What If Dark Energy Was Usable? | Unveiled

What If Dark Energy Was Usable? | Unveiled

What If Dark Energy Was Usable? The laws of physics are strange, and there
are lots of things we don’t yet know about how our universe works. Most mysterious of
all is the fact that completely unknown forces are governing our reality. Forces so unexplained
that we don’t even know what they are, let alone what they might be capable of. This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering
the extraordinary question: what if dark energy was usable? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly
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bell for more fascinating content! The matter and energy that we can see and
interact with makes up only about 5% of what’s out there. Yes, that includes every star,
every planet, every interstellar cloud, and every black hole in the observable universe.
The other 95% isn’t just empty space, either. Or rather, it seems to be empty space, but
there’s something bizarre within that space that our instruments can’t detect: dark
energy and dark matter. Dark matter makes up 27% of the universe’s
mass-energy, much more than ordinary matter, while dark energy makes up a whopping 68%.
We know that dark matter exists due to its gravitational effects. Without it, galaxies
wouldn’t be spinning so fast, or even able to form and hold together at all. Dark energy
is similarly elusive, and has never been detected, but it’s the best way we know of to explain
the accelerating expansion of the universe. Dark energy is thought to be distributed uniformly
throughout space, permeating the universe. Dark energy is a relatively new idea. While
it has a precursor in Einstein’s “cosmological constant”, proposed in 1917, the term “dark
energy” was first coined by cosmologist Michael Turner in 1998. That year, scientists
realized that the universe wasn’t expanding at the rate they’d predicted. We’ve known
that the universe is expanding ever since astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the
more distant a galaxy, the faster it’s moving away from us. Before the 1990s, however, it
was generally assumed that expansion was slowing down – after all, it was thought to be residual
from the Big Bang, which happened around 13.8 billion years ago. However, attempts to measure
the deceleration using supernovae discovered the exact opposite – that expansion was speeding
up! Scientists realized that something must be
counteracting gravity and fuelling this expansion, dubbing that something “dark energy”.
Dark energy could be a lot of things, though. Some think that it is indeed a cosmological
constant, an intrinsic property of space. Others postulate that it’s a fifth fundamental
force of the universe, or “quintessence”. Or it could be a sort of fluid that’s one
and the same as dark matter and naturally fills empty space. All we know for sure is
that it’s responsible for the universe’s expansion. The rate of expansion is what tells
us that it makes up 68% of everything. Depending on the amount of dark energy in the universe,
it could keep expanding forever. The more space there is, the more dark energy, and
the more expansion, resulting in a “Big Rip” that tears ordinary matter apart. There’s still a long time however before
that happens. This means that we do have enough time as a species to develop a technology
that can detect and interact with dark energy – if such a thing is possible. Whatever
dark energy is, it must be very powerful to accelerate the universe’s expansion, so
if there’s a way to harness it, it could be a game-changer. If we figured out how to use it, it would
easily be the greatest discovery in history. Dark energy could become humanity’s main
power source. It’s so abundant that it might as well be infinite and exists literally everywhere
where there’s space. We could potentially set up large machines used to extract it and
mine space itself for fuel. It would make deep space travel and colonization much easier,
too, since ships could forego carrying fuel and just suck up energy from the space around
them. Not having to carry fuel would make ships lighter, faster, and capable of travelling
vast distances without stopping. It would also make colonies much more independent and
enable us to build them anywhere, even just floating around outside star systems and between
galaxies. There are a few problems with this idea, though.
Some people think it’s unethical to mine space for resources. Already, people argue
that mining other planets and moons might be morally wrong or unsustainable, and similar
thinking could be applied to dark energy extraction. It would also depend heavily on whether our
universe is expected to end in a Big Rip or the opposite, a Big Crunch, which partially
depends on just how much dark energy there is in the universe. On one hand, if it’s
going to end in a Big Crunch, then mining dark energy could potentially hasten the end
of the universe. On the other hand, if we’re heading towards a Big Rip, mining dark energy
for all we’re worth could actually prolong the life of the universe! If we could use or manipulate dark energy
on a vast scale, we might be able to slow down expansion enough to delay or prevent
the Big Rip from happening. Of course, it could well be impossible for humans to extract
anywhere near enough dark energy to do this, but we can hope. Space’s expansion will
also bring about a different problem when it comes to interstellar travel; in 100 billion
years it will have expanded so much that we won’t even be able to see other galaxies
from the Milky Way, let alone travel to them. But by siphoning up dark energy, an advanced
civilization might be able to slow this down, or even reverse it – although again, this
may end up hastening the Big Crunch if we go too far in the other direction. Though humans might not manage it, if an advanced
civilization somewhere was able to develop the tech to harness dark energy, they wouldn’t
just get an unlimited and eternal power source; they’d also have the power to save or end
the universe at the tip of their fingers – if they have fingers. And that’s what would
happen if dark energy was usable. What do you think? Is there anything we missed?
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    Although dark energy has been used in science fiction, like in the Transformer movies, if it could be harnessed, it would be a great source of energy. Of course, the question pops up, could it be used for anything other than a fuel source, like petroleum? Well, time will tell, and who knows it may help us humans to be able to go faster than light in space, which would enable us to travel between systems and galaxies. As for mining, like any resource, it isn't so much the mining of it, as it's environmental impacts and sustainable methods that are a must.

