Why Electricity Is Better Than Natural Gas In Your Home

Why Electricity Is Better Than Natural Gas In Your Home

The climate piece was very important, but
the fact that I was burning a fossil fuel in my kitchen, and they’re actually
peer-reviewed studies saying burning gas in your stove – you will cause the air
quality in your kitchen to violate federal health based air quality
standards in your kitchen, where you cook and it’s one of those sacred things you
do with your family, it was like this is crazy! Turns out there are over 12
million homes and buildings in the state of California that use gas. These
homeowners wanted to help change that. Let’s take a peek inside this Oakland
California home. My name is Juliette and my parents names are Bruce and Bonnie and my brother’s name is Ian. I’m Bonnie Cosgrove. And I’m Bruce Nilles. And this is our house. It’s an all-electric emission-free house. So where do we live? So we live in
Oakland California. We’re about what two miles from the Bay and we’re about two
miles from the Redwoods, so we live in a pretty awesome place where we can go
hang out at the beach, we can go walking in the Redwoods. We burn a lot of gas in
our homes, in our gas hot water heater, gas furnace, gas stove, gas drye,r and
there’s both huge health impacts and huge climate impacts associated with
burning gas and so the renovation project that we did over the last nine
months, was that we started with, was getting all the gas appliances replaced
with clean, efficient electric appliances. And we did that one first because there
are immediate health benefits of not burning gas in your kitchen and in other parts of your house, so we’re really excited. We think it’s made a noticeable
difference, and was a fascinating project to get the gas appliances out and go
through the permitting process, working with contractors, and getting to a place
where we were able to shut the gas off two months ago. But it was interesting,
a friend of ours said try a hot plate. Literally go buy an induction hot plate
and we have one stuck in the closet now, and put it on this counter,
and we tried it and it was like wow! It is super fast, and boy it’s also super
responsive, so that was sort of a gateway. That was the thing that I think really
helped us work out that electric is actually better and it doesn’t have any pollution.
Yeah, I mean my last experience cooking on an electric range was on my college
cooktop and it wasn’t great, and so, as someone who really enjoys cooking and I
cook most nights for the family, that was a hard sell to get rid of gas which I
knew was responsive and it had a lot of power. But using the hot plate was really
an eye-opening experience because it was so responsive and so fast. And this range
is even better so I have no complaints and am definitely a convert. So what have we done in this house? Taken all the gas out, that’s right. And what did we put up
on the roof? Solar panels! The solar panels get the power from the Sun. And where does that power then go?
What do we do with it? We use it! For what? For electric things that we have to charge, like phones and computers. Phones and computers, and hot water, and the furnace, and the stove, and the car and the dryer. Everything in our house is electric. And did we get a new car? Yes. And what’s cool about it? That I can ride in the back! It has jump seats in the back, so it’s a seven-seater. And what else is cool about it? It’s all
electric. Powered by our solar panels. The sunroof yes, that was pretty cool too.
These are steps that we’ve been able to take that have that addressed some of
the more significant things that are within our control, and so as we can take
those, you know, they’re sort of baby steps I guess, but to make the house work better and feel better and just day to day feel like it’s, you know, we’re making
responsible choices where we can. Right. Sort of working down the list, what
are the biggest footprints, what are the biggest impacts we’re having: so there was putting on solar. Switching our car to an all-electric, and now getting rid of
gas. Those are three the biggest impacts in most people’s lives, so
it’s not everything yet. There’s obviously more we can do, but those are
three of the big ones so it’s a good place to get started and it feels good
to be doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint. For the
folks who are saying I’m not sure I can solve a global problem, I think my answer
is well at least ensure the air in your home is safe to breathe. And secondly, if
we all work together we can actually solve global problems, that’s the only thing that ever has.
What’s the favorite thing to charge with the solar panels? TV.


    I love this electrification project. My next cooktop is definitely going to be induction. They're so efficient!

    Glad to be the friend who suggested the induction hot plate! Those are the gateway drug to electrification.

    You’re so fucking stupid. Have you ever thought about where you get that electricity from? It comes from burning fossil fuels. You end up using more fossil fuels to create that energy than you would to use an actual stove you jackass.

    Where in the heck do you think electricity comes from lightning, you have drank the Al Gore cool aid “I hear and obey”

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