How to pray in Outer Space? (Can a Muslim Travel in Space? )

In the Quran Allah asks To wonder and reflect regarding the Stars the Sun the moon in space he gives examples of them and encourages Mankind to study and Wonder and the marvels of his Daminion So what happened when a Muslim does this and travels to space? Where he wishes to pray five times a day facing the Kaaba in Mecca Before the prayer a Muslim will wash their hands feet and face Then stand bow and prostrate before Allah So as you can imagine doing this in space could prove challenging So what does a Muslim do when faced with this problem Despite the Quran having being revealed over 1400 years ago Islamic jurists are well equipped to deal with these more modern challenges as the world made technological advances Muslim scholars use existing examples from the prophet muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa salam and his companions as well as analogies of those examples to tackle modern problems So Muslim knows how to behave online while watching TV on a smartphone or when traveling by air So in the grand scheme of things Space Exploration is just another one of these problems. Which Muslim jurists can deal with it in fact they already have When the astronaut and devote Muslim Sheikh, Mustafa Shakur Travel to space. He asked Muslim scholars how to pray in space What resulted was a historical conference in which? incasa the Malaysian Space Agency invited 150 Muslim scientists and scholars to answer these questions When they agreed on what should be done the verdict was passed and approved by the National fatwa council, so when sheikh Musafar Shakur made it to space he did pray and Keep his religious duties It should be noted that he was not the first Muslim in space Nor was he the first Muslim to pray in space? The future it will be interesting in the future to see Muslim scholars Tackle problems such as praying from the moon The possibility of alien life in after landing on Mars ruling would change One thing is certain Islam will adapt to modern challenges Muslims were at the forefront of scientific and technological Exploration for nearly a thousand years and the time is more right now than ever to return there So there is no fear will Islam Flourish in space allah subhanahu wata’ala made it so So wherever you are you can turn toward Earth Where Mecca is and where Kaaba in Mecca? It’s easy and simple how to pray Well, where you left off? where your space shuttle launched So that’s the time that you should pray as you would even when you were down there So where to turn what times to pray how to fast pretty much the same thing You can still fast at the same time as you would be fasting at that lunch place where you were your racket launched So for future of Muslims in space So greeting aliens So there is one thing that I wonder, you know, I don’t know maybe somebody can give me an give me an answer If we meet an alien Can I call him to Islam Would that be okay to tell him, you know, you should become a Muslim Is it the same for them as it is for us, I mean we live on earth they live on some other planet Who knows where, allah subhanahu Wa ta’ala says that he created heavens and the earth and and seeded life throughout it So I know there is life pretty much everywhere But how do we greet Beings from another place another planet. I mean, sometimes we have problems greeting each other here on earth So those are the questions there there are many more But for now, I’m gonna be satisfied with this and if you have any suggestions about What kind of videos you would like to learn from? What would you like to see? What would you like to hear? so, please tell me in the comment section and I will do my best to Give you best answers possible So thank you for watching and please share this video subscribe and like if you can and I’ll talk to you again soon. So as Salaam alaikum may peace and blessing of allah be upon all of you

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