Students Build Solar-Powered Golf Cart

A group of middle school students from PSJA Buell Central are on the right course as they work to power a running solar-powered golf cart. That’s the switch there and this was welcome connected to this one. At a campus for sustainability plays a huge role the project was created as a way to not only teach the students about solar energy but to show them that it is possible to use it on an actual vehicle. This project is part of sustainability PBL project that Mr. Bracamontes, our principal brought to life at our campus. The main goal is teaching the kids and also teachers to be able to live off the grid. When the students came together to build a solar panel golf cart, they had never created anything like it before. I felt smart because it was my first time doing something with teammates, and well creating this makes me feel happy. The group consists of four students were the oldest is an eighth grade and the youngest is only a sixth grader, but that didn’t stop them from taking on this task. This projects name, is the solar golf cart, because we wanted to change how we use it. Like, instead of using it with gas, we were using the solar panel. Like not pollute our world and not to waist fossil fuels. Arevalo advise the students on the science behind the solar powered golf cart but he said it was a student who took the lead. They clean, they painted, they put together, they all did it, they all did it. And, they feel so proud, feel so proud and intellectually more confidence than before. They’re going to be able to run with it, as what the principal says, to run with it and do more, do more even more for the environment for our world. For the students, the project has taught them to not only work as a team, but to put the STEM skills they learn in the classroom to the test. I feel like I work more on this project, than what I feel when we do it in the classroom. I helped researching for like the solar power system. What I learned in the classroom was that electric, the solar panel was light energy, and then it transfer into electrical energy, and then it transfer into chemical energy in the batteries. And then it transforms into electrical energy again, and then transfers into mechanical and that’s how the car moves. We were working in the golf cart, for three or four months. My role of this project was to connect the solar panels, and check like what is going to be the negative and the positive. the students are now set to speak about their experiences with this project at Region One 2017 Student by Student Technology and Leadership Conference later this month. We just want to try to even worked with a solar power, and it did work. So guys, this is how to save money okay. Don’t get yourself an electrical golf cart, get yourself a solar golf cart. Park it, right here.

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