The Harrison Family Makeover Continues With Solar Panels and a Tankless Water Heater

The Harrison Family Makeover Continues With Solar Panels and a Tankless Water Heater

– [Announcer] Military
Makeover is brought to you, in part, by ADT. We help protect
what matters most. And by NBKC Bank, live
boldly, bank simply. – The members of our
nation’s military have a dedication to serve. But who serves them
when they return home? Military Makeover is
back in Kansas City, a city with a proud history
of honoring it’s veterans. We’re at the home of Casey
Harrison and his family to give a complete home
makeover, all at no cost the the veteran. Military Makeover’s back in
Kansas City, so stick around. Ryan Stanley is our
construction manager. He’s the heart of the operation,
giving everything he’s got to make things happen. – It’s gonna be amazing,
that’s all I can say. – [Art] Jennifer Burtrand
is our interior designer. She’s responsible for making
a home for our veterans, a place to help them
start a new life. – Here, how about this? You’re in charge of
just guiding the back. – And yours truly, my
name is Art Edmonds. I coordinate all the partners
and volunteers we need in order to make these dreams
a reality for our veterans. I know you’re the one in
charge, I’m just telling you what we need. Together, we’re Team
Military Makeover, and this is Operation
The Harrison’s. After serving two
tours of duty in Iraq, dedicated stepfather and
devoted husband, Casey Harrison, returned home from war with
undiagnosed and untreated head injuries. Injuries that left him with
permanent hearing damage and deteriorating
mental conditions. (upbeat instrumental music)
On this episode of Military Makeover,
we have a very special guest, Taya Kyle,
from the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. I’m here with Taya to
talk about her involvement with the foundation
she started in honor of her late husband. Thank you for joining
us on Military Makeover. You make us all look
better, first of all. – (laughs) Yeah, well thank you. – If you’ve seen any
of our crew out there, you know what I’m talkin’ about. – It’s a great crew. – It really is. – Yeah. – Working here on
Military Makeover, you see the massive
operation, all the volunteers. How does your foundation
work it’s way into our story? (upbeat instrumental music)
– We pay a lot of attention to the veteran
and the stresses that they’re going through,
but we don’t understand as much the spouse side. They get ignored, they get
to be seen as more invisible, and it’s nice to be able to
talk to them and bring that out. I know the house helps
them, but it feels like it’s a good match that
we’re helping their exterior and their living environment,
– Mm hm. – but then, my side of things,
we’re gonna bring them in and help their soul
and their interior. – You are 100% correct. Our veterans, you know,
they’re tough guys, they’ve been through a lot,
but it’s always the spouse that I see the most
emotional reaction when we do the reveal day. What kind of reaction do you
get when you see these spouses benefit from your organization? – They’re appreciative
that somebody sees them. They’re not in a uniform
so nobody thanks them. It’s not easy for
people to identify them. And while the awareness
is growing for the family, they know that
it’s a family unit. The children benefit, too,
so when we help the marriage, we’re helping the children. I think the value that
they see more than anything is they know we help them
today, but it saves the world, really, for generations to come. – That is absolutely
amazing and so beneficial because you’re giving them
skills that they can use – Right. – for the rest of their lives. Have you been through
the house yet? – No, but I want to. – Come on,
– Okay. – let me show you around. (gentle instrumental music) (instrumental rock music)
– So one of the most important parts of any of our makeovers
here on Military Makeover is not something
that you can necessarily see, but you can definitely feel. And that’s the HVAC system,
and of course Goodman is back again. Great to have you here, James. – Thank you so much. – Good to meet you and see you. Tell us again, we are
upgrading this system to make it more efficient,
more comfortable for the Harrison family. – Exactly, Art. The Harrison’s are
getting an upgraded, high efficiency system. And what we’ve done here,
it’s a matched system. It’s really important
to have it match so you can get the best
efficiency, the best capacity. They were engineered that way. – Right. – So this is a high efficiency
