What a world we live in, where scientists have figured out that solar cells can be made from straight up toothpaste.

    From America. You are very intelligent. I wish half of Americans were smart enough to even find your channel. Long time subscriber, first time commenter. Keep it up, You will get to a million.

    The applied science channel has made conductive glass microscope slides using both Vapor deposition and sputtering from scratch. He also built his own electron microscope from scratch before being given one.

    We performed this experiment in collage when I was attending for nanotechnology!

    Ours didn't work, but the raspberry juice we uses was a cocktail which had very little actual raspberry juice.

    It's neat to know that toothpaste performed so well! I can only imagine walking into a chemistry lab to see a pile of raspberries and a tube of toothpaste and have the professor exclaim: "Today we make solar cells!"

    I first got the "battery problem" as well, but the problem disappeared after about 30 minutes and the cells worked just fine.

    Found this to be a fun try it at home project, then how well we can ramp this up from a home based workshop from here to? We like this glass CANNOT be made at home hum that sounds to be a challenge for the experienced ones.
    Thank you.
    Lance & Patrick.

    Your video was absolutely fascinating. I have an avid interest in science and love your series. Even as a seniors, we are never too old to learn. This suggestion I have may sound very unimportant but I will ask anyways. It has to do with trying to find the proper material to weeds on my lawn without damaging chemicals. So far, we have been using “table salt which I believe is sodium chloride, which works well on certain weeds. 20% vinegar helps as well. Have you ever considered this type of use for your chemistry. I don’t use chemicals on my property in respect of children and adults and pets that may use our yard. We love all of your videos.

    Berries, white cheese pigment or toothpaste, tincture of iodine, soot, and some conductive-coated plastic or glass = solar cell. Despite low power yields, still amazing.

    you dont need fancy chemicals to make solar cells…all you need is to understand what process produces current…which is redox…reduction and oxidation…oxidation is electricity…gaining and loss of electrons…closing an electrolyte with an anode and cathode in a container keeping out the oxygen in the atmosphere will produce electricity….quickly taking a lithium ion battery apart and putting it in a sealed container will make a solar cell much more powerful than making these things or any other solar cells…you can even make your own cells with aluminum foil with a layer of carbon sprayed with an electrolyte and another one made with copper foil…if it's in a sealed container keeping out oxygen it will produce electricity when in the sun…and it's easy to make…but lithium will have more voltage

    Isolate the Iodine electrolyte only with the TiO2. When the electrolyte touches both electrodes, it shorts the circuit which you observed.

    Do you think it would be better to use titanium dioxide based sunscreen since it should have a higher concentration of titanium dioxide then toothpaste?

    Great video! Very interesting…maybe try lightly scratching the area of glass where titanium dioxide paste and carbon are placed, u might get a better hold on the glass…

    Der Akzent is so Hammer… Alleine deswegen Daumen hoch… Der Inhalt des Videos ist aber auch sehr sehr interessant. 👍

    Damn! I was about to coat my roof with this truckload of toothpaste i just bought from Walmart. I will return it tomorrow.

    This is a nice experiment and may be performed in a graduate course. Thanks for the nice video. If you have similar experiment i would be glad to read and try some of them.With regards,

    There was a bit towards the end of the clip that suggests that soot from a candle might be used as a conductive surface. I would like to have more information about that. It sounds unlikely. Liked the home-spun approach though. Most chemistry that can be done doesn't need a super dooper lab set up. Which is a good thing. Think about the folks that up until 1860 or so had very little to work with but a thermometer and dishes that you'd get from the local hardware store.

    Nitric acid is hard to get because it can be used to make explosives..! Best to make your own from H2SO4 and Potassium Nitrate.

    If it really is the acidity, perhaps you ought to try neutralizing the citric acid present in the juice with sodium bicarbonate.

    would you write down the name of michel grester? i could not find him. most probable i miss spell his name. thanks.

    Or you could just place a black piece of plastic in the sun and use the hot air around it to drive a miniature turbine. It's completely impractical.

    I didn't think that it was that hard to make a soler cell like that I've only seen indian ppl making soler cells out of CD and copper wire and couple of ziner diode /mind blowing

    That conductor glass can be replace with a 1 dollar iphone glass screen protector ,which is already electrically conductive because of the touchscreen

    On pourra imaginer des cellules énormes et pas chères en utilisant du plastique recouvert une mince couche d'or ou d'aluminium transparent, suivi de votre mixture d'anthocyanine sur Ti O2 et le tout reposant sur un support conducteur et flexible. Et couvrir tous les toits des villes!

    Thanks a lot for this very informative video. But these cells just only work , as you form a semiconductor with the ITO coated glas and the TIO2…only creating this bandgap there on this ITO surface and color dope it for the right wavelengths will make it work…so it will not work on just conductive plastic…so you always need this ITO layer, where you bond and dope in the TiO2 layer with the coloring agent…I tried it just with Aluminium Foil and I only got battery effects…(you can also apply light through the carbon glas electrode)…Please try to make such a cell without ITO coated glas, then you are the hero ! Lol…😆😁👍🏻🙋🏻‍♂️💖💖💖

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