Reinventing The Wheel And Electricity – Yo-Yo Hand Generator.

Hello and welcome to
another one of my videos. While the hand generator like this one
of this size and style is out in the countryside doing a field test
let’s make another hand generator but with a different concept. Here is a test of concept for a style
which is a yo-yo kind of situation. Pull the string, and it goes.
It only goes every second pull because I don’t have a bridge rectifier
on it, but let’s remake this and improve it a little bit.
Now, I am going to need a flywheel This one here was quite a wide one
because it has a lot more inertia to it But I think I will try a little bit more
solid and slightly smaller and also I used a broom handle in the other one
I think I will use something a little bit thinner, so that it will get more
revolutions when I pull it a little bit faster. so, I have my circle
with the shaft through it. Now, I have a motor here, I made a
wooden pulley for it. It also has its bridge rectifier
and it is on a block of wood so that is what I am going to use
as my generator. So, we are going to need two sides
out of a piece of board like this and it’s going to go here, that block
will become the end and another one down here. The pulley is going to go in
here somewhere, and I will then chop it off to length. I am going to screw this side on just
so that I can get it on and off to get the pulley in and out.
Now, I normally would have liked to have the pulley running off here
on this side of the pulley and have the yo-yo string on this side
but because it is a fair distance here I could do that but I think I will give it
a try and see if I can sneak it in from the inside here to the inside of
here. So I am going to put a pulley onto there for that from here to there.
So, just draw a circle and then cut that pulley. cut the groove for the pulley. So there it is back on there, and it will
now, yes, with a rubber band be fine there.
I may replace that with a neoprene O ring. I will trim both sides off, of that stick
so that it sits down into the box. Just put a little pilot hole
down the center of that to then nail a nail in. I will now drill a hole through both sides
clamped one side on top of the other so that I get them both in
the same position. I am going to put a couple bearings
made out of scrap sheet metal just cut with a pair of tin snips
a hole through it, bend the little spikes down, stick it over the hole and nail
that down There we have it assembled and I
also put a hole in the axle there to thread a string through with
a knot on the end, so that you can wind it up, and when you wind it up
it tends to wind off there and get into the bearing, so another little circle
is there to stop that happening. and also down here at the generator itself
so that it would line up a bit better I had to countersink that a little bit
there, but basically there it is ready to go.
It actually spins extremely well. and the light is probably too much voltage
I’ll have to regulate that. but it is actually pretty good. So , in the next version I think
I would probably make this wheel a little bit smaller because there is
enough volume in that and weight in it to save enough energy to get the string
to wind up again. I’d also split it in two replace the
little one with one of them so you have got two of the same size with the string
in between, and take that pulley and put it on the outside just as I had
thought in the first place. I’d probably use some slightly
thinner timber so that it is a little bit lighter and a little more compact
and also I’d add a capacitor bank or a battery to save some energy
to take out that pulsing in the light. while you are pulling the string.
But otherwise, it’s actually pretty darn good. I like it.
It works fine. Quite a success.

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