Trying a micro grid tie inverter with a Wind Turbine

G’day YouTube one of the other subscribers asked me why don’t I put the wind turbine on the grid tie so I’m gonna try that just one of those little Chinese grid tie microinverters so you plug it in on this end of that into the power point Bob’s your uncle so the Meters that you see here are not
gonna stay there they just there to show you what I’m sort of getting a bit windy
outside half and on grid tie inverter only runs when it reaches
ten and a half volts so do you guys recognize should stick
with trickle charging the batteries or do you think I should use a grid tie inverter I’m not getting that many watts not gonna make any dent in my utilities right YouTube I’m going to disconnect that which I
started on and then I’m gonna wire then wire up vote meter my watt meter and I’m gonna put it up here then i’m going to fuse it I’m mark out where I want to put my
volt meter and my watt meter set under that and then i’m going to fuse it so i’m going to do a time lapse and see how long it takes there we go YouTube I have done it tidyed it up the one on the right is wind turbine so everything’s kind of the same moved it all from here made it look a little bit nicer fused into the second one which is a 10 amp and the next one under is a 20 amp which is a string one of my solar it’s a little bit cleaner in here that’s about as loud as wind turbine gets dose not look to pretty but i silicon it to the frame so it’s in place moments so it makes vibration noise i put heap of tek screws into it not going any where there is a lot of vibration noise but just turn the laptop on so that would be sitting idle at the moment so that how many watts i’m using with surveillance camera and laptop so i’m going to put the game on and you’ll watch that wattage go up all right i’m gonna start up the game this laptop is a gaming laptop does use
quite a bit of watts when you get in I also got I also charging up the portable speaker and my cordless headphones that’s what i’m using at the moment 246 watts not much on as in appliance wise bring in 14 amps with second string bring in 6 6 amps with that one wind turbine nothing at the moment so I mean it’s not the best weather as you can see that’s why a lot of times I can’t run
my gaming laptop this is my digital clamp matter so I’m going to see how much amps the
inverters using with that load using 16 amps at most jumping a little bit over the place 1st string I mean the second string 1.6 second string 4 at the moment so i said it’s basically on par with that 1 nothing out of there so I think it’s a little bit too much load at the moment with the weather so I’m gonna have to move around some appliances what I have plugged in now is this fish
tank pump and this fish tank pump oh and i forgot the fish lights were
plugged in so as you can see just with the two pumps with the light that was on
earlier the surveillance camera that’s a 123.4 watts now it’s gone back to full that load I can easily do half an amp all most bugger all so after all that wind and storm that we had yesterday it hasn’t moved at all there was more content to come so like it or hate it subscribe if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below I’ll catch you on the next one thanks and bye

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