Power to the People – Full Video

Power to the People – Full Video


    My God! There is not a speck of trash there in the marketplace! No styrofoam cups, paper or plastic bags, not even cigarette butts, blowing around!

    What an intelligent and thorough examination of common assumptions about the use and environmental costs of energy production! THANK YOU!

    What's with all the horrible background music? Very difficult to concentrate on what people are saying with music playing behind them.

    Another crazy good doc from Free To Choose. They simply lay out the facts, in this case about energy. You're free to choose how you respond.

    I think Mr. Norberg forgot one source of energy. One that would solve all our power needs, but it doesn't generate much profit – conservation. If energy usage decreases, profits drop, innovation ceases. Alas, the magic marketplace only innovates for profit.

    What would happen if we just use ??% less? Available sources would suffice.

    Mr. Norberg often refers to the world's "poor" wanting to upgrade their living standards, demanding more of the world's energy, wanting to consume more goods. Is that the only lifestyles to choose from? Be a good consumer or be po' folk? That's it? Join the Prosperity Train or be relegated to, ahem, "poverty?"

    What if, instead of the masses of po folk wanting to git rich and buy stuff, the masses of consumers instead suddenly realized they don't really like having two big cars, 2500 sf houses, expensive schooling, fancy vacations, four TVs, instant electricity and hot water, three bathrooms, five phones, and all those sucking monthly bills?

    What if it was ok to be poor?

    Free market will lead to cheap, sustainable and clean energy.
    Well it has not.
    Free market = the most resilient and sustainable energy.

    This film is not only a COMMERCIAL for destroying ground water.

    It is an utopia that finishes with the word: MIGHT and MAY being repeated.

    Well… Let's all take a moment to laugh a Germany for it's arrogance before the EU collapses and the cities catch fire. I still don't see why American should care about global food stability, America doesn't need the world… It's the world that needs America.
    Now let's have a little thought experiment…
    America cuts off all non-essential food production, just how many billions would die of starvation?
    Answer: enough to say that over population is no longer an issue. Demands for more energy dwindle to a trickle as mass die offs take affect. Developing countries cease to be as their populations die off.
    There I took care of all the issues with just one step. Sure call me a monster, I don't care. It's no skin off my back.

    Interesting how Germany dumped the cost of renewable energy onto the retail side and exempted industry from the full cost of conversion. #economics_101 Roughly the 37:00:00 mark.

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