Why Hydrogen? | Hydrogen Renewable Energy | ANT Energy Solutions ( 2019 )

– [Narrator] Our planet is crying out for renewable, carbon-free energy. But renewables only reach
their full potential when their energy can be
stored and regenerated at will. – And hydrogen is a very
effective way of doing that. – [Narrator] Hydrogen has the power to provide electricity on demand. – The science is very simple. – [Narrator] By running electricity through water in an
electrolyzer, H2, hydrogen is separated from O, oxygen, and stored, ready for use whenever
or wherever required. Adding air back to the
hydrogen through a fuel cell generates electricity on demand,
and the byproduct is water, which can be recycled to
produce more hydrogen. – Hydrogen is the most
abundant element on earth, and the lightest, and as
improvements in technology make hydrogen more and
more cost competitive, it’s being taken up by
countries all over the world. – [Narrator] To store
energy from renewables for 24/7 grid stability. For off-grid, portable,
and emergency power. To run hydrogen cars, which are already on the roads in many countries, as well as trucks,
buses, trains and planes. While NASA have been using
hydrogen for on-board power in their space shuttles since the 1950s, providing pure drinking water
for the crew in the process. Hydrogen technology is
one of the most exciting energy opportunities on the horizon. The new power in renewables.

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