unit that’s gonna save the Harrison’s some money
on their light bill. – Well, we’re all about that. With the solar panels,
the upgraded electrical, and now the upgraded HVAC,
they’re gonna save thousands of dollars every year. You mentioned the inside system. There’s a whole lot goin’ on. – Instead of me tellin’ you
about it, let’s go take a look. – (chuckles) I like that. Let’s go. – Okay. – So, James, this is
where the magic happens. – Exactly. This is the other end of
what we talked about earlier. – Who do we have here? – This is the contractor
with climate control. His name is also James. – Well, that’s easy
for me to remember, – Absolutely. – considering I forget
everybody’s name on this shoot. Amazing product that
Goodman has installed in the Harrison’s home. (jazzy instrumental music)
Many special features, right? Right off the bat, I see
the five inch media filter. – Right, it’s a huge benefit. One of the benefits
of that media filter is that you only have to
change that once a year. Better for
hyper-allergen families, somebody with higher allergy
count throughout the year, but it also helps so you
don’t have to remember to change it every single month. The other thing we did
that’s a huge benefit for the dog aspect of it,
and the allergy side of it, is the UV lighting. The UV lighting will help
clean up any airborne pathogens that are coming
throughout the house. So we’re gonna stop any germs
before they get there to you. – But also, another special
feature that we have not gotten to do on any of
our Florida makeovers, you’re adding humidity to this
system in the winter time. Why? – Correct. Extremely dry here
in Kansas City, so we have extremely dry
winters, which we’ll see humidity levels get down
to about 10% in a home. So the humidifier is
gonna help bring it up anywhere between 35 to
45% humidity in the house. It’s huge for a lot of benefits. I mean, it stops bloody
noses, allergies as well, it helps keep those fine
china cabinets in tact, and the wood floors as well. – If this heat
exchanger was to fail within the 10 year
period, we’ll give you a whole brand new furnace. – Well that’s confidence
in your equipment, right? – Absolutely, absolutely. The heat exchanger’s a
tubular heat exchanger which is different than
other manufacturer’s, and it is very robust
and very dependable. – And it’s totally tubular. – Totally tubular. – (laughs) Well, you know what? Speaking of tubular, our drywall
guys are pretty cool guys, but they wanna get in here. They’ve given us enough time. So, why don’t we get
outta here and let them do their jobs. James, thanks a lot. – Art, thank you very much. – And what was your name again? – James. – Ah!
(laughs) See? I knew I’d mix it up. (instrumental rock music)
For the first time in Military Makeover history,
we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We’re installing solar panels. – Sometimes solar can be
intimidating to people. They’re like, “I’m not sure
how to even go about it, “is my house made for solar?” And “I’m a little scared
to take the step.” So what advice would you
give people for that? And days like
today, it’s raining. Does solar work
on days like this? – You’ve gotta find
a good installer. Today, we’re working with
our partner, Power Home. You can see them up on the roof. Earlier, I was talking to
them and I just noticed the great lines that they
have between the modules, the cosmetic appearance
is really nice, underneath the panels,
they’ve done a great job with cable management. – And I’m a design snob,
so thank you. – Yeah, yeah. – ‘Cause that is awesome. – That’s important,
it’s on your house. So people are gonna see it,
you’re gonna see it everyday, and a nice installed
job is important. So finding a good installer
is definitely the first step. After that, you wanna pick
the right solar modules. And Mission solar modules,
they meet three times the industry criteria
for durability. So even on days like
this where you have low light conditions, they’re
still gonna be producing. – Yeah, ’cause most people
would think, “How am I “gonna get solar on
a day like this?” And “does that mean
I can’t dry my hair?” – Yeah, well, they’re
still producing right now, so there ya go. – And that comes down to
the quality of the panel that you get. – Absolutely. We use great materials
in our panels, and so a lot of care and
love go into those modules. And we know that they’re
gonna be installed in the US, and so we really do
care about our product and how it’s made. – Well thanks for
comin’ to Kansas City, and you guys keep
up the good work! – Oh yeah!
