NAIT students help eliminate electricity from fossil fuels in Cape Verde

We were tasked with completing a project with a company based out of Cape Verde in Africa This company wanted to take the island nation from a heavy dependence on fossil fuels and convert as much of the electrical grid as possible to more renewable energy They’re currently suffering from extremely high electricity prices which translates to extremely high water prices because they desalinate all their water This project would create the means to generate cheaper electricity as well as desalinate water more cheaply We focused on solar and wind due to the abundance of those resources Because of the small geography of the country, it was important to augment those systems with storage Basically in times of shortage, the upper reservoir drains through a generator operating as a traditional hydro system generating electricity In times of high generation, the turbine is reversed and more water is pumped back into the reservoir Being on an island that has no rain for 8 months of the year, they’re importing a lot of food By adding fresh water storage via a large lower reservoir we can increase availability of fresh water as well through captured rain

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