TWO STORY FALLOUT 4 BOX FORT VAULT!!📦 ☢️ 24 Hour Challenge: NERF, Electricity & More!

we go check this out guys right inside
the vault and there we’re in the hockey terminal
room we got a pressurize lock here so we can keep all of the air secure in case
there’s a breach pressurize there we go doors open this vault is huge guys hey what’s going on guys is Papa Jake
here from to Brittany and we are back to the brand new video and today guys we
have a very special video a video you guys have been asking for for a while
now and you can really tell what it is based on my arm check it out guys
yeah boy on hand because we’re doing a follow for video we’re doing a follow
for box for guys now we do one of these back in the summer but we decided let’s
do fallout 4 part 2 we’ve got a massive box floor already from our Batcave that
we’re gonna add on to and today guys we’re gonna be making a fallout 4 vault
and having an epic fallout themed box fort and guys like we said before this
is actually our last week in this house you can probably tell round everything
here that you just have cool fun stuff here because we movement so this is our
last week here so we gotta make this week
absolutely fire so we started off with a batman box 4 and now we’re going into
the fallout 4 box for it we’re definitely gonna be doing a house tour
once we move into the new house but until then we’re making the most out of
what we have and we’re going bigger every single episode this week we
started off with batman now we’re doing fallout and if you guys wants to go even
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have enough to give away to everyone but alright guys so to start off as you can
see if you watched our last video which you definitely need to the Batman box
for it we built this crazy Batcave over here which extends all the way out to
the door and comes along there into to room behind now for the follow for
box four we’re gonna extend it all into here we’re gonna bring the box we’re out
into here and we’re gonna have multiple parts in our fall out a bulb because
guys in a fallout four vault we need like a med bay we need an armory we need
a place to sleep we also of course need our epic fallout 4 vault door which I’m
gonna tell you guys exactly what it is yet but let me tell you this vault door
is gonna be one of the craziest things we’ve ever built and it may or may not
be using this treadmill here I think we need to clear some space and start
building our fallout vault because we gotta get inside and lock that door cuz
it’s the wasteland out here and it’s scary
there are radroaches I don’t like the sound of radroaches Jake those are like
the least scary things in fallout 4 regardless let’s start working on the
vault door guys and then we’ll start working on the rest of the base and show
off some of our cool fallout 4 gear we have so far for the box we’ve got this
room here which is a kind of sitting room over here we’ve got two different
layers of security doors which is actually really important when we’re
doing a fallout 4 vault because we need security so you go through the first
layer here into the second layer we definitely need to light it those have
all not been lit yet so we have to work on that but I think to start we’re gonna
start working on the vault door and then we’ll come in here and start expanding
out into the next room we also have a little bit of space in here that we
could expand into so I’ve tasked Logan what he thinks about that check it out
so we went ahead and we kind of remodel I’d the Batcave a little bit and we put
in the treadmill here which is gonna be the entrance to the vault the way we’re
gonna use this is that we’re gonna have like the vault staging area here we have
to go on the console and activate the vault door once the vault door opens at
the front you can then enter onto the treadmill you’ll slowly be brought into
the vault and then you can go through the secondary security door inside and
only then can you access the vault it’s very secure so now all we have to do is
start read modify this with cardboard so that we can get it all around and then
start decking out the security door here so we can actually access it with the
computer and control panel alright guys check this out just finish
the vault or this thing is looking sweet it’s one of our classic vault doors got
you knows that lock here and everything like that but of course you can’t hack
into this because it all uses inside mechanisms but if you open up the vault
over here just like this you can enter into the ball now over here we haven’t
done the lighting yet so you can’t really see it too well but that’s
basically where we’re gonna have the mechanism that actually brings you into
the vault you’ll go on a conveyor belt that will slowly bring you inside and
the only way to activate that is from the inside so we stuff the like that I
still have to work on the control panel but we’re making progress here so I
think we’re gonna start working on the inside and then we also have to go ahead
and extend all the way out here as you guys can see we started here we gotta
cut a hole here and extend all the way out here into this room so there’s still
a lot to do there’s still a lot of building to get done but we’re having a
bunch of fun and you guys know me follow for is one of my favorite games of all
times so this is gonna be sweet so while Jake’s working on the security room I’m