(instrumental rock music) – Looking good man,
making progress. Day two progress
all over the place. Dry wall’s goin’ up. We’ve got Eaton workin’
on our electrical panel that we talked about earlier. So we’re gonna look
inside the heart and guts of this thing, some
great features. – So we’re installing a VR
Plug-on neutral panel here which is going to save about
25% of the installation time as a regular panel. It features the short body,
rock and lock breaker. So these are a Plug-on
neutral breaker that literally plug
on to the neutral bar with this little clip and allows
you to rock the breaker on and lock it in
place so it’s firm. – Right, so, he can
install very quickly as many breakers as you need. – Very quickly. – Right? – Absolutely. – And then again, a very
special edition, which I think is gonna make this
house a lot safer. – Oh I agree. It’ll protect all the
electronics in the house. So this is our ultra
device, what we consider our ultra device. – Surge protector. – Surge protected device. This goes on the main load
center and this protects the entire home from
an event of a surge or a transient. This has a $25,000 connected
equipment warranty, meaning that if any of the
electronics suffer a surge, we’ll actually replace
those electronics and we stand by this product. – We have a guy in
our crew named Surge. Will that keep him away, too? – (laughs) I can’t
say that will. – [Art] (chuckles) All
right, I’ll let you get back to work. – Thank you. – A lot of progress
happenin’ here. I’m gonna go check on
Jen, see what she’s up to. (rock music)
(happy instrumental music) (gentle instrumental music)
– My name’s Roy Rayford. I live in Vineland, New Jersey. I served in the Marine Corps,
and the Army National Guard. When you serve, it’s
kind of a brotherhood. It doesn’t matter what
branch you were in. Somebody’s a veteran, you
wanna see ’em succeed, you wanna help ’em
out wherever you can. Even if somebody’s not a
veteran, you still wanna do it. But it means more personally
because you’ve done some of the things that
that person has done. It makes me proud to be able
to do something like this because I am proud of my
service to the country. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. – Well, at Military Makeover,
we’re always excited to help veterans. What’s even more exciting is
when veterans help veterans, and Crete Carriers
is no exception. They look to hire
veterans and of course, speaking of veterans,
thanks for your service. This is Roy. Tell us about Crete, because
you have a long history and the company, in
general, of hiring veterans. – Well the company’s
supported veterans as long as I’ve known about ’em. As a matter of fact,
there’s probably 95 to 97% of the drivers I
know are veterans. And it’s an honor for me
to be able to represent veterans in this truck and
in this program we have. – What would you, advice
to offer to any veteran looking for a job in
the private sector? – Well, I’d tell ’em if
they wanna drive a truck, Crete’s a great place to go. Pay scale’s fantastic,
responsibility plays a key role in what you’re doing
because in the military, when you’re told to
do something, you have to get it done. And the same thing in
the trucking industry, when you’re told to do
something, you’re told when to pick up the load,
when to deliver the load, and how you get it there
basically is on your own. So you have to be responsible
enough to do it on your own. – Right. So, if you’re
independent, self starter, it’s the career for you. – Exactly. Exactly. I make a good living. My wife and I raised
a family of four. Two of my children
have college degrees. And it came from doin’ this. – I’ll let you get back to
work ’cause we got a lot of haulin’ to do. – Okay, sounds good. – All right, man. Thanks, Roy. – Thank you. (whirring)
– Okay, so we’re touching up the black? – Yes. – Okay. And that is the–
– That is the Leather Limousine interior satin. – Is that what I painted? – Mm Mm. – No. – Different color. Just use that can,
what’s left. – Okay. – When it runs out we’ll
come up with a new project. – [Woman] Okay,
okay, sounds good. (happy instrumental music)
– Well, the theme of this makeover for the Harrison’s
is make everything energy efficient, lower their expenses. And part of that is having
hot water that doesn’t cost a lot of money to heat. And that means a tankless
hot water heater from Rinnai. So David is joining us. David, we wanna experience
your innovation, as you say at Rinnai. – Absolutely. – Tell us about your
tankless hot water heater. – It provides endless hot water. It heats the water as
it comes into the home. So when you turn on the faucet,
it instantly starts heating, doesn’t stop until you
turn the faucet off. – So we don’t have a big
tank, you’re not holding water in a tank, that over time,
those tanked water heaters, they rot out and
they leak everywhere, right? – Exactly. – You’re never gonna have
