Solar panels customer and mother of two Bonny on her installation day

So one of the things I really liked
about the process was that Ipsun sent me an email every Tuesday so I expected to
get an email and I got an email and it told me where we were in the process how long things would take whether we had delays and fortunately we had none and
really just kept me informed about how things were going. During the install day
it was so efficient. In the morning everyone got here exactly when they said
they were going to get here and then I really appreciated watching the team get
ready that all of the the team that was gonna be on my roof put on harnesses – it
made me feel good knowing that they weren’t going to fall off my roof and
that they were protected so that felt good. I interacted with Carl who was the
electrical technician and he was just wonderful – he gave me the information
they needed to know in order to have the process start and then when my
interested three year old wanted to know what was going on he really worked well
with us and he showed my son what was going on and I appreciated that
because that’s just life. In the future we plan to get an electric car so we
will need to install an electric charger and we look forward to coming back
to Ipsun because of the way we were treated with this

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