This Life Hack Will Make You Never Run Out Of Energy (Animated)

This Life Hack Will Make You Never Run Out Of Energy (Animated)

– There are three things
(gentle music) that you need to know before
I get into this video. One, this video is going
to be a very personal one. Two, the title is Not Clickbait
and I’m not exaggerating. If eternalize this one idea, it will create limitless energy. Three, this one concept changed my life and I believe if you understand it, it can potentially change yours too. So, please watch the whole
video with an open mind. Let’s start this video
off by asking a question that you probably have
never asked yourself before. What are the chances of you being born? I won’t get into too many details here, but to calculate this we need to think about four different probabilities. The probability of your parents meeting, the probability of your
parents getting along and having a baby, and the probability of the right sperm entering the right egg. And, the probability of every
single one of your ancestors reproducing correctly in
order for you to be born. So, after calculating all of that, the chances of you being born
come to one in 400 trillion. To put this in perspective for you, if a person’s salary is $40,000 per year, it would take 100 million
years to earn $4 trillion. I also want to point out
that only one billion people out of the Earth’s total
population of 7.4 billion people are born in first world countries. So, if you’re even able to watch this from your phone or your
computer, there is a good chance that you’re in the top
percent of the world. The definition of a miracle
is an event to unlikely that it is almost impossible. By this definition, you are a miracle. When we realize how lucky
we are to even exist on planet Earth, I think
it really puts things in a perspective. Thinking about this should release an incredibly powerful emotion inside your body called gratitude. The definition of gratitude is the quality of being thankful, a readiness to show appreciation for, and to return kindness. This gratitude idea is the key
to creating limitless energy. There is nothing that
will make your connection to the source of life more real
than experiencing gratitude. Your focus on gratitude expands
your bandwidth of feeling, sensing, and knowing. People with high levels
of gratitude tend to have high levels of optimism
and life satisfaction. Gratitude also increases
physical and mental wellbeing. Tony Robbins, who is worth
over half a billion dollars, is one of the most
famous self-help speakers in the entire world says,
“Gratitude is crucial, “if you want to succeed in life.” And, he practices
gratitude every single day. Gary Vaynerchuck who
is CEO of Vayner Media and worth over $400 million says, “Showing gratitude is pivotal “to happiness and satisfaction in life.” When I personally started thinking about this gratitude
concept, I started to realize how lazy and stupid I
have been with my approach to living life and how short
life really is on Earth. I started to not waste my time. I stopped sleeping in until noon. I stopped procrastinating
and I did the thing that I always wanted to do. I was filled with vigor
and limitless energy. I want to repeat that the
chances of you being born are one in 400 trillion. I know it sounds super cheesy and corny to call yourself a miracle, but according to the modern day definition
of what a miracle is, it is undeniable that you
and I are both miracles. So, the key to creating
this limitless energy is to simply think about three things that you are truly grateful
for every single day, ideally right when you wake up. It can be simple things like
feeling the wind on your face or having a roof over your head or being thankful for
your significant other. I understand that we all
have issues and problems in our lives. Some are far worse than others. But, I invite you all to take a moment and to just think about how lucky you are to even be here and the things that you’re truly
grateful for in your life. If you do this every single morning, I promise that you will also be filled with limitless energy and happiness. If you enjoyed this video, please share it on social
media or just with one friend. Thank you so much for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one.


    This is all great but this doesn’t help me recover from 8+ hours a day of swim training. But for the normal person yeah this could work lmao

    It's a good video. However, saying my birth is a miracle is not undeniable. As many people have pointed out, it commits a fallacy by arbitrarily applying significance to an event. Yes, the chance of me being born was highly unlikely. But what makes 'me' special? A good analogy goes as follows:
    If you generate a random number between 1 and 10 000 000 and you get 4 423 884 you don't think much of it. But why, because you had exactly a 1 in 10 000 000 chance of getting the exact number 4 423 884? According to you, that's also a miracle. But it isn't.