that issue with a Rinnai tankless hot water heater. – Exactly. A Rinnai tankless hot water
heater lasts, usually, twice as long as a
tank water heater does. The reason is it’s not storing
water and it’s only heating and reheating as it’s needed. – And it’s running on the
natural gas line in the house. – Correct. – So we have to hook it up
to vent to the outside, – Correct. – Obviously. And you mentioned the life span
of a tankless hot water heater. That’s really advantageous
to people when they think of the initial expense
that they have to put in to getting a hot water heater. – Yep. Yep, so Rinnai has built
our brand, basically, on quality, so quality’s
our destiny is what sort of what our mantra is. – I wanna hear first hand from
the people that you work with that install these
great products. Brad’s over here, from R-Mech. Brad! – Yes sir? – Hey buddy, how are ya? – Fantastic. – Tell us how Rinnai just
makes your job so much easier. – It’s all about quality. When we’re putting in quality
product that our homeowners are happy with, then
we don’t have to hear about a bad product. So it’s all quality, durability. The new Sensei product has a
stainless steel heat exchanger with a 15 year warranty,
which is unmatched by any other tankless
in the industry. – Gotta feel good about that. Thanks Brad, appreciate it. Dave, thanks for bein’ here. – Thank you. – I appreciate you bein’
part of Military Makeover. I gotta get up there
and find out if Jen has actually painted over anyone
’cause there’s a whole lot of work happening up there. I’ll see you guys later. – Thank you. – Thank you. (instrumental music)
– Today, we’re at Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri,
and we’re here to dive a little deeper
into the Harrison familiy and find out what’s going on
behind the curtain, behind the physical part of their life. (gentle instrumental music)
I really feel blessed to be here with you today
and I think people sometimes say that, but I truly mean it. I feel like I’ve been given
the gift of getting to meet a lot of people who have
served in the military, a lot of people who have
suffered, a lot of people who have endured. I see Crystal sitting here
and I know a lot of people probably don’t see Crystal
a lot of times, right? Because they see your service
– Mm hm. – and rightfully so, to be
grateful for what you’ve done for this country and
how you went over there. And I feel like I see in your
eyes that, rightfully so, that we see her too. – She’s the only one that’s
actually stepped up and, other than my own
family, that has shown that they really cared
about me and has been there and pushed me to get what
I needed, when I needed it. – Tell me from your
perspective what it’s been like to tell this man,
who is different than when he left originally,
that you do love him and to try to convey that
you love him regardless of that broken part. – He doesn’t see the value
that he brings to our family and that’s one of the biggest
things that’s hard to, I mean, you can show him,
but he has to accept that and be willing to say,
“You know, I do a lot “for the family,” and he doesn’t
give himself enough credit. – Do you see hope that
maybe this PTS and anxiety is not a life sentence? – In time, it will go away, or
at least be more manageable. And I just strive to
get to that point. – I mean, he had changed
from the first deployment. With that second one, he
was even more isolating. He didn’t really
wanna talk to anyone. I’m tryin’ to figure
out how I can help him and how I can help myself, you
know, bein’ with three girls, I want them to know I’m not
a quitter and I want them to understand it’s
for better, for worse. – There is evil and there
is pain, and there is a lot we can not do anything
about in this life. And I’ve got to let go of a lot. – Mm hm. – And there’s also
a place to give back and pour more light into darkness. My life’s journey is infusing
light everywhere I can into the darkness as a win. Thank you so much
for opening up to us and sharing your heart
– Thank you. – and your story,
and your journey. – Thank you so much. – Yeah. They have a lot of drive,
and heart, and soul to make their world better. – You gotta keep movin’ forward. Guess you’re gonna get
knocked back once in awhile, but as long as you
get back at it and try to keep movin’ forward, you’re
gonna get somewhere with it. And it don’t matter
how hard you get hit. You can always come back
and go ahead with life and make things
better for yourself, and help other people
out at the same time while you’re at it. (happy instrumental music) (instrumental rock music)
– So listen, we’re halfway through the week
but we’re not even nearly halfway through all of the work
that has to be done. So I’m thinking I might
have to call in a few favors of my own. (instrumental rock music)
(whirring) (grinding)
– [Announcer] Military Makeover is brought to you
in part by NBKC Bank. (instrumental rock music)


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