What are the Key Elements of a Solar Panel? | Solar FAQs

What are the key elements of a solar panel? Solar modules, also known as panels, are one of the main components of a solar PPV or photovoltaic system A solar module is made up of several parts The first part is the actual cell itself Your cell is one of the most important parts of the module because your cell is what actually creates the DC power The cells are then put within an aluminum frame filled with glass on top of it and then there’d be a polymer backsheet on the backside once the panel has been assembled, you also have a junction box on the backend what happens with the junction box is that you have two rips, or wires, that cut out on either side of it and you clip these and you can connect them to the panel next to them if it’s a DC system or you can connect them directly to an inverter if it was a DC micro-inverter system Semper Solaris

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