Solar powered car battery charger maintainer unboxing

Solar powered car battery charger maintainer unboxing

Solar panelled battery maintainer and basically if you’ve got a hybrid car and you go away on holiday or you go on a trip somewhere and you leave it in the car park or you just leave it unattended for more than two or three weeks according to the hybrid user group Toyota hybrid user group online if you leave with more than two or three weeks you’ll come back in the battery will be dead because the battery that we’re talking about i’s not the big battery that drives the car. We’re talking about the small battery. It’s like a motorbike size Battery. It’s not a big battery that you get in a regular car that maintains all the computers and the alarm system and that kind of thing. The advice was from some people just disconnect the battery. Well then you’ve got no alarm system you’ve got no central locking to open or close the thing and you come back you’ve got to start. You know plug the thing back in and you’re going to lose your trip information you’re gonna lose. The computers going to have to reboot that’s not a big deal but just seems like a lot of hassle so I got this this thing and it’s a solar panel and just stick this in the back window put those two clips onto your small battery and it trickle charges it while you’re away simple. So the first time I used it was when I went to Lebanon I was in five weeks and I came back got in the car started up no problem you must remember to take this off before you get in or start your car up I’ll take this off but it kept the battery topped up. It trickle charges that battery using sunlight. Brilliant so there’re very cheap. Only about. I think that ten pound 12 pound which is about fifteen sixteen dollars. yeah it’s a good little tool good little device and then i used it again when I went to Kuwait you put the thing in the back window you plug it onto your small battery and you walk away. Simple it works obviously the cars got to be out in the open in a car park somewhere for it to work. If you are going away for any length of time and you leave your car parked up these modern cars with all their computers and gizmos and God knows what. Get yourself one of these. Open back seat put the panel on the back seat like that unclip your battery cover like that. Red goes to plus so the red on there. Black goes to minus now that’s going to trickle charge while you’re away and when you come back you won’t have of a flat battery. OKAY so we’re back from the trip and the cars been here for 3 weeks so we’re going to see if this actually worked. Here’s the solar cell in there. If the doors open we’re in business. Okay so it open ok so the next thing we’ve got to do is to take this solar cell off. You can’t drive it with the solar cell on. So let’s take that off we should have power we’ve got to take this now and undo the backseat just drop it forward take the cables out and that’s that. This is the moment of truth will it start? Well it worked and saved you a tow truck or jumpstart which actually damages your battery so a little trickle charger 12 quid. I’ve used it twice now and it’s worked both times excellent. I hope this information was useful. See you next time.


    I've used this twice now and it worked perfectly. Hybrids really ought to have a beefier battery to run all the computers and stuff when the car is left for a few weeks unused.

    @MolometerI found this very interesting, as I have a Prius, and did experience the problem while away for some time. Glad I know about this now! Nice video.

    i have a car alarm system build in my car and because of this it wont charge my battery because the voltage is going down to 5volts the alarm drains the solar energy and it doesnt trickle charge be sure nothing else is draining your battery so disconnect the battery from your car when you go away for a month or so and connect the solar charger only to keep it in shape dont worry about overcharging its a trickle charger

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