfect place for InSight. For one, it’s close to the equator, guaranteeing the solar panels that power InSight’s
instruments will work year-round for its nearly two-year mission. But most importantly, that smooth surface will make it easier for InSight’s drill to bore
deep into the Martian soil. The drill works like a motorized nail, hammering itself into the ground. Over the course of 40 days, the drill will reach 16
feet into the planet. That’s roughly the length of a car. For comparison, NASA’s
Curiosity Rover only dug about half an inch deep. That’s the length of an aspirin pill. As InSight digs, it will occasionally
shoot out bursts of heat. By calculating how quickly that heat warms the ground around it, InSight can measure the
chemical makeup of the soil. But InSight’s drill pulls double duty. As it hammers away, it also sends vibrations
through the ground, which are sensitive to different layers that might be hiding under the surface. For example, if Mars has
underground lava flows, those vibrations will find them. But this only gives NASA clues to the shallower layers of Mars. To understand the deep inner core, InSight has another tool that will measure how much
Mars wobbles on its axis. It works similar to an egg. If you spin an uncooked egg, the liquid yolk will slosh
around making the egg wobble. But if the inside is
cooked, there’s less wobble. Similarly, how much
Mars wobbles can tell us whether its core is molten
liquid or solid metal. And all these clues can
help scientists solve a bigger mystery of how rocky
planets like Mars and Earth formed in the first place. By studying the interior of Mars, scientists can get a better grasp on how Mars has evolved
over billions of years from a warm, wet world to the desolate landscape it is today. But there’s an even bigger
objective on the horizon. Ultimately, the more we know
about our own solar system, the better we get at
searching for other planets beyond our solar system that may have the
potential to harbor life.


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    I canโ€™t Believe all you idiots actually by this and think itโ€™s real!!! We canโ€™t drill more then 7 miles here on earth to study our own core but somehow magically drilling 16ft down on mars is gonna gives more clues here on earth???? LMFAO OkAY THEN!!!!!


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    wait one question because i heard that nasa sent the idea to make a self impaling nail all over the world and apparently they took the design from poland? is that true?

    Would be nice if we found OIl on Mars or maybe next time use a military ordinance for a explosion in the soil.

    And this is a wheel on the rover its rounded shape helps it to drive on the surface kinda of like the Ken barbie doll car. Do you all remember your barbie car its the same thing only it drives around mars.
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    US have lots of loan to pay to the world bank. But why spend money for just sending that kind of machine to Mars for nothing??

    They should make a worm like robot that can dig it's self down that spins like a drill attached too a cord that can be powered from the surface just as that nail but being able too go deeper

    Why don't they send a drill onto the Mars's polar surface ????? And find out water and traces of life ?????

    First solve the problems of your OWN planet then go waste your time elsewhere. People dying every day because of poverty and you spend millions on something like this.

    If anyone would like to see an ion thruster that lifts itself and its complete power supply from the ground,ย  Please click on the channel icon to the left to see flight footage.

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