To those saying that Grant Gustin should've appeared in this scene, I agree. It would've been a good promo opportunity for one WB show on another WB show.

    The reason if didn't happen though is probably just due to conflicting schedules between the two shows cast members. Or probably costs.

    I love how the Flash is portrayed as some kind of pusher like the kind in those old anti-drug videos you watched in junior high.

    i want to see current sheldon in a flash costume without the artificial muscles… his current built is ideal 😍😍😍 swoon

    This made me laugh a little too much.. i was in the hospital in a waiting room and this episode was on. I was cracking up.. lol

    My first energy drink was a monster I was 12 my 15 year old brother was like take a sip and I gulped the whole can


    First question: When did this episode released?

    Second question after first question: If you wanted Grant Gustin here, wouldn't he be too young or just an older teenager??

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