Solar energy in an app to power Africa

What we do here is social
business. It must be a business so that we can make it grow because
the challenge is to benefit millions, or tens of millions,
hundreds of millions of people but we still have a social impact,
which is very important. Africa is a land of innovation.
Even though there was no wired phone infrastructure the
mobile is absolutely everywhere The Moon project is to combine a solar
system, a small individual solar system with a smartphone and
allow households to access electricity, to digitalise,
to educate, to save money and create value with
all the applications that are embedded in the phone. “It’s well charged already! “Yes it is!” Through the phone have everything.
I communicate with my husband, I communicate with my daughter who lives by herself.
My children study through the phone. With the daily expenses app,
I know how to calculate my expenses, my income, my savings. This phone is like a computer
for me and for my children because wherever I am, my children
Study with this phone. Me too, I work with this phone because
where I live, I do trade with this phone we had a first experience of
electrification in a village and realized that people did not
want energy but wanted the things That energy brings. Its first
application is to charge Their phones, and now it is to charge
their smartphones to be able to access the world.
This is a Moon kit composed of an energy part and a digital part that you can see
on my phone. It is a a double sim smartphone so we have
a lot of useful applications. When people come to the Moon store
they can buy good quality material and they are not obliged to
pay in cash upfront. They can pay an initial fee
and then they pay it little by little, they refund us. And the way that
we finance this refund it’s by loaning money in France.
There is a crowdloaning platform called Solidaire that
allows French citizens to lend money to us
and then we lend it to our beneficiaries. And it’s a
virtuous circle. This solar energy will allow
them to power television sets or fridges and
productive activities so that our clients can create more and more value. What we do here, this innovation,
is impossible to do elsewhere with the same ease and the
same benefit. We bring digital services but
also financial services through strong energy services
and that’s an incredible convergence. There is a potential for experimentation that is unique in the world.

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