Outer Space Vanity | The Sims 4 Machinima

Outer Space Vanity | The Sims 4 Machinima

Are you crazy or something like that? I just want to have a hair! You are not a human! What’s wrong with that!? You broke our intergalactic rules. You are out! The humans that are always copying! You always knew the rules. You are out! She is our daugher, don’t do that! I’m decided! It’s really dangerous to copy humans. I need to keep order You’ll be send to Earth RIGHT NOW! Earth


    nossa eu simplesmente amei alem do mais é bem de ferente de todos é uma alienígena muito interessante gostei de mais parabéns espero que a serie fica assim com mistério e etc… mais em fim ficou super legal parabéns mesmo espero que vc continue a sim vou acompanhar se ficar legal mais claro que ta legal e mais uma vez parabéns!!! 

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