Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) KILL COUNT

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) KILL COUNT


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    I remember seeing this movie when it came out and well…….I would laugh at people dying in this movie but cried when I saw the first kill or kills

    I don't know if James will ever read this, but I just wanna say thanks for doing a kill count on this movie. I saw this way back in the 1990's as a child, and it left something of an impression(I never forgot the scene at 3:42, but that's all I remembered. Can't imagine how it was so difficult to find), but for the life of me I could never remember the name of the movie. I actually feel a little accomplished at now knowing what the name of this movie was, so yeah. Thanks so much.

    I'm not 100% sure of the circumstances, but I saw this movie as a small child and it made me terrified of clowns. I always thought it was a fever dream my childhood brain made up until I described it to a friend as an adult who had seen it. I'm here facing my childhood fear and I have to say they're still fucking creepy.

    Lacey's daughter Molly A.Moate talking in case Why does the Cotton Candy Coccons kill people when the Killer Clowns shoot them with Cotton Candy guns, does the people in the Cotton Candy Coccons get crushed by them, or melted by them, or worst?

    Molly How is the Blood coming out of the coccon with the person in there, Did that "Bendy" straw stabbed through the body in there? Or something?

    i did there are 65 cotton flesh in the tent on screen yes there are more but i'm not counting the ones off screens so yeah your welcome james so that makes the numbers it will be 105 deaths with 16 men 6 women 4 klowns and 79 cocoon victims of unknown gender.

    How do you know the names of the clowns 😂 i have watched this movie more times i want to admit and i never knew the names lol

    The Mist: I have the most Kills

    Killer Clowns: That’s a joke, right

    Belko Experiment: I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!

    Purge Election Year: You we’re saying?

    The First Purge: I’m your daddy

    Final Destination: I’m your granddaddy

    Dead meat I need help I’m trying to find a scary movie between the years 2011 and 2015. All I remember is a boy trying to sleep and a scary hand comes and says come out come out we’re ever you are? Any idea? It was in the trailer.

    Personal golden chainsaw is the guard and the acid pies.
    I just love how he says "what're you gonna do with those pies boys"

    The scene where you couldn't count the cotton candy corpse's, I counted 75. The one where you were just saying that you couldn't count the cotton candy corpse's.

    Biker Dude:"What you going to do, knock my Block off?" Also I knew what Shortie the clown said, he just said "Put up your dukes! Put up your dukes!"

    5:52 When he says "Giving us a two-fer for the count" doesn't it sound like it was spliced in by itself? James acts very different in these early episodes, definitely not as happy or confident

    In horror nights (universal studios 2019) they had killer clowns from outer space and those clowns were huge asf I was so exhausted on that day after going thru the mazes and leaving at 1:00 while it was freezing outside I slept for so long lmfao

    I'm so glad this is not real if it is I'm going to freak out right now I'm going to vomit if it is real okay if it is not my will be fine but I like your videos that are so cool 👌

    You can tell that the enthusiasm slowly fades away, at having to comment on this near horrible movie.

    Thanks for the dedication James. ; )

    Crazy how this movie is actually really good on such a weird premise and I think it’s because they don’t take it to serious while also trying to scare you sometimes

    Wouldn’t there be more kills in that wide shot with the 15 cocoons since there are balloons attached to the side of the float

    My sister made me watch this when I was 3 I loved/still love ( hoero) it. my brother was 6 and is still scared 10 years later. My sister was 12 and was indifferent

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