gonna be working on our living quarters and we’re gonna use this elevated space
as a sleeping pod for Jake and I’m gonna make my bedroom down here so while
Logan’s working out there I’m now in the vault door room which is basically where
you can activate the vault door to let people in as you guys can see we’ve got
this space here this is where you’ll actually come in once the vault door is
activated now here I’ve got to use all this little stuff to make a control
panel so I can activate the vault door we’ve got a keypad here for the terminal
we’ve got a couple other electronic devices and then once you get in here
you can then enter into the main room which is inside so let’s start building alright guys check it out the terminal
is ready as you guys can see we’ve got all of our wires everything hooked up
here so basically now we use the Hackney terminal which will allow us to access
the bolt door so for example if we’re on here do you type in your commands and then access the bolt door with this I’m
gonna turn on the vault and allow the vault door to open and then go around to
the front so you guys can see exactly what it looks like once I open the door
and we come inside the vault here we go opening vaults there we go and there we go guys the vault door
opens is now now it’s time to go inside you
get inside and you have the vault or activated all the security measures are
on the terminal is activated which means the conveyor belts on so we just pop on
this and go inside the vault we go check this out guys right inside the vault and
there we’re in the hacking terminal room I got the hacking terminal here on I’m
gonna go ahead and block the vault door now and there we go Walt doors locks and
now you can go ahead and enter into the primary vault I Silva put the pressure
lock on this I’m gonna pressurize this door but once we got that on the door
would open and then we enter in to the main ballroom how sweet is that
so now that we know that the vault door works and the system to get in here is
working I’m gonna start working on the medbay but I want to go check out what
Logan’s been up to let’s see what’s going on in the next compartment here as
you guys can see and every fall of four vault we have our doors you know with
the shut up pressure lock them which is very important when you have a fallout
shelter but let’s jump inside and see what Logan’s doing over there but Jake
check this out this is your sleeping pod I’ll do this is sweet guys I didn’t even
think this is a great two-story box for fallout shelter but already put the room
in here man alright so we definitely need to still like this and bring in a
bunch of our gear but I’m gonna get working on the medbay Logan’s gonna
finish up in here and then this bolt is almost done wait Jake before you go
check out this awesome metal duct tape this stuff is gonna be awesome for
decking out a fallout shelter using reinforced steel I love that man
alright guys well Logan’s we’re gonna Matt let’s come in here and start
working on the medbay check this out we’re inside
by now and I have everything set up as you guys can see this is a separate from
the vault but you enter here through this door and then you can come up here
and sit down if you need to be medically examined or anything like that and of
course in here we have all of our vault survival gear we’ve got some extra food
rations in here we also have some extra water rations which actually come in
bags pretty cool it’s like water in a bag and then we’ve got some band-aids
some sterilizing cloth all of which is really important with the vault life
because you know when you’re in here you’re safe from outside but there’s
still radiation there’s still things that could go wrong in a vault so having
this place is important especially if you go out on a mission I think we might
need you because we didn’t bring a lot of food in here and if we’re doing a 24
hour challenge we’re gonna need to go out in the wasteland and scavenge for
some food so we just got finished up building the follow four box for it but
before we do a tour of the whole vault itself
we gotta get Logan inside here so I’ve got my pip-boy here we’re gonna go ahead
and access the vault door and open it up for Logan we have a super secure
encrypted vault in without access all right well let’s hope at the boat and
show you guys what it looks like come on inside we got our common area here you
know we got a clock on the wall nice fallout sound clock there looking great
over here if you come around this corner we have our armory this is where we’re
keeping all of our gear in case you go out into the wasteland which I will be
doing later because I think I need to scavenge for some food well of course
you’ve got our masks here some ammo a couple weapons we’re a little bit low on
supplies but that’s okay we can definitely scavenge for some more over
here is the medbay we’ve got a bunch of really awesome gear we’ve got some
medical supplies here in case we go out and we’ve got a few extra rations of
water which are very important when you’re living the vault life all right
let’s go into the living quarters we got a pressurized lock here so we can
keep all of the air secure in case there’s a breach pressurize
and there we go doors open let’s head inside this vault is huge guys this is
way bigger I was gonna try to double our fallout 4 vol from last episode I think
we’ve tripled it what it’s awesome seeing this thing with a lights man it
