Solder using a heat gun

as well as using a blow torch when you are
soldering copper pipes you can also use an heat gun you’ll notice that this heat gun has a
special attachment on the end that simply pulls off there are times when
using a heat gun is advantageous over using a blowtorch such as when you are
working in a loft there is a risk when you’re using a naked flame that you
could set something on fire the gas is also expensive buying a professional
torch like this is not cheap it’s going to set you back about 60 or 70 pounds
using a solder ring fitting in I have cleaned out the center of the solder
ring and I’ve also cleaned the pipe where the joint is going I’ve cleaned that
using a scotch brite pad and I’m just going to apply some flux can now push the pie into the fitting
well I’ll just wipe off any excess flux I want to put the heat gun on the
highest setting and then I’m going to heat up the joint
until the solder melts can now switch that off you probably
notice that it took a very long time to do that a blow torch is a lot faster but
the gun is a lot safer

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