    But that's not the only bit of faulty logic. Without even thinking about it you just assume that I was born by chance and that things could've been otherwise. But that's a pretty hefty assumption to make. Some Christians believe god created every person, therefore, your birth wasn't actually up to chance, it was god's decision. Determinism asserts that EVERYTHING is a cause of something else and nothing is random, therefore your birth wasn't random, either. You can't make an assumption like that without proof.

    I get that the video isn't meant to be taken all that scientifically and more so as just a motivational "you can do it!" -type of video. Being grateful is a very good thing indeed, and I agree with the core message. I just felt like pointing some things out.

    Wait, what, how did I not notice this video has been up for almost a week now… noooooo!

    cough Either way, this video has been truly insightful and I will try to wake up tomorrow while thinking of three things to be grateful about. Since I'm still young I hope that this will show an impact on my life in the future.

    This video is nothing more than you trying to get views and making a name for yourself. Like every other fat cat out there in this world who are mainly wanting to live the life of a desperate first world lifestyle. They would try to earn a living desperately and when they get to a certain point they still need to and want more to maintain it (the first world lifestyle problems).

    this made me gratefull

    Edit: lol i paused the video to write this comment a sec before he said "This is gratetude"

    Honestly this is the highest quality content on YouTube. You MUST keep it up dude. Set up a patron, if you need any motivation it's there.

    Interesting how gratitude, towards God, is a massive teaching of the modern church, and could explain why many Christians can be so productive and have so much energy

    Love this video and ideas man, so glad I found this channel, it's already one of my favourites. I'm so grateful for Masculine Man's existence, keep it up!

    This video really help me since i implented this mindset, i became more positive, and energetic, its been a week since i tried this, its best video i ever watch, simple yet powerful, more straightfoward than other motivational video, this video give drive!

    but It doesnt make a real difference, for instance if there was a machiene that could spit out an endless amount of realatively intelligent, sentient cubes which are all slightly different (dunno why I chose cubes but ok) and one of those cubes is happy to exist because the chance of it specifically being spat out is so low, then that wouldn't make sense because if it wasn't it couldn't even be happy about it, instead another cube would be therefore I conclude that, even if your chances of existing are relatively low that doesn't change anything, it's more or less just pep talk

    sorry for my grammar, Im just not that good at engish

    Being thankful that you get to see another day is definitely key. This is a great video. I really thought you were going to talk about some type of exercise or something. Thanks for the great content

    Wow! Powerful stuff! I read your comment about your channel etc on Pewdiepies recent video and thought "Hey, let´s check it out". I watched this video and I think it might help me and other friends. Thank you <3

    Btw what gives with not including Sweden as a first world country haha I kid, I kid. Great visuals and information <3

    this is the best motivational video the miracle and probability part alone motivated me very much haha thanks man

    well… that's not really the definition of a miracle. a miracle is defined as an event or occurrence that surpasses natural laws and scientific explanation and is attributed to supernatural forces or a deity. with the definition of a miracle in this video, anything can be considered miraculous, like the event of a war or an asteroid hitting the planet.

    More than 1 billion people live in first world countries. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England and nearly every other country in the EU for example is a first world country. Add china and you already have 2 billion together with the countries you marked.

    For some reason I was born with limitless energy I run like crazy non-stop and ppl always think I had an energy drink for something, I haven't had one in YEARS

    Gratitude is great but I don’t like how vague that answer is. Sure it sounds nice but I always prefer practical advice over nebulous concepts. For me what I can say definitively gives me energy is working out consistently, eating healthy, waking up early, and not smoking weed. I’m sure there are tons of pothead stoners who feel gratitude every day but they don’t have energy because of their lifestyle choices. Gratitude aint the answer bruh. It’s only a piece of the puzzle.

    Also, for a lot of people gratitude can slow them down. There are a lot of ultra productive people who get their energy from angst and a burning competitive drive. If they were to slow down and start feeling grateful it would decrease their output and their drive to succeed. They would get complacent and stop working so hard. Sure, they would feel more content and most likely happier in life but I wouldn’t say it’s a source of limitless energy. Just my opinion though. Before gratitude I think the most objectively tangible bump in energy comes from exercise and good diet. If you don’t work out or eat well you can hit up to 50% boosts in overall energy just by applying those 2 habits consistently. Then you can do your little gratitude mantras or whatever in the sauna after putting work in. Get your mind right.

