Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes

Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes

energy consumption is a huge part of our daily lives we eat with energy we travel with energy we work with energy and we even flirt with energy today we gather most of our energy from coal, oil and natural gas also known as fossil fuels additionally we gather energy from biomass nuclear and renewables fossil fuels consist of the extracted decomposed organisms and plants that existed millions of years ago biomass converts plants into biometric materials that produce energy nuclear energy is released during nuclear fusion Lastly, renewable energy comes from a source that’s not depleted when used such as.. wind or solar power but what’s the profound difference between them? how do they affect our planet? fossil fuels cost more than what we pay at the pump and impacts our environment in many ways these impacts include global warming air quality detoriaration oil spills and acid rain it’s also projected fossil fuel resources will be depleted within the next fifty to one hundred years biomass and nuclear energy also have similar issues and luckily we have one renewable energy comes from resources which can actually replenish in our lifetime whereas fossil fuels are a one time use resource in human time scale resources for renewable energy include sunlight, wind,rain,tides,waves and geothermal heat the best part is that we dont need to compromise our planet to harness it nor do we have to rely on other nations for these resources which history has shown to be a contributor to war, famine and political instability so how do we get this … to look like this presently we have the technology to be 100 % renewable reliant the truth is our infrastructure is built around our fossil fuel dependency if we could convert our infrastructure to what’s known as a super grid, we would be able to rely on clean renewable energy will our children live in a world full of pollution? or should they continue the path of evolution?


    I like how they explain nuclear energy in 2 seconds by saying "nuclear energy is released by nuclear fusion" yet go on to the details about how fossil fuels are animals that have been dead for millions of years and spend 6 seconds on it.

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    For the love of god can people just stop arguing about money and work for a better world for themselves and their children? Jesus everything has a fucking price on it these days.

    So this comment is for anyone that wants to use this video you can use it without asking just make sure you add the channel name in your bibliography

    YOU TOOK AWAY 20 SECONDS EXTRA OF MY LIFE!(And the paul bros suck and swallow and chew)


    We need thorium energy! It is better than so called "renewables"
    over 200 times more energy
    near endless source of energy…
    50 quadrillion dollars discovery

    oh i wish if all the world have a renewable energy my friends told me that if the world stay like this the earth will be like mars so we should have a renewable energy every where!so cool not cool it is amazing it help me in school

    А ещё существуют безтопливные генераторы Александра Кугушова!

    We haven't actually achieved Fusion that doesn't take more energy than it creates, what we use today is nuclear fission

    The answer is modern monetary theory. We can use money to move real resources between countries and sectors for the betterment of our planet. Since the "free market" only acts when there's profit involved, we will need the government's help to do the heavy lifting for society's gains and benefit. Not just for the capitalists.

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    Renewable energy has never generated one watt of base load synchronous power ever. So if you are going to use renewables to power the world when will the engineering and ability to provide base load renewable power be perfected ???? Renewable energy like your nuclear fusion reactors is all bull shit.

    This is a propaganda piece. Keep that in mind when watching this video. There is at the present time over 500 years of carbon based fuel already discovered.

    Hi, there are one issue in you presentation:
    Nuclear is not generated by fusion (uses Hydrogen as fuel) but is fission (uses Uranium as fuel), Fission is exactly the opposite of Fusion.

    But renewable energy sources don’t have the power to produce that much energy. Most renewable sources lose more energy than they can produce, for example OTEC or a light bulb that only uses 5% of the energy and the other 95% is lost (heat).

    this has good explanation of advantages of solar energy over non-renewable sources ..

    This video should have 100 billiom views and everyone needs to understand the global crisis of our ecological collapse is due in large part to fossil fuels.

    Let’s be realistic there needs to be a balance . reduced the amount of fuel and mass we use more then half and use renewable energy. It’s not rocket science.

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