We Sent a GoPro to SPACE! | Full Footage

We Sent a GoPro to SPACE! | Full Footage

3, 2, 1 let go scream* yay im excited thats pretty high i will! kinda shaky well here we are much height flying around and stuff cool town im waiting for a bird to eat up the camera CHOMP oh btw subscribe to pewdiepie here ill give some actual subtitles *woosh* *woooOOoOshh* *air sounds more air souds are you really gonna watch this whole thing? you should its worth it 2 minutes and 20 seconds in btw we are farmers dum dum dum dum dum dum dum hmmm I have autism its cool watching the world from so high of course this is from north korea why has nobody else made subtitles for this yet? it was such a missed opprotunity *woosh* oh hey flat earthers youre wrong the world is a dinosaur you can see by this video see the curve? [DEMONITIZED] so… how are you doing today? [CENSORED] bad :(((? if youre sick i hope you get better also hey ill be writing captions for like 2 more minutes soo if youre bored go hit up an ex thats always fu WOOOOshhh this is fun omg what if it gets taken by aliengs crap i mispelled aliens im writing captions i cant do that this is soothing leaving all your problems on the ground aight imma head out have fun! subscribe to pewdiepie (and this channel) byeeeee


    For those moronic imbeciles who claim this video is proof that the earth isn’t flat doesn’t take into consideration that before the camera even clears the buildings there is obvious curvature which is either due to the type of camera used or it’s lens. Then the continue fluctuations between curved and flat as the camera is ascending. Even in the stratosphere you can see as the camera is spinning the horizon is changing from flat to curve and back. I didn’t know the earth was so flexible, wavy, distorted…..geesh. Maybe the earth is round but this video doesn’t prove it. In fact it does more to show the earth flat when the horizon straightens out ….lol. You guys are so gullible.

    Those fish eye lenses are amazing….the can only make a straight line curve oth ways….so obviously FLAT….which way is the earth curved again??? Smilie face or sad face..bahahahahah……..NICE FLAT EARTH proof yet again….

    I hope you considered the possibility your device gets inhaled by an airliner's reactor ! BOOM ! Many lives in danger !

    Its like ur an alien casted away to a fucking planet full of life u get here stuck in a tree apart of the ecosystem life is calm and completely wicked its really up to u

    funny to see how earth curves in both directions,, depending on he filming downwards or upwards. It starts to curve around 100 meters. lol this video is just dumb- this is even worse than believe the earth is flat. because if the earth curved so much it does in this video. we could walk around the world in a day.
    This is the biggest proof of earth is flat since the horizon always stay at eye level or in this case lens level.
    If the earth was shaped as an ball, the horizon would sink as you ascend.
    If the earth was flat, the horizon would stay at eye level no matter how high you go.

    How come sometimes you can see the curvature and sometimes can't, america explain… jk I believe it's round just saying

    I enjoyed it every minute of it. To be honest, I expected aircraft, but I didn't see any aircraft. How many miles further did the parachute land than the launch point?

    Camera angle is everything. The horizon is in the top 1/3 of the frame. Notice the horizon become convex in the bottom 1/3? How does the curve go from convex to concave?

    Wow what a cool idea! Great footage Landon, what an awesome thing to do. As a filmmaker I would love to film space, but never thought it was possible without NASA's help. Amazing you can even see the curvature of the Earth …. Love your idea! Scott Coolich … Cool Pictures Producer.

    0:48 in this video Landon used Fish eye camere … Earth is flat, this video is the proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnxvS9XFJnE

    Gotta love how the camera moves down, curve, when it moves up convex curve, when it is isn’t moving…flat earth. Thank you for further proving flat earth even if it wasn’t your intention.

    Yes, FlatTurds, literally every celestial body in the universe is globe-like but just THIS planet is flat and square… like your heads.

    Is it so hard to just send a cam without a fish eye lens to make these flat earth morons happy? Or just turn it off on the go pro? I mean, come on.

    Imagine waking up and feeling the desire for life

    Sometimes I think back to the time when I only had two arguments, that we live on a globe and that boats disappear on the horizon.

    One day I decided to bring my senses to life and really seek facts so I had arguments for where we live.

    The arguments I found about the globe were so weak and unimaginative that I noted that NASA first said one thing, then they changed and said just the opposite, and it lost my belief that they were telling the truth.

    I came into this with flat earth and there was the credible and perfectly clear evidence, where I was not met by newly invented words, mathematics that no one could explain or forces that counteracted the ones we already had, yes gravity that would make buoyancy and centrifugal force would suddenly cease to hold this together with a spinning globe with a Satan's speed through the universe, and everything I saw with these calculations of sizes and speeds had the number 666 devil in everything, so I didn't want the devil to get hold of my brain.

    It became a commitment to compare the globe to flat earth, and what I found beyond doubt was that flat earth was the one that gave me both clear evidence and credible arguments.

    What I experienced now was joy, security, insight, and curiosity, which also made me go ahead and find much of what our world has looked like before and that our world is so much bigger than we know about, and that is why power controls with fake media going their errands to deceive humanity so we shouldn't know that our world is much bigger than the one the globe shows us.

    When I came to the realization, it was laughable that at school we learned that everything started with a big bang from nothing, didn't they have a better imagination than that?

    Then this with that, we evolved from fish to chimpanzees and then to humans because Darwin's theory of evolution made him known for a completely wrong conclusion that has been proven not to be at all true as our DNA does not match chimpanzees at all.

    From these poor arguments, a globe and the disappearance of boats on the horizon, life blossomed with the knowledge that we live on a flat earth, that God has created everything so the creation story in the Bible is true that we have a firmament 110 km above us that covers all over our earth, I found God and that made me comfortable too.

    Test it You too, it makes life a whole different meaning when you find the truth.



    Dude the curvature is so amazing and beautiful. I bet flattards are here watching this trying to debunk it by saying it's a fish eye lenses which its clearly not.

    Maybe people should stop using fish eye go pros so people aren't continuing to be fooled by fast spinning curve balls they indoctrinated guiable and nieve children with. Those plains are definitely NOT moving while the earth has been mathematically measured proving no curve whatsoever.

    How to roast a flat earther

    Well , if the Earth is flat then your brain must also be flat because no way those brain cells are going to stick in your spherical brain

    FlatEarther:*sees video*
    FlatEarther:The earth is still flat
    FlatEarther:We have flatearthers around the globe

    The next time you send something up there use 2 to 4 camera to show what is up there not just down here you can do better!

    Right from the begining everything looks round shape, dont you see it yet? Waooo morons, as the camera moves the shape changes

    To all flat earthers… You cant see the wind… Does it exist? What about farts? You can’t see them either… Do they exist? Sniff sniff… can you smell what the flat earth is cookin? Smells like hours and hours of pure YouTube golden research … Bro out! Peace and love broseph! Fuck the man! Vote for Bernie bronameth! NASA is so fake bro… omg… look at all the dumb sheeple who went to the mans college to like learn to be indoctrinated by the man bro! Flat earth for life!!! Now let us put our flat minds together and summon the all the powers of all our golden YouTube research to shut up these globetards once and for all!!! Dinner plates! Oranges! Ice walls and domes! I wish that these globetards just turn into gnomes!!! Got that one from Hogwartz bitches!

    Why does there show a curve rite away? I climb up huge mountains and never see a curve… strange.

    It's an absolute insult to the god of spherical worlds to send a redundant fisheye go pro(sumer) camera up to look at the spherical earth.. dont ya think?

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