The EASIEST Automatic chicken coop door opener!!!

The EASIEST Automatic chicken coop door opener!!!

hey there everybody so I wanted to show
you my automatic chicken coop door opener I went looking for plans and
there were a lot of different versions a lot of different techniques and honestly
they were all too complicated there were solenoids and you know relays and all
sorts of crap that I was sure you didn’t need and I was right you don’t need to
make this overly complicated it may look like a bundle of wires but it’s really
really simple I’m going to go step by step each component will lay out how it
works so there’s the battery battery does what batteries do it provides power
there the whole system okay in there inside my nice Chinese takeout container
mounted to the wall to keep dust and stuff out of this is a solar charge
controller and a digital timer and then the last piece is this car antenna motor
okay all of these can be procured off of Amazon oh and solar panel so let’s go
step by step the solar panel keeps the battery charged and it does that you run
the wires and you plug them into right here solar panels you can see the solar
panels hooked up by that little icon so that is keeping the battery charged all
the time next is there’s a positive and negative
running from the battery down into the battery here I’m not sure that that’s
necessary but I just wanted to get this done so hooked it up and it all works so
I’m not I’m not messing with it so you can see the batteries hooked up right
there it even show you a little level of how much of the battery is charged and
then lastly this little light bulb whatever you want powered gets plugged
in here positive and negative so that one is simply going to this timer that’s
providing power from there to this digital timer okay so that’s the power
there the digital timer acts as a switch you
can see right there so here’s the thing about this antenna motor
it comes with a ground wire a positive wire which goes up to the battery and
then you have this blue wire now this blue wire alright this is an activator
so when it’s in a car and the radio turns on this is normally hooked up to
the back of the radio so the radio turns on it activates the motor and the
antenna extends okay now we want that to be broken because if it has power all
the time it’ll never retract it will always stay open so what we want to do
is we want to break that we want to break that and that’s what this switch
does so right now it’s on it thinks it is connected to a radio in a car and
it’s extended okay so let’s unlock this and on these things you have to hit the
C R button four times to unlock it it locks after just a few seconds so will
manually tripped us now we think that the radio in the car
has turned off and it closes and that’s it so the switch has been broken this
connection is been broken now let’s reconnect it and that’s it so I have this set for
seven days a week 8 a.m. 9 p.m. 8 a.m. it turns on it
extends and opens the door and 8 p.m. it breaks the connection turns it off and
it retracts and closes the door and it will do that every single day because
that time so while it may look like a jumble of wires like I said it really
isn’t and it’s really not that complicated and again really quickly
positive and negative from the antenna motor get hooked up to the battery
positive and negative from here from the battery goes into the charge controller
as of a negative from our solar panel goes into the solar panel and then the
switch providing power to the timer and then the timer is breaking the
connection between this blue wire now I do want to note that blue wire does have
to be hooked up to positive so you have the positive from the motor
you have the blue from the motor and you have what is positive and this is green
going to this solar charge controller and then on the battery you
have your negative from the antenna and your negative going to the charge
controller so that’s pretty much it that’s the broad overview actually it’s
pretty specific but that’s that’s everything you need to make a door
opener the solar panel is $18 came with this mount it’s waterproof so far so
good I have no complaints I’ve only had it hooked up for two days the timer this
was I think eight dollars off Amazon solar charge controller was 10
the batter is 15 from Walmart and this was the most expensive part of this this
was 40 bucks because none of the local junkyards had one but I’ve seen some
people say that you can go and you can get over ten bucks from a junkyard so if
you’re lucky ten twenty let’s call it thirty forty five and let’s just say 24
65 bucks you’ll never have to open your chicken coop door again me it was closer
to 100 bucks is I think I paid 45 for this motor off Amazon but that’s that’s
about it and it works great so you know I hope that cleared it all up I hope
this can be the the simplest version that you’ve seen and you can put it
together for yourself let me know what you think in the comments thanks bye


    Hey! This looks awesome and I want to copy you. Do you have links to the parts so I can just get whatever you have in your setup and not have to do the homework!? 🙂 Thanks so much for this simple solution to keep my girls safe at night!

    Hi there, great video. Quick question: where does the ground black wire go? Also, when the timer breaks the power to the blue wire, how does the engine retract the antenna if there is no power? Many thanks

    Hey Swayze Homestead, love the video. Any new link for the solar panel, old one's done.

    Thanks again, great setup

    Awesome!! Thank you for posting this! It was exactly what I needed to get mine running. I already had a 10g cord ran to the coop so I went with a 12v charger instead. Works perfect.

    if i have a Wall outlet in chicken coop, is it possible to not use the solar panel, Solar Charger and Battery?

