Introducing Sense: Home energy insights in real time

Introducing Sense: Home energy insights in real time

This is Sense. Sense connects my electrical
panel to my phone. It listens to our home, to keep us safe. Tells us whats happening and helps us be efficient. Just connect to your panel and know more about your home. Sense, see what’s up, know what’s on.


    I hear the clapping hands and the whimsical harp plucking, but without the fingersnapping, popping and throwing the thing around the room, it just lacks the entire Microsft Affect.

    yet Another CIA spying device. it connects to your phone, the CIA has access to your phone via internet provider. think people, THINK.

    Isn't a pie chart better than bubble? In a pie chart you can see the percentage of power usage of each device.

    I've been an electrician for 30 years and this product REALLY intrigues me! I can think of a lot of good reasons to have this installed and the benefits it provides! Just recently I had a customer call and complain that her electric bill shot up $20 more than usual each month and after hours of troublshooting and load checking all of her appliances at the panel, I finally found the culprit to be her whole house AC compressor was pulling way too many amps! I won't say this would have but it could have overheated and caused a fire if not at the very least cost her a lot more in electricity if left unchecked.

    synthetic sensor monitoring and categorizing patterns. its "racist" classifying each thing by the demonstrated consistent patterns of its subtype. this product is unacceptable in the post ww2 global communist corrupted babyboomer hippie youth minds, and all following generations of vulnerable foolish youth minds, ultimate communist cesspool societies of impossible euro/american culture/system emulation and destruction, foreign invasion, theft and redistribution of wealth. unnatural unsustainable rewarding of the worlds most irresponsible patterned subtypes/races. in the name of endless growth economics, nation/culture/heritage/race/tribe/world diversity in nations destruction, and ecological doom. turning every place on earth, where the people were responsible and inherently created moderated nicety for themselves and their posterity, into the same intolerable cesspools overrun by the greediest patterned, like new york city, chicago, hong kong, singapore, london, south africa, california, etc. fed by the fraud of obsolete immigration on an overfull planet armies of unrequired and undesired greedy 3rd worlders and tropicals who all have their own places they are responsible for developing and moderating themselves in. the low quality more profitable existence of greedy 3rd worlders and tropicals overpopulation, unaffordability, dysfunction, and perpetual problems. the western liberal/democrat/communist empire of lies where literally every thing is the opposite of reality/truth.

    Been using voltage and amp data recording for many years now. Made lots of money diagnostic and tests electrial system. The biggest problem is memory capacity without using cloud service and or network access? I'll buy three of them if they can store data over 35 days? Pushing data file exchange to Excel would also be an awesome idea.
    Good tool for screwed up voltage problems and trouble shooting, if it would just store the data, and lots of it!

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    I've thought about producing a similar product for years. Was going to build something with an Arduino / Pie.

    1) Not a fan of the limited CT's. Why not offer more instead of trying to guess at the appliance based on draw.

    2) Your website should show more about the product, and less about people that hire horrible electricians that cannot diagnose a problem with a clamp meter.

    3) If I brought something like this to market, I would subisidize the price through util companies, and advertisers (Buy a new fridge and save $xxx)

    How this ends up at the price being asked, and includes so little hardware is rather surprising.

    Probably doesnt even measure Power Factor for inductive loads.

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