Rust Trap Base – Rust Electricity Trap (Rust Base Design)

traps in rust are used now more than
ever the key to any trap is to make sure the
person you’re trying to trap doesn’t know its a trap now this has been done in
the past but patches have always stopped it from continuing however know that we
have electricity it’s kind of changed what we can do no that’s trap that word
sure you explains why no as you seen from the video as the player runs
towards the main doors the doors open via the electricity however you can’t
see any sort of swatch laser or pressure path however there’s a pressure pad
underneath that section now using an old track using Spanos we’ve managed to
balance the pressure pad underneath the floor allowing you to basically hide
inside or so person running up activates the switch opens the doors and bang the
dead no this is used previously by myself for the beer Trappe bridge walks
a tree and it can be implemented in different ways as well I’ll quickly show
you how to do it as a simple circuit so you understand how it’s made now as I
said this is a very very simple trap to make all the requires as a power source
a switch a pressure pad and a door opener that’s all it needs
no splatters or anything else now if you struggle to get any of these components
you just got the farmer there’s nothing I can do about that as well as he this
is what you require to do it now to make it simply just put your power source
down then put your switch ideally had me underneath I will do the fill bass belt
of what I’ve done already so you can see how the hell I made it up at the very
end from there make sure you pair your door obviously you don’t want to make
sure that opens to your power source to your switch and then from your sweat
you’re going to take it straight into your pressure pipe the reason for that
says so you can deactivate the trap when you’re not online so it’s not going to
keep opening ammunition runs out you can back to nothing from the out go straight
to the actual door opera itself as I said very very simple now I will show
you how to get the pressure pad or this spanner now to get the pressure pad
on the span up we’re gonna use an old track as I said that we used to use for
the bear traps no take it off center towards yourself and place free spinners
on top of each other very easy to do the tricky part is deleting the two
underneath ones they’re destroyed and Pat it off you’re then gonna step back
and just put the pressure pad on the existing span out it will go blue you
may have to crouch we have to stand the only down partners you can’t get it very
center now you can see that’s clacking any place as soon as I’m running over it
this is ideal for a lot of different elements in different ways you can use a
strap no the key thing for any trap is to make sure you have be by bait I mean
something to bring up clear or no use it as a shop like this having a soft wall
like this or even just having some kind of door camp entrance is the best ways
to try and get players over and it works for all these methods now before we’re
going to the trap itself and how it’s built
there’s three key elements that we always use when making a trap the first
of which is make the trap in baiting you want players to come to the trap don’t
make it obvious train hey we you’re building the trap is vital that this is
done the second is meek the trap look beat know by that I mean have a short
front how a backwards wall as I’m showing how something that’s going to
catch the eye of a passing player this will get their attention and definitely
make it more inviting for them to come over and finally choose between
automatic or manual no by automatic I mean like the electric trap it’s
automatically going to open and activate the trap manual if you using something
like a stability trap and you have a twig floor you can use a automatic we
can also use that as a manual trap these are the three key things you have to
consider when making any trap that’s all allow you to say basically
how you’re gonna build the trial from start to finish
as I said these are the three key elements that we always use when making
any sort of trap now you see from the trap that I felt here we’ve got the
invading part where there’s no toilets outside it doesn’t look as if anyone’s
occupying the bait point being the fact that you can run up to a backwards wall
and finally it’s automatic so we don’t have to do anything the trap is gonna do
all the work for us these are the three key elements that
you should always think of now as I said it began this is an entire base film I
won’t talk all the way for this is very self-explanatory you’re just taking the
elements that I’ve already shown you and putting it into a base but this is how
we managed to create together and a solid we they can be put together on any
server really very cheap and very quickly the ideal location as a
populated area so if your solo bonus and a very populated server and make sure to
get up because you all have to make sure part of it ie this section is exposed
while you’re doing it so just bear that in mind if you are going to build up so
guys face stopping by I don’t catch you in the next one hopefully this has helped and you’ve
understood exactly how much puts together I have another three or four B
C’s they actually have other tapes of pressure pad traps lined up depending
how well she’s received I may actually have them out in the next couple of days
please by all means try this let me know in the comments below how you go on if
you get any ideas as well you’re welcome to join you there scored the link is
below for that and yeah enjoy it cou offer and I’ll see you next one

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