Rust Electricity 101: Component Guide – Switch

Hello everyone Its Thumper the Rabid Rabbit. In this episode of rust electricity 101 the component guide we’re going to cover the switch Switch is a nice basic on-off electrical component in the game. It’s found in the same place A lot of other electrical components are found in the crates and sunken chests This one’s fairly inexpensive at only five high quality metal to craft It’s not a default blueprint on most servers. It has only one input handle and one output handle You connect your input power to the bottom your output is on the top And it is activated manually by your Use key Anytime you see the on or off indicator You’ll know it has power because the red lights on, you know, it’s on because the green light is on You can use this for a variety of things including turning on circuits Manually and turning off circuits manually you can also use it as a way to interrupt circuits for things that you need to turn off or close and It’s often used as part of trap or puzzle bases when presented to the user who happens to be running around in your base as a way to get them to trigger things to open and close that may trap them in a location or expose them to Various weaponry that’ll blow the ever living crap out of them Not a whole lot more to it other than input and output But you’ll probably use it a lot So get used to seeing it it’s The Switch

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