Scientific Evidence of UFOs & Aliens : Zeroids & Aliens From Outer Space

Scientific Evidence of UFOs & Aliens : Zeroids & Aliens From Outer Space

I submit to you that I-creatues might well
exist on some planet, perhaps beyond our solar system. Now I want to talk to you about zooidal
life: life, that I submit, to you may exist in free space; not on any planet or moon.
Based on the Godonsky thesis, those biochemical polymers floating around may actually have
evolved into various forms of life. You could have everything from the microscopic to the
macroscopic. Perhaps they’re feasting on basic cosmic energy or sunlight. Or perhaps larger
entities are ingesting smaller entities. But they could have all shapes and sizes, perhaps
evolved some type of mobility and intelligence. They even could be living UFOs. If you think
that’s controversial, consider that Lord Mountbatten, hero of Britain from World War II, claimed
first of all that he had seen a UFO. And secondly, hypothesized that it was actually a living
being, a living UFO. Now we have a few examples of them, and I want to show you this from
February 28, 1963, Thursday. This is over Prescott, 10 p.m., Prescott, Arizona. This
appears to be a cloud, but look how unusual it is. And what’s important is that this retained
its shape for the next twenty minutes. At 6:15, it was over Phoenix, still having this
unusual shape. And then at 6:30 it moved over Winslow, west-northwest, still retaining its
basic shape. And what’s important is, that it first moved south, then northwest. Clouds
do not do that and clouds do not retain their shape for twenty minutes. And this unusual
configuration argues for the possibility – I’m not saying it’s certain – but a possibility
that this could have been an entity that survived the passage through our atmosphere from space
and was not pulverized by friction, but floated over Arizona. A possible zeroid. Now let’s
look at another one, from Clujnapoka, September 1977. This is from Romania. This is a drawing
of what was sighted by several people. It looked like a UFO rolling around on the ground
that was glowing. Then it suddenly took off; possibly a living entity from outer space,
a so-called zeroid. And perhaps more serious proof for the existence of these entities:
back in 1984, NASA launched its LDEF – Long Duration Endurance Facility. They retrieved
it in 1990 and were shocked to find an unusual growth on one of the panels. Now the growth
was smaller than this – perhaps about the size of a toothpick. It had these entanglements
coming out of it, each about one-tenth the size of a human hair. Analysis showed it was
not vegetable, not mineral, not animal. They could not identify this. It appeared to be
some type of extraterrestrial life that had actually settled or grown on the panel. An
example of a zeroid – the type of life that can exist in a zero atmosphere and basically
zero temperature, possibly throughout the universe.


    possibly possibly possibly… and why are all of your accounts by War heroes??? seems a bit fishy all of these appeals to authority… as if Count Blah blah blah had any expertise one zeroids.

    why not. thous NASA videos where the big white sircle beings are flying around earth atmosfere apsorbing lightning can bee a living energy creatures…

    I cant find any sources for that information you said, where did you get this information, or did u get this right from the lizard master himself?

    if you're going to even bother replying, give me some sources for your information, a video, a site, something i can read besides your comment that can comfirm. This whole lizard men thing has always been a turd in the punchbowl for me.

    the thought of any kind of extraterrestrials scares the crap out of people so that why the government would hide any proof of them existing

    There is something in the back of my fridge.
    It possibly, just possibly got their after surviving in space with no atmosphere and floated down through the atmosphere.
    It might be old lasagna.
    The possibilities are mind-boggling.

    He is a Zeroid alien and he took off his real head and put it on the desk and put on a human head. LOL.

    i had some thing like that last image growing on my ass once . it was their for 3 days then gone . Do you think this could have been an alien life form?

    I have thought these same things .. so many oddities hovering out in space look organic in nature and not metal or machine ….

    @mobilechief you, sir, are crazy with the truth. the undeniable light of truth will fade curtains. One must wear sunglasses- at NIGHT! for when you are cool the sun shines on you 24hrs a day.

    Under the perspective that UFO's are real, and given the nature of the movement of the sightings that have been recorded, it seems as though the hypothesis of UFO's being life is logical. To me, it seems the most logical.

    Excellent. So many names.. Energyzoa, amoebae constablea, plasmoid anomaly, sky critter, cosmobionte, ebes, siod, ufo, zeroid.. love it.

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