New Zealand – Why Install Solar Power?

New Zealand – Why Install Solar Power?

hi I’m Kristy from my solar quotes and
this is why you should consider going solar now. There are many reasons why New
Zealanders are choosing to go solar here’s a few of the most popular
examples. Solar power can help you reduce those dreaded power bills as possible to
half your power bill and even reduce it by 80% or you could say goodbye to your
power bills forever and go completely off grid. The amount you reduce your
power bill by is dependent on the system size you choose to install and the
amount of solar power you consume directly. People are increasingly turning
to solar power and battery storage to avoid power outages. Power security is
important, a few days without power isn’t an option for some people especially
those with medical conditions that rely on power. Battery technologies have
advanced rapidly and prices have fallen having solar and storage is one sure way
to avoid power outages from natural disasters. Homes can still be connected
to the grid with a solar power system but when a blackout occurs the system
will instantly switch from using solar energy to drawing power from the battery.
Care about New Zealand’s environment good news you can significantly reduce
your carbon footprint with solar. Solar power is a renewable resource and
produces zero carbon emissions when in operation unlike other renewable energy
sources such as geothermal. New Zealand still consumes massive amounts of
natural gas coal and diesel power. We all know the hundred percent pure New
Zealand campaign is pretty far from the truth,
but together we can change that. My Solar Quotes receives thousands of visitors to
the website every year recently we asked some of our customers what their main
reasons for going solar were, these are the results. 57% of our customers stated
they wanted solar to reduce or eliminate their power bill. Twenty one percent of
New Zealanders saw it as a good investment and twenty percent said they
wanted independence from the energy companies. Thinking of installing solar
as an investment but concerned the numbers won’t stack up, again don’t take my word
for it and don’t take advice from organisations that keep sending you
large power bills every month. Here’s the facts from My Solar Quotes customer
reviews. Doug from Franklin and Auckland installed a three point six kilowatt
system and is expecting to have a payback period of five years on his
investment. He said with Solar his last power bill was only $1. Graham from
Auckland has cut his $320 power bill in half for the 4.5 kilowatts solar power
system, here’s calculated he will get a 10% return on his investment. There are
many more reasons why solar power systems make sense but not one reason why we
shouldn’t be embracing it, environmental sustainability safety and dependence the
list goes on. Thank you for watching see you again soon.
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    $10,000 USD from Home Depot to get starter solar kit. I would rather get a gasifier generator. Cheaper set up cost and more power output.

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