QEX12M Photovoltaic Module Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

the Q E X 12 M is an easy-to-use
turnkey solution for photovoltaic module analysis It enables you to measure the quantum efficiency of have any cell at any location on the module The system provides a comfortable work environment and is easy to load. The system features a light
blocking enclosure The light intensity can be adjusted
to optimize the measurement conditional The voltage bias can be adjusted to
bring the device under test to short-circuit conditions. Computer-controlled XY
positioning of the small probe beam enables exact measurement have any point
in the testing area. To summarize, the QEX12M enables you to easily perform
nondestructive measurements at any location on the panel for spectral
mismatch corrections, defect characterization and lifetime
testing. For more information contact PV
measurements at [email protected] or at 303 386 3950 or contact your local

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