Solar powered outdoor kitchen

Solar powered outdoor kitchen

well the ground rod was only 11 bucks so
uh went ahead and bought it and here’s what I’m going to use to wire up my
lights and my sink I’ve got the I’ve already got some switches yeah i’m using
110 switches I’ve read up on them and you can use them they may not as a as
the internal paddles that contact each other as they get a little tarnish on
them they may not make as go to contact so but I’ve got a million of them
switches so if they fail I’ll replace them and if it’s a problem i’ll just go
with toggle switches all right I’m gonna get started okay I’ve got my wires
secured I still haven’t got my ground water in but that’ll that’ll happen I’ve
got my charge controller up and it is charging the battery i’ve got my
junction box where i’m going to put my switches for the sink and the lights
batteries hooked up uh I’m coming up under here where I drilled the hole
we’re with is right back here right back there I’m going to run us i’m using
speaker wires what i’m using got a bunch of it I just how these years I’ve had
speaker wire laying around and I’m gonna use that today so now some cold water
and I’m going to mount one light up here aiming down and one light up there and
down at the stove okay let me get some water this was a really nice project I’m glad
it’s done actually I’m kind of sad it’s done it was a really enjoyable working
on this I’m going to come out tonight I’m leaving my tools there tonight when
it’s dark i’m going to come out and aim these lights they’re very very bright
their way brighter than i thought they were so uh two is going to be plenty so
i have two left over and here’s something I’ve just found out I I
thought I ordered a 30 watt panel but it’s a 100 watt panel so uh I don’t know
how I got mixed up but anyway is a 100 watt panel so I am going to run two
lights in in my house and i’m going to put a switch box in my house to run
those two lights i’m going to have one in the hall aiming down the hall and one
in my living room and that’ll be another project but this is done the solar
off-grid kitchen is complete i’m very happy with it thanks for following me
alone yes that’s my shirt and yes a fat guy is outside with no shirt on haha okay thank you for watching


    I gotta say this is freakin sweet I must have missed where you get the water from is the water from where those that big tank you got in the other room I know that you've got some kind of water collection going on is that your source and are you going to use your solar panel to make a solar powered water pump for your well that guy you youtube engineer 755 or 775 he's got some really good stuff on that but I think you might know him

    hey brad, is it safe to leave the battery on concrete? i have heard that it is bad for it. (might be a myth). btw, did you get your fastenal catalog? have you been there yet?

    Good job there. Can't wait to see the lights and how bright they are at night. Do you remember where you bought them and how much they were?

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Thumbs up every time I see someone grow a bit more self-reliant and independent in this world. This was a big step! You have the basics in place. Thus, you can continue to "grow it" as circumstances allow. There isn't much you can't cook in your outdoor kitchen. !!!!!

    Now that is an awesome set up you have there, great job. If you don't mind me asking where did you get your solar panel,charge controller, and lights? I really like that set up. Thanks for sharing you never disappoint with your projects and videos they are alway great.

    Looks great BC! Could you also install a couple outlets for using tools, fans, etc off grid? Seems you have an abundance of juice. Love your videos, Cheers.

    I 'thought' that panel was bigger than 30W. Anyway, it all looks good. You should show the ground wire/rod installation. I know you will, but I just thought I'd say so.

    working on solar is lots of fun :). nice job. my need another battery. Depends how much you run the pump

    You can also rig up some 12v car fans for moving air in the summers. Any air movement into a house with no power is better then nothing on the hottest days. Then again you can get a 12v blower out of a car to move air from the wood stove on the coldest days.

    Nice build BC !  where did you get the lights ? Link for the site you purchased  ?  Off Grid is the way to go , its a bit of an investment at first but will pay for its self quickly . Have a good 1

    That is a great project, thanks for taking us along.  I have been wanting to put something in my barn since it doesn't have electric and after watching this, it doesn't seem too hard.  Where did you get the lights you mounted?

    Again I see some goof gave you a dislike. I'd LIKE to punch him in the head a few times. IF these idiots don't like your videos they shouldn't watch them. You make good videos, period. You're trying to help people by sharing your knowledge. I like how you covered the oven with bricks, I must have missed that in an earlier video.

    The only thing I worry about is when a hurricanes hits.. Its time next to build a protected base for the solar panel and things on the porch.

    Hey BC, nice job. Did you already do a parts list video for this? If not I'd be interested to know the specs of the parts you got. My only critique of your set up is the battery placement. I would think about moving it out from under the sink and maybe making a ventilated protector for it so no one spills water on it or kicks it accidentally. Because, you know, Murphy.

    We had a power cut the other day 6 hours to get it back on I'm glad I watch your channel I'm going to set myself up with some solar power good update

    I want to get a few of those lights…  Thanks for the link.  They're not nearly as expensive as I thought. Can you shoot a video at night?  It's amazing what you an do with 12 volts.  I had to do a lot of long distance traveling a few years back (to care for a sick relative), and to save on hotels, I used truck stops to shower, and stuff…  Boy, I'll tell you, those places are great.  Those trucks are really a home on wheels.  Forget the camping stores and go to the T.S. shops. Twelve volt microwave ovens, coffee makers…  Just about anything you can think of… And the food is pretty good too 😊

    Looks like a really nice set up you've put together. I've got the solar cells and batteries, just need to get a good charge controller and get it set up something like you've got. I likely won't do the sink but have lights, laptop, amateur radios, and charging for cell phones and tablets. Oh, and I have a 12 volt TV I'll put online for news too.

    Great job on the kitchen! You shouldn't have any problem with the switches. I have been using those switches for years in my 12 volt solar system with no problems. Great video!!

    i really like what you did here but you could maybe have a problem in a really heavy rain.   the way your wires come off the roof there's no drip loop.  in a heavy rain water could run down your wires through the wall and end up dripping on your charge controller.

    I bet with that 100 watt you could easily supply 2 batteries. I have a similar system and have 4 batteries  with a 110 volt invertor. That really extends your run time and how much you could draw.  I didn't have the LED lights though. That should do a really good job lighting the back porch / outdoor kitchen area. Nice job!

    OH MY GOOOOOOD! rescue the neighbourhood children and dogs, there be a crazy man with no shirt playing with his switches. what a great job BC, looks like a great set up, now we need a cook test.

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