    Thanks for this! I live 7 miles from my plot of land where I raise a flock of chickens. If I can mimic this design, it'll really save me some trips back and forth. Great coop door!

    Nice job. Very simple and cheap. Also like that you have the option to close the door horizontally or vertically up or down. Most of the kits you can only pull the door up and it can't be very big. This is a great fix to that.

    i made this exact set up for my coop, worked like a charm for months until i hooked up a 12 volt fan to the battery i was my charge controller isnt working. i see below you said you dont need one. im going to try and re-set it up using the diagram you provided.

    Great setup! Can you explain more in depth how you connected the tip of the antenna to the wood door please? I don't have much of a lip to work with. Thanks in advance

    I've done something like this but my actuator closes much slower. 18" opening and takes 1 minute 40 seconds to close. I needed two 5 pin relay and two timers. Your antenna closes really quickly and the setup looks so much simpler, and cheaper. I love having an automatic door, good or bad weather I don't have to deal with it and the birds are safe every night.

    Great Idea. I heard in the summer, at dusk, when the chickens won't go in, you can put a bright light inside the coop and that will coax them to come in earlier.

    My first iteration used a car antenna but I found the problem is that the strength of the "up/down" action was extremely limited to move a secure door or if ice or snow was to block opening. I now use a 10" actuator that does the job perfectly in all weather or with any weight for a secure door.

    Nice, I'll have few questions later this month, because im gonna build coop and im totally bad with wires and this stuff :/

    So much easier and I plan to give this a shot. I knew the other ones were overcomplicated but couldn't put my finger on it why I thought that. You helped me figure out what I was missing. Radio signal wire…that was it. The only thing I may do different is have it open the door when the antenna is shut off versus on.

    Hi I am doing this and so far so good. Question, can you show how you attached the door to the antena? If you have a picture?

    The antena fully closed does not have anywhere to tie in the door?

    hello, I am installing an automatic chicken coop door for my universities chicken team, did you ever get the chance to upload the updated video of your new coop door so I can follow that? would be much appreciated, if not I will just follow this one and the digram you posted in the comments and hope for the best.

    Hello…congratulation for that awesome chicken coop door opener!!i bought all staff and i cant connect all things together as you show in this video…
    can you please make a sketch of connection?thank you very much!!!

    Great work!
    Do you happen to have the wiring diagram?
    I have seen the diagram you posted on imgur. But it does not include the charge controller. I prefer the setup with a charge controller, because it is not all solar panels that come with built-in controller.

    I need help wiring this

    Thank you.

    Can I just say, you don't even need the timer. Use the load outputs from the charge controller and the door will open as soon as sun hits the solar panel and close again at sunset.. The charge controller has the timer function already built in.

    Loved your video, it's why I watch YouTube, to see how innovative people can be. No fat on your design, again I loved it. Now I need a chicken!

    It's a good idea, but the reason for the weep hole at the bottom is to drain off any water that collects inside of the box. I built one with it upside down and it didn't last long because the condensation cannot drain and it fries the motor. It needs to be upright if you want it to last several years…

    Great Job….problem with a timer is that you have to keep changing the time over the course of the year….best to use a Dusk/dawn switch and a simple DPDT Relay and you are done and never have to touch it again…

    Many thanks for the video and specific list! I ordered the items and look forward to putting it all together as soon as they arrive.

    If you have 120 power nearby just slap an outlet in your coup (and motion controlled light too? So you can work in the dark and also scare predators?) With a 120 outlet you won't need the battery and solar panel either…simply buy a 120v D12v DC power supply on Amazon ….about $8 to $20 or so depending on amperage load …2 amp Max power supply is $8. And it comes with a plug in terminal block ….the power supply looks like all the rest of em that come with electronics and appliances … even has the special plug ….but you just plug the terminal block adaptor and connect your antenna/timer set up right to that instead of a battery ….Just saying if someone thought you have to have a battery ….only need a battery if there is no power to or next to your coop. I imagine a power antenna motor does not pull much amperage ….any one know? back yard hens thread two people said only 1.3 amps but another said 5 amps are ….one nice thing about using a 120 volt to 12v adaptor is it is intrinsically protected whereas the battery set up requires a fuse to be safe from fire

    hi mate i am about to order this from ebay
    but not sure whether i should pick the 10,20,30 or 40 a controller. Any suggestions?i dont really know what that means to be honest or whether it depends on my battery, i am using a golf cart 12 volt battery. Thanks and would apprieciate any help from anyone thanks.

    hey uploader, why does the "entire kit" link in the description have a ""Electromagnetic Power Relay with Socket Base" and two "Micro Switch SPDT" but as far as i can tell it's not in the video or imgur diagram link? It is also missing a timer so i am wondering if these are required as i am not very experienced in making these things. thanks

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