Renewable Energy vs. Non-renewable Energy

Cole: What does Saskatchewan’s power supply
mix have that my dating life doesn’t? Abby: Options.
Cole: That’s right. Let’s explore. Abby: Hello again. My name’s Abby, and today
I’ll be speaking on behalf of non-renewable sources. Cole: And I’m Cole and I’ll be representing renewable sources.
Abby: What a lot of people don’t know about our power is that it comes from a mix of different
sources. Cole: You know, our province has lots of options
when it comes to power sources. Today, we’re gonna be talking about those options, specifically
renewables versus non-renewables. Abby: Right. There are pros and cons to both
sides. Things like cost, reliability, availability, and impact on the environment.
Cole: Some of the options, especially of the renewable variety, aka wind, solar, and hydro,
are cleaner and better for the environment. They might be more expensive in some cases,
but they’re an investment into our future. Abby: But those sources only work under ideal
conditions. For example, solar panels can only collect solar energy when the sun is out, and wind turbines can only spin when it’s windy. Cole: Which in Saskatchewan is almost all of the time? Abby: Almost, but not quite all the time. And, if it’s too windy, that’s a problem, too.
Non-renewable resources like coal and natural gas are there for you all the time.
Cole: Kind of like a back-up plan. Abby: If you use your back up plan most of the time. Cole: So, in a perfect world, we would use
as much power as we can from renewable sources, like wind, solar, and hydro, but when those
aren’t available, we would look to non-renewables? Abby: Exactly. That’s the plan. Half and half.
Cole: The goal is to get up to 50% renewables by the year 2030. That’s about double where
we’re at now. Abby: I think you can do it.
Cole: Thanks for the support. I agree. So, who wins? What do you think? Leave your
thoughts or questions in the comments section below.

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