    This is the 5th worst video I've ever seen. If there was only a 1/400T chance for me to be born, then that just proves I'm incredibly unlucky.

    I totally disagree with the probability of me being born. Because after the sperm fertilizes the egg. The "product" isnt alive until day 40. So it could be anyone.

    This guy is spreading hate about the no fap community on youtube. Beside this video is bulshit, want energy go change your habits.

    THis made me grateful for my girl.. .lord knows i put her through so much shit and she still love me… Great video bro one love.

    They are not 400 trillion. You cant actually take into account everything. Fcking lies and clickbaits. Oh this is not a clickbait. Uses energy metaphorically. Donate your last few brain cells and organs you are wastinv them.

    To back this up, it is even less likely to be alive, far less.
    He only started from the metric of your human reproduction. But think about the fact that actually every single one of your ancestors back to single celled organisms had to be placed just right so the next damn fish billion of years later could develop. Eventually this damn fish would become some frog and so on. There is a unbroken chain in reproduction that goes back millions of billions of trillions of years back to when life did not even exist in any form whatsoever. The chances are so low by it self, that something like the earth was actually made, not speaking about that the universe it self. that all of this is truly a pretty damn miracle.
    As an atheist, this should really make you feel blessed.
    As a religious person, who does not consider what I just said whatsoever, feeling blessed is your duty anyhow haha.
    Have a nice day!

    If you want to super charge feelings of gratitude and really get it deep into your subconscious, I would highly recommend using gratitude affirmations. Either through audio/videos on YouTube or creating your own. You can repeat them in your head or write the down. Even record yourself or play the affirmations while you fall asleep so that it goes straight into your subconscious.

    I think this message is more beautiful than it looks at first. And I can understand the concept of being grateful for our lives, therefore, we allow ourselves to not waste it.

    Thank you for your message and, btw, this animation is AMAZING.

    Since energy is dependent on health just realizing the odds that you're here aren't going to do it. Also you sound young, everyone young has limitless energy, give it a few years and you're going to need health, coffee, cocaine and viagra to feel that again. Now that's something to be grateful for.

    This hardly makes me want to get out of bed in the morning work 10 hours a day and still hit the gym afterwards, not to mention all the other life shit i don't want to do. In short it's far too optimistic. By saying my being born is like winning the hardest lottery in the universe, and then saying more than 7 billion people have won the same lottery really doesn't make it much of an achievement. After this you assert to me that I should suddenly be filled with vigor for… Some… Reason… Is absolutely ridiculous. I honestly don't see the connection other than "let a bloated sense of optimism make you want to work harder in life" which is a bit of a flimsy pretext in the first place.

    Fuck Gary Vayhchchechnk. Dude inherited a vineyard and is going around telling people off. Fuck him and fuck this meaningless channel.

    being born in a 'first world country' does not make you the top percentage of anything. Westerners constantly measure themselves as the best based on a 'material standard'. Much of the materials were stolen from the rest of the world. Being western does make you benefit the most from a war based culture. This is also statistically one of the sickest/unhealthiest countries in the world….as well as one of the most socially isolating. Most other countries have a center value system that is more communal and less material.

    This reminds me of the song "Miracle" from "Matilda the Musical." One character says, "The most common thing in life is life. And yet every single life… is a miracle."

    • Showing gratitude is the key to limitless energy.
    • Ask yourself daily, ”What are 3 things I'm thankful for?”

    Thanks for changing my mentality. I promise to imply gratitude in my life. We never notice to thank small blessings that we get on daily basis🙌 God bless you bro

    Hey, gratitude is important, but there's a problem with your math. I mean yes, it is a miracle that you are exactly you, but if it wasn't exactly you, there would be someone similar taking up your role. So in a way it is a guarantee that there is someone LIKE you.

    One day I wanna meet you Sir. You're awesome…you're creating a difference…this is so amazing and rare.
    Thank you Sir for all your videos.
    Love from India 🇮🇳😘💗

    This video is seriously underrated. Such a life changing video 🔥♥️♥️🔥🔥. Thank you so much. Changed my life.

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