    I wonder how much Mass Effect there would be in the video, and how much Mass Effect related comments there will be.

    Unless until we know what Dark Energy actually is, there's no reason to believe it can be used by humans or any other intelligent beings.

    A super villains dream.
    See Catain Harlock movie for details on how dark energy can be used on a space pirate ship

    There's a comic where humans did discover how to use dark energy and Earth entered a Golden Age – right up until their actions had inadvertently RADICALLY increased the rate of acceleration of entropy in the universe, until all that was left was a single space station "life raft" that kept the entropy from obliterating it and the last of humanity. The comic happens there.

    Does anyone ever wonder if maybe their initial math is wrong so they had to make up stuff like dark energy to make it all add up?

    Im just happy we are finally studying dark matter again. Thank god i started to fall off the edge of the flat earth.

    But what if:
    Dark Matter (or missing gravitation) was simply gravitation from another dimension

    with its own galaxies and whose inhabits are also wondering what their "dark matter" was?

    Dark Energy (or negative gravitation) was due to antimatter "lost in cosmic voids" because it might just repel ordinary matter ?
    The hypothesis goes that ordinary matter attracts ordinary matter and antimatter attracts antimatter but antimatter repels ordinary matter
    What if?
    Have a look at: Antimatter gravity could explain Universe's expansion by Lisa Zyga , Phys.org at

    Running out of dark energy would be the least of our problems. There is probably more of it in the universe than anything else.

    Its relatively small in density. And homogeneous across the universe. Energy is not usable with out differentials.
    Besides the fact that its a consequence of space curvature and storing this energy isn’t possible …If there was a way to store it. It would require more energy than your output to do so.

    Dark Energy could be something that is similar to diffusion across membrane. The force that allows high concentrated substance to diffuse into low concentration medium. Also known as entropy. Once the diffusion achieves "near" equilibrium, it slows down. However there is no such point of equilibrium in absolute nothingness medium that matter wants to diffuse into. Unless, multiverse exists and merging of universes leads to contraction at some point when Dark Matter and gravity overwhelm Dark Energy.

    Dark Matter could be something that is similar to neutron that attaches to proton in an atom resulting in more mass and adding more attritibute to an element. That attribute is additional unknown gravity in the context of our galaxy or our universe.

    There would have to be a dark energy gradient. Or dark energy would have to cause a gradient in something we could use.

    what if a rope was conected to 2 planets and the rope was spinig a moter and the moter out put power
    i feal like thers a lot of issues with this idea

    Shouldn't even talk about dark matter an energy until you can at least explain what it is. Just like schools teaching that everything came from a pin tip sized big bang. That's just one of many THEORIES! Not fact!

    it is usable, we just don't know how to yet. Eventually we are going o use it make our starships go really far really fast…

    I believe it’s a pretty straightforward explanation. The universe loves balance. It only exists like it does because of balance. Frankly, Dark Energy is simply anti-gravity. Just like how every particle has an anti-particle, how light has sound, how electricity has magnetism, how movement has static. How there’s hot or cold, love or hate, healing or hurt, order and chaos, a beginning and end. That time changes, cause has effect, and why perfection doesn’t exist.

    It’s to the point now where we call it what it is, Dark Energy is Anti Gravity. But that begs the question, where does it comes from? why can’t we see it? And again, another simplicity. It’s for the same reason why we can’t see gravity; It’s a non visible wave that we know exists, only because of the effect it has on the things we can visualize. So just because something isn’t seen or immediately apparent doesn’t mean it ceases to exist at all.

    Oxygen keeps us alive everyday, breathing it in and out. We don’t see it but never do we question it’s existence. Emotions are felt and yet they remain unseen to the naked eye. Countless of us go about our day and speak words, prayers, into nothingness, and yet somehow they’re heard, because we receive answers. We communicate with someone, something, that isn’t human, has no physical body but still this being, is given a name and called God.

    If we’re open to that, then why is believing in magic so difficult, or accepting that not everything needs a scientific, logical explanation to be real and still work. Science loves to try and make some of the simplest stuff sound so complicated, or a proof false because it doesn’t jive with currently accepted ideas. well, my friends, sometimes the things we don’t see are right in front of us. Expand your limitless minds. The skull only has capacity for what’s there, not for what we believe is there.

    Well if we do find it, hello infinite energy. Perhaps we can create a balloon that grows with dark matter instead of air. Then we can ride that balloon into another multiverse of different quantitative variations of fundamental force fields.

    really interesting vid and concept. given that we can't even detect it atm, its probably better to try and figure out how to mine energy from our star via dyson (sphere/discs/plates) tech instead.

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