How to Install Solar Panels : Sealing Roof Holes With Caulk

How to Install Solar Panels : Sealing Roof Holes With Caulk

As we mount our rails to the roof we’ll be
penetrating the shingles and we’ll want to seal up all our holes. If you can picture
this, here’s our bolt, it’s going to go through our rail and screw directly down to the roof.
Picture this as a roof. Of course, this will penetrate into a stud inside the roof cavity
and pull this entire thing sturdy. In that case we’ll be using Henry’s 209 is an asphalt
based caulking that goes into standard caulking gun. Of course, very easy to use and that
will allow us to fill the holes and prevent rain from getting into the house once our
panels are mounted. So this method of securing the holes is one of the most simple. Or you
can find better methods of flashing if you’re having it professionally done, you’re installer
may come with copper flashing to give you a nice finished look around the edges of your
panels. Sometimes they mount them on tile rooves which use a slightly different mounting
system, drilling holes in the tile and that takes a little extra time. If you’re unsure
which form of caulking will work best on your roof, consult your home improvement specialist.


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