SIX WAKES BOOK REVIEW: Playing Clue in outer space!

SIX WAKES BOOK REVIEW: Playing Clue in outer space!

hey everyone welcome to the jungle my
name is Tea and today we’re gonna be talking about six wakes by Mur Lafferty
I almost dropped it so this right here is a sci-fi murder mystery that is set
approximately 400 years into our Earth’s future in this time cloning yourself has
become normalized so every time that you die you just wake up as another clone
now your memories are all intact from every clones life previous to the one
you’re currently at because around every week the data in your mindmap is stored
and the memories you’ve collected are picked up by your new cloned body if you
die without recently having updated your mind map you might miss out on some
memories now around 200 years past our time so 200 years prior to where the
story takes place a few loss were put in motion about clones for example you
can’t put the mind map of one person into the clone of another person clones
can’t have children and most importantly there can only be one clone of one
person at a time you can multiplicate yourself
let her say that multiply you can’t multiply yourself this means that whenever a new clone is
made and the old clone hasn’t died yet that old clone needs to die for some
reason the new clones always have the right here because young and healthy am
i right so the story that we’re following in this universe takes place
on a spaceship heading for another planet that they’re going to repopulate
and they have around a thousand people in cryosleep that are awaiting this new
planet there are six people in the crew of this ship which are all clones and
these are the ones that we will be following throughout the book we get
point-of-view chapters from each and every character and we always get
flashback chapters for most of them to let us hear their backstory and how they
came to be on this ship now our main main character Maria she’s kind of like
the Handy woman on the ship she does the maintenance to cleaning and things like
that she also works a lot with a food 3d printer that works kind of like the one
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy where you can feel your cravings this text
where you’re craving and makes it for you
they named the food printer behemoth Bay Bay for short which by the way always
had me thinking of gogo baby now in addition to Maria the crew
consists of Hiro the pilot Wolfgang the head of security Katrina the captain
Joanna the doctor and Paul the programmer also I think we should count
Ian as a character Ian is the smartest AI in the entire world at that point and
it is the main AI system of the entire ship oh and by the way they are all
criminals that are on this ship for a chance to have a clear record so not
really the most trustworthy Bunch now the very first thing that we get flung
into is them waking up at the same time and seeing four of their old bodies
right in front of them and it’s a gruesome scene ahead of them and I mean
bloody I mean this is obviously murder and they realized the bodies are
significantly older and that they’ve probably been on the ship for 25 years
already and these old clones seem to have died just minutes before they all
just woke up now usually as I said they store the mind maps so when they wake up
they usually remember everything up to a few days before the wakeup point but now
they have no memory of ever even going on the ship they realize quickly that
they have no way of making new bodies which means if they die now there are no
more clones and they’re dead forever now as they slowly make their way throughout
the ship they find Hiro the pilot hanged in another area of the ship they also
noticed that the food printer only prints poison
now most curious of all they find Katrina the captain in the medbay in a
coma now remember what I said about the laws about the new clone always having
the right and the old clone has to be killed now the new Katrina is standing
there over the older comatose version of herself and she’s thinking do I kill
this person legally she has to but they figure out that if someone can tell them
something about what happened in the past 25 years it’s this person laying
here now to add on to all of this mystery
Ian’s also notices that he has no logs for these past 25 years he knows nothing
of what happened all that he can tell them is that they’re off course and they
are turning back to earth for some reason now they have to find out who
killed them all how to turn the ship around and how to survive on the ship
seem to be kind of failing I thought this was a very decent enjoyable read
now I haven’t read that much Syfy yet if you have any suggestions give them to me
because I need to get more into it I don’t know if this is the general
writing style of Syfy overall or if this is just a specific case but I felt like
there was less emotion in it than what I’m usually used to from fantasy it’s
more factual and straight to the point which
but I felt sometimes like I was reading a movie here are some examples of what I
mean Maria had wondered if part of her punishment was to be the lowest ranking
person on the ship everyone else had a good job while first involved general
maintenance cook duties and common area cleaning a janitor / cook / handy woman
now for me personally I feel like that way of writing it kind of takes me out
of the story a little bit like I’m noticing that I’m reading a description
about someone instead of hearing a story about someone I just didn’t feel like it
was that immersive and it didn’t really have as much emotion to it as I would
like the mystery however is a really solid one like every time you think you
figure something out the author throws your bone in a completely different
direction I had a very hard time figuring this out I hate it in mysteries
when it’s so obvious who the bad guy is because then it’s not a mystery anymore
but this was truly like reading a puzzle that was being laid out in front of you
now the writing style that I talked about and the mystery made me feel like
about a third into the book like I was reading a sci-fi D&D campaign and I
thought it was so funny when I googled the author and I saw that low in the
halls she’s written a lot of RPG campaigns and I’m very very interested
in this one the characters and the story were all really unique but they felt
kind of flat at times and I think that was because they didn’t really have any
memories of each other so they didn’t really have any connections when they
spoke to each other it grew a little bit over time but since the focus of the
story is then a character based one I feel it didn’t really progress as much
as I would want to there is one character however that really reminds me
of Jacob from lost who did basically for this ship what Jacob did to the plane if
you know you know but it had me going because God loves you as he loved Jacob
the scenery is your standard spaceship that you would see in any movie or
series and most of the story takes place there the flashbacks take place on earth
but mostly the story just takes place in the medbay the kitchen and the brig you
can tell that the main focus laid in the actual story the mystery the world the
lore and most of all the ethical dilemmas how would one value life if
they’ve lived for several hundred years and never been afraid to die should
humans have more rights than clones a huge issue for humans seems to be that
when someone in the family clones themself they usually cut them off
because they won’t be able to inherit anything from that person it would just
continue with their clone all the time and that is a big deal because
money another ethical dilemma that we get introduced to is if we should be
able to code the mind maps to remove diseases or disabilities from the clone
like making them able to walk again even if they couldn’t in their human life and
to me these ethical dilemmas were interesting but they weren’t as gripping
as I heard other people think of them I was in it to figure out the murder
I was playing clue while I was reading this book I was constantly rooting for
professor plumps in the garden with the hatchet all in all I must say that I did
enjoy this book not as much as I thought that I would and frankly I was a little
annoyed at the ending of what they decided to do with the AI I’m not gonna
spoil anything but it’s like they didn’t learn anything from what just happened
for me this was a solid weed I would say this is 3.5 out of 5 now the next book
that we’re gonna read is you by Caroline Katniss this is a very popular book that
was recently turned into a Netflix series the cover as you can see while
I’m reading this I think I’m gonna try to do a reading vlog I haven’t done one
yet so that will be really exciting so if you want to see that or if you want
to see any other book related videos subscribe to this channel give this
video a thumbs up and also comment down below if you have any suggestions of
books that you like me to read that’s it for me today
bye everyone


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