Top 10: Best Portable Power Stations of 2019 / Best Portable Solar Generators, Backup Power Supply

strong reliable portable power is a must
for your upcoming vacations travel and outdoor activities the aim top 300 watt
portable power station is the solution for your remote power needs for
virtually all of your devices and appliances it’s easy to use and recharge
and requires no maintenance and no gasoline it’s perfect to carry in your
car for safety and security this 300 watt portable power station packs a
massive 75,000 milliamp hour 280 watt power lithium battery that will recharge
drones digital cameras computers and tablets and personal medical devices
with ease and it features a 110 volt 300 watt AC port for USB ports to a which
are for quick charge situations three 12-volt outputs one 24 volt output and
one 12-volt car port simultaneously charge up to 10 devices without fear of
overcurrent over-voltage / temperature or short-circuit our pure sine-wave AC
power output is safer for sensitive electronic devices
that will last longer run cooler operate more efficiently and it’s less likely to
have errors or shutdowns you can recharge your aim tom power station
using a wall outlet DC power from a 12-volt car socket or charge it using
the versatile aim tom 60 watt solar panel that is sold separately lightweight and compact in size it’s
only seven and a half inches long and weighs just 7.3 pounds being off the
grid has never been so easy you this is what comes with your Yeti 400 of
course the beautiful getting 400 the wall charger the
Munir to church in your wall and this is the legacy adapter for older gold
Arizona like the little brother Yeti 150 the
Yeti 400 has a lot going on first and foremost your input is how
your recharging plugin or the wall charges that come included
to recharge you’re getting 400 here’s your 12-volt section turns on an
optimist switch right there there’s our traditional 12 volt and
for things like coal zero lights this is the USB area comes with two USBs with
its nice charger cell phone charger tablet at the same time the next section
over your face 1:10 and Berger as you can see when
that’s on it’s using a little bit of power so be careful but go ahead and
plug in whatever you want laptops things like that it’s got a pure
sine-wave it’s just
8,400 has an upgraded display not only does it tell you how much battery you
have left it also tells you how much power you’re getting
and how is power last thing is the display button this
trick the light up in display on and off so you can see that night

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