How to Make a Laser Communicator (to Solar Cell)

How to Make a Laser Communicator (to Solar Cell)

Hi Gang! This is my homemade laser communicator. In this video I’ll go through step-by-step how it’s made. I am the very model of a modern major general.
I’ve information, vegetable, animal and mineral. The device consists of a transmitting side
and a receiving side. The transmitting side is fairly simple.
A microphone is plugged into an amplifier and from there it goes to a transformer,
and past two LEDs. From there,
there are the batteries for the laser, an on/off switch
and finally the laser itself. The laser is a pet toy laser from a dollar
store. The transformer is a simple step up transformer,
in this case a doorbell transformer from a local electronics store.
An audio transformer would be even better. Notice that the LEDs are connected in opposite
ways. The long leg of one is here
and the short leg is here. For the other one it’s the other way around.
The LEDs are there to protect the laser. If the voltage gets high enough
then the laser will start conducting enough current to damage it.
With the LEDs, however, as the voltage gets higher,
they start conducting and light up, reducing the voltage at the laser. Note that I’ve packaged it all up very nicely.
You can skip a lot of packaging and make a much simpler,
purely functional one if you want. I’ll put all the transmitting side in this
box. You can buy small amplifiers
but I had enough spare parts around to make this one.
It’s the same circuit as in my amplifier in a peanut butter jar
but I need that one for the receiving side. There are three batteries in the laser.
To easily make a new holder for them, I’ve cut away the back part of a laser that
doesn’t work anymore. Inside the other part of the laser was this
spring. I solder a wire to that spring.
Then I make a disk out of scrap plastic with a hole in the middle
and put the wire and spring through that, and then hot glue that to the end of the cylinder.
I solder another wire to the cap. And here’s the finished battery holder. I’ve connected the transformer,
LEDs, batteries
and switch together the way I’d previously shown. That ends up in this box. To mount the laser
I take apart this adjustable magnifying glass stand. I shape a piece of wood with a
groove and some holes in it for the stand. Next, I take a steel ball from a target ammo
kit. To that I solder the head of a steel bolt.
Then I put the end of the bolt through a hole in the laser
and bolt it on. There’s a switch on the laser that needs to
be permanently pressed. So I wrap a hose clamp around that.
I then put the ball in its socket. After painting the wood black,
I attach all that to the stand. I can now point the laser at a target and
it’ll stay there. I start putting the transmitting side all
together by hot gluing the amplifier in first.
Then comes the laser stand. And lastly, the box with the the transformer,
LED, laser batteries and switch. The output of the amplifier is then connected
to the low voltage side of the transformer. Connecting to the laser is easy.
One connection point is a spring, in the middle inside.
So I use a plastic covered alligator clip to connect to that.
The other connection point is the metal of the cylinder itself.
The clip that goes to the spring inside the laser
goes to the negative side of the laser batteries and the clip that goes to the laser’s case
goes to the positive side. At that point I can fold the laser back into
the box, add the microphone,
and close it. The receiving side is much simpler.
I hot glue a solar cell to a stiff piece of cardboard.
Then I tape that to one end of a longish box, covering any holes that might let extra light
in. I paint that black too.
You can see the solar cell inside. I solder one end of a 22 nanofarad capacitor
to the positive lead from the solar cell. Then I connect both leads to my other homemade
amplifier. The receiving side is ready too. Time to try it out. The laser transmitting side is here
and the receiving side is way over there. I turn on the amplifier,
plug in the microphone, and turn on the laser.
I aim it at the solar cell. Then I go over and turn on the amplifier on
the receiving side. You can hear it coming out at the receiver. I am the very model of a modern major general.
I’ve information, vegetable, animal and mineral. I know the kings of England, and I quote the
fights historical. Help! I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up! Well, thanks for watching! See my youtube channel, rimstarorg for more
neat videos like this. That includes one where I use sunlight to
transmit sound instead of a laser.
Another where I use high voltage to clean up smoke,
a smoke precipitator. And one where I show how to make the amplifiers
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    +uros stefanovic The amp on the transmitting side is already detailed step-by-step in my video about my crystal radio amplifier here It's the same one that's in the peanut butter jar that I use on the receiver side except that I put it in a box instead. I also didn't connect a speaker to it and instead had the output wires go to the laser battery circuit like I show in this video at 2:35. Also, I put a jack for plugging a microphone into instead of just putting alligator clips on those wires. Other than that, the amplifier circuit is identical.
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    Have you tested the range of this setup? It was very clear in the video at a respectable distance, so it seems like it could go much farther.

    How a blazing Ruben's tube next? It'll fit in with the audio/music theme going on currently. You could also make an audio-modulated Tesla coil for electrifying music!

    Nice project! But I would rather use something like 220nF as an coupling cap in RX. 22n attenuates low frequencies too much (in my opinion)

    Hi. what is the purpose of the transformer? We are in Singapore and thus we bought a 230V input and 6V, 0V, 6V outputs transformer is it workable for it? Thanks!

    Thanks! You are great in all these electrical stuffs! So I will connect the red wire from the amplifier circuit to the 6V and black wire to the 0V? How about the microphone? Where do we connect it to the amplifier circuit?

    Yes, yes, but are you very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical? Do you understand equations, both the simple and quadratical about binomial theorem are you teeming with a lot o' news, with many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse? Are you any good at integral and differential calculus? Or do you know the scientific names of beings animalculous? Basically in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral?

    Does the size of the solar cell matter? For example, could I use a 1 inch by 1 inch solar cell from a solar yard light from the dollar store? It would just be much harder to aim the laser at, correct?
    Awesome video by the way!

    Nice video! I made one of these before I saw this. Needless to say, it was a lot of work to figure it out on my own. Very frustrating. Quick note, if you want a simpler version of this just as a proof of concept, take a pc fan, a laser pointer, a solar cell, a nine volt battery, and a amplified speaker. Hook up the speaker to the output of the solar cell, and place the fan in front of the cell. Then, use the 9-volt to power the fan. Shine the laser at the fan, and enjoy your laser morse code transmitter. The fan will act as an oscillator and cut up the signal.

    after i connected everything according to the video the intensity of the laser light became very low. how can i increase it ????

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    If you get the time, could you explain the function of the transformer and what an audio transformer does. THANKS for all the videos!!!

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