is so big we have a second story of course you can come up here with the
nice vaulted ceilings and up here we’ve got sleeping quarters so it’s a little
bit of a sleeping pod and come up in here you know
turn on some tunes on your pip-boy oh yeah and then just chill out relax and
enjoy the fallout 4 vault life so yes this place is sweet and of course all
the ceilings add to it and there’s just so much room in here which is awesome
Jake Jake use a radroach look look watch out watch out I’ll get the gun hold on
stay back take those to me g-get it stop cut it oh that was close
well TQ to another one right there whoa stop that ride roach infestation
his safest vaults are guys those radroaches find a way to get in here
I think Riley our best but now is if we’re gonna be surviving in here for the
night we need to get food which means I have to go out into the wasteland look
you can stay back here and keep the bowl secure I’ll grab those supplies I
haven’t go let’s see if I can’t find something all right I’m going the gear
people I have in the armor you open the vault door and head out I’ll take one of
the weapons and leave the rest for you in case you need it
just give me mutants out there other Raiders let’s see if I can find some
Raiders though I might be able to loot them for food I’ll leave it a little bit
of ammo no we don’t have a lot left have some gas massive information come across
some radius rather than scared of me all right open the vault I’m heading out all
right see you on the other side it’s not a bandits in the sports Logan
I’m coming through in the pant boy it’s trying to a band it can get up to in
dilute I’m gonna check down here see if I can’t find anything else maybe some
supplies all right let’s take another weapon
don’t you move it drives off the charts here doesn’t look
like I’m gonna pass this firstly another wastelander let’s say no
mutant I’ll take this mustache on you I’m going back to the vault get the door
ready there’s a lot of bad guys out here let’s make it quick all right take the
vault doors should be opening rate now this is freezing cool those ladies
almost got me though whoo that was something else grab some food I meant a
couple new friends but other than that it’s another day in the wasteland let’s
grab our gear see what we got for dinner grab an extra pistol as well as some
food rations it seemed like chili with beans looks like you don’t know what one
of these things is they are food rations that can survive 5,500 years doesn’t
really matter the cool thing about it is you actually don’t need a heater
surviving in a waistline vault we don’t have a heater so we use one of these
things it’s got everything you need it to eat
we’re a little bit low on supplies we’ll definitely have to do some more
waistline runs to get more but for now it’s chilly with beads and crackers
Logan what guys have some lemon poppy pound
cake I love it all right let me start cooking this thing up and get some food
into us I mean it does look a little stale that’s what you got to do when you
live in a wasteland it’s so dry but so good
that’s definitely dry it’s literally like cardboard so let’s put some jam on
it that guy’s got ourselves some fallout
wasteland crackers well Jake’s preparing the rest of food I’m gonna get our beds
ready cuz we got to hit the hay soon it’s been a very long day so it looks
like we’re all ready for bed alright guys we just finished a bacon
our meal so we’re gonna open it up here we’ve got ourselves chili with beans
which is pretty good look at that guys some wasteland beans with a little bit
of a chili sauce and I think there’s some meat in here too which is kind of
weird considering this thing can last a hundred ears but hey its food not bad at
all go try some it’s actually really good all right guys
well we’re gonna finish up our dinner and then once dinner’s done honestly I
think it’s gonna be bedtime we had a massive day-to-day filled in this box
for it as well as of course going out in the wasteland had a lot of issues out
there but we got our food we got herself set up I think it’s time to hit the hay
after this let me go into my sleeping chamber up here Logan’s going to be
chilling down here let’s play a little bit of nice soothing tunes for night
time on a pip-boy perfect stiffly not a billionaires box
for it but it’ll do surviving in the wasteland night buddy peace out Jake Jake wake up come on let’s go where’s my ammo belt
grab my ammo by leggins attorney Jake there’s no time here grabbing a pack of
webbing so work let’s see what’s going on here
looks like we have most of our systems online but whoever’s out there is trying
to lock me out of the vault they’re trying to open it manually from
the outside can you lock them out I’m trying
security breach what put the vault opening all right get back into the
sleeping quarters we can put up a fight there watch the door
second that door opens with fire all right see pirate got him lots of check and make sure he
doesn’t be rats I didn’t look like a mute enough this
pretty much wraps up our fallout for a box for we hope you guys enjoyed it we
hope you guys liked this part too of it if you guys think we should do more of
the fallout box fort life and smack that like button down below and also like I
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but thank you guys so very much for watching I’ll see all of you guys next
time for another awesome video you

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