Outer Space Smells Like What?! – Epic Science #12

Outer Space Smells Like What?! – Epic Science #12


    "what does Uranus smell like" HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!
    …Few seconds later…
    "Neptune has a similar odour to Uranus" HAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!!!

    yep indeed I feel privilege to live on earth. what about if I bring a tree with an artificial atmosphere and chill up there with wifi connection..lol

    actually Baz Nasralla it is pronounced u-ran-ess becouse people dont want any imacurity with the pronunciation but infact it is pronounced Uranus just let is soak in what you thaught was wrong its okay everyone gets something wrong

    if i lived on a planet that smelled like one thing, i would not smell that one thing. because i would get used to it first, then the lack of breathable air would kill me.

    well your sense of smell would nullify sensitivity to the smell to make you more sensitive to new odors but if I could constantly smell it I would like to smell like tamarindo don't know that in English

    Pluto was a planet when i graduated from highschool, so to me Pluto will always be planet. Fuck what astronomers say about that!

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