Power for People: a public electricity retailer for all Queenslanders

Ever wonder why your electricity bill is so expensive? It’s pretty simple. For starters, in the last four years private electricity retailers like AGL and Origin have made $7.2 billion in profits Selling us overpriced electricity. It wasn’t always like this. It was once common sense that because electricity is a basic necessity it should remain in public hands. But in 2006, Labor privatised electricity retail in South-East Queensland. So now, private retailers like AGL and Origin make money by selling us electricity that’s produced largely by publicly owned generators. We pay to build and run the generators, private retailers sell power back to us at a massive profit. That doesn’t seem fair. Hi, I’m Amy McMahon, the Greens candidate for South Brisbane in the upcoming state election. I’m here to tell you how we could stop the rip-offs and save you up to $370/year on your electricity bill with the first part of our Power for People plan. We want to scrap private electricity retailers and create a single public retailer with a mandate to provide affordable and reliable electricity to all Queenslanders How would we do this? last year the State Government combined the two public companies – Ergon and Energex into Energy Queensland. The Greens would turn Energy Queensland into a public retailer for all Queenslanders. Private electricity retailers would be phased out over two years. In the meantime, we would direct Energy Queensland to deliberately offer lower prices than the private retailers saving you up to $370/year Energy Queensland would not be run to make a profit. instead of paying telemarketers like private retailers, we’ll direct Energy Queensland to put that money back into making our bills cheaper. We will ban huge CEO salaries, like the CEO of AGL who made $6.9 million last year. No profits, no corporate advertising, just publicly owned, affordable and reliable electricity. It’s pretty simple. We want an energy system run for people not profit.

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