Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

What is the difference between renewable and
non renewable energy? In this video I’m going to be explaining the difference between
renewable and non renewable energy. If you’re studying this in class at the moment for GCSEs
or equivalent then I think it’s going to be really useful. Hey I’m Hayley Loren and
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what is renewable and non renewable energy? It’s a little confusing so I’m going to
explain this with a glass of water and a very big straw. Lets go to the kitchen. If I get
myself a glass of water and drink it then the water goes down and it doesn’t get replenished.
So I have my enormous straw which I’m going to put in the glass of water. Lets see if
this works. And if I turn on the tap. So as I actually drink the water in the glass the
water is replenished, so it doesn’t run out, it’s not depleted. It’s like renewable
energy. So renewable energy doesn’t get depleted when it’s used and non renewable
energy does get depleted when it’s used. Simple right? How about we run through some
examples and head back upstairs. For non renewable energy an example is fossil fuels and this
is coal, oil and natural gas and as you know and as I described in my previous video really
quickly this is from millions of years ago from organisms that died and they were buried
over millions of years and due to loads of pressure they basically turned into fossil
fuels. There are only set quantities of fossil fuels that are located in various pockets
all over the earth which means that if you use up the fossil fuels in one particular
pocket then it doesn’t exist anymore, it’s been depleted and it’s just gone. In my
previous video I ran through quite a long list, so there’s wave energy, tidal energy,
biofuels, the sun and all of these things don’t get used up when they are used they
are not depleted. So just because you put a solar panel on your roof it doesn’t mean
the sun is going to stop shining and the wind isn’t going to stop blowing just because
you decide to put a wind turbine on a hill. So just to summarise non renewable energy
gets depleted when it’s used and an example is fossil fuels. And renewable energy doesn’t
get depleted when it’s used and there’s lots of examples of this like wind, wave,
tidal and the sun. Thankyou for watching the video, I hope you found it useful. If you
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