How Soft & Warm Feminine Energy Drives Men Wild | Adrienne Everheart

How Soft & Warm Feminine Energy Drives Men Wild | Adrienne Everheart

(Music) Hey every one, I’m
Adrienne Everheart, your dating and
relationship coach. I am a feminine energy expert. One of the things I help women do
is realign their feminine energy so you can attract a high
quality masculine energy man. And in this video, I’m going to teach
you how to drive your guy wild, why men go wild, and how
you can tap into the soft, warm, feminine
energy. So, stick around. Thanks so much for joining me today. Again, I am a certified dating
and relationship coach. I specialize in feminine energy. Something I have studied for
a good long while. And if you like my video, you
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able to join me for live videos. So often I hear from women on my Facebook group
Everheart Love Academy and on my YouTube channel
in the comment section, Adrienne, I don’t want to have to
think to get in to my feminine energy, I want it to be natural. I don’t want to have to
change for any man. And this really isn’t
our true selves. If we’re having to
change ourselves. So, I actually thought a lot of
the same things you’re thinking, which is, how do I
become soft and warm? I am soft and warm you know, what is this thing
called feminine energy and myself and my good
friend Helena Hart, we were both kind of learning about it
and going deeper into feminine energy. And I was really committed to not wanting to have to change who I am as a person. I wanted if a man was
going to love me, he needed to just love
me just the way I was, but I kept having
failed relationships and I would seem
to really turn off or drive away what were
pretty good guys in my life. Another thing I
experienced is that, masculine energy men
kind of scared me. They were off-putting to me and I know so often my mum or my
cousins or my sister would ask me you know, why don’t you
like these type of men and I would always say
ooh, they’re too manly, they’re too brutish or whatever. And what was really
happening is that my masculine energy
was challenged or being challenged by their masculine energy. So, just real quick, think for a second about
feminine and masculine energy and how even in a homo
sexual couple, one of the people in that relationship
is usually more feminine energy or one is more masculine energy. And so you have this nice
balance of energies, where the man, the masculine
energy is pursuing the woman, which is
the feminine energy. So just real quick think about something like your
sex life for example. What if you are the one that is
having to pursue your husband for intimacy and sex. It
really wouldn’t feel right. Most women would not want
to have that sort of situation in their
relationships. So, part of being soft
and warm is being so available and open, in a very easy energy that
men feel good around. That they actually identify
whether they feel good when they’re with you and they’re going
to want to spend more time with you. Feminine energy isn’t
about being a door mat. It isn’t about being so
much up in your head, you have to think and everything
before you say it to the man. And it definitely isn’t about
holding back who you are. It’s just a way that
we are going to tap into what’s really
happening with you? And instead of jumping
up to your mind, which is masculine energy
and figuring the man out. You’re going to learn how to be soft
and warm, really pull him to you, drive him wild for you. Now, this is a lot of information
to learn in just a video or even on my channels. So, I have lots of self-study
programs on my website that you can really learn more
about your feminine energy, learn how to have a man hanging
on to every word you say. And just learn how to have
men coming out of everywhere pursuing you especially
your guy at home by being soft and warm. So, check this out
especially my e-book, 500 Ways to Talk to a Man. That is a great book to get started
with, dropping into your body and finding your feelings. So, if you identify yourself
as a woman, as a female, I’m going to encourage you to get
more into your feminine energy. Now, at work you may be
in your masculine energy, which is action, it’s making
things happen, you’re doing things. You can still be soft and
warm and here is how, you will be in your body so, even though you’re having to do
a million and one things at work and you’re having to sometimes manage people and delegate,
and tell people what to do. You can still be
in your body and practice and
find what you feel. You can still speak to
people in a very warm way. So let’s say you like
someone at your job, you like a man that he is maybe
your boss or a co-worker and you’re in your
masculine energy all day. So he can’t really see you as this feminine being. So, one of the first
things you can do and ladies you can do
this in any situation. You can do it with
your husband at home while you’re on a date or
anything like that. Is just make sure you’re stopping
to slow down and breath. I know everybody is
telling you to breath, your yoga teacher is
telling you to breath, your physician tells you to take,
breath when he takes your heartbeat. Look, breathing is a
great way to slow down your mind. Remember your
mind is masculine energy. So, just take a couple
of slow deep breaths in through your nose and
out through your mouth and just start to slow down
your body a little bit. Good, the next thing
I want you to do is your head might be
spinning up here thinking ooh, my goodness how do I
figure out the stuff out? What do I say to him,
what do I talk about, how do I get his attention? So, notice you’re
in action mode, you’re trying to think of
ways to get into action. That’s a good sign you’re
in your masculine energy so instead, you just
drop into your body and say well, what do I feel right
now, what am I feeling? Well, I feel a little nervous, I feel a little shy, I feel curious. I don’t know how all of this is
going to turn out with him. So, what do you really feel?
And you just sit there and own those emotions. We actually don’t have to do
or say anything to get a man crazy about you and feel
really wild about you. Just be in your body, you will
have a soft warm confidence emanating from you. And the man will feel it and
he will find it irresistible. Men love a soft warm feminine
energy woman because they don’t feel
challenged by you, they don’t feel under a
microscope or micromanaged. So, think about their
world all day long. They’re maybe working with men on a mostly masculine
energy environment all day. They’re either giving the orders
or they’re having to take them or they’re having
to work in a group. Now, men work like this, there’s one alpha. There’s one alpha
in every group. There may be little
subgroups at his work where he might be the alpha with his
guys that he’s hanging out with, but there is one alpha,
there is one boss and men play by this rule very easily. They go right along with it they totally get it. This is why men can get into a scuffle or a fistfight and
one man wins and the other doesn’t, they shake hands after. Do you think that
can really happen with two women, after two
women get into a fight? I don’t think so, we don’t work like that. We don’t have this hierarchy
that we’re having in our lives. So, when a man’s in your life and he
comes home at the end of the day, and he’s in his
masculine energy, he’s had to take
orders all day, he’s maybe had to
give orders all day. We don’t know, he’s
been struggling with all this you know, masculine energy and some feminine energy. He’s having to tone down
his masculine energy to be nice to any other
woman he’s working around. Men really do think this way, they really do. So, when he comes home to you, he doesn’t want to
talk about business, he doesn’t want to hear
about work or task or what I call
maintenance conversation. Your date, your boyfriend,
your husband, he wants a soft warm energy. This is his solace, this is what he’s
been craving all day. Ladies if you’ve ever found
a man looking at women, found him, pictures of a woman
on his phone or his computer, this is because men feel good. They feel like a man
when they look at women and when they
interact with women. And heaven forbid, your man
ever leave you for another woman or talk to other women. In a lot of cases, he’s doing
it because that woman is making him feel like a man
or helping him fell like a man. Now, I am totally
against all of that, but before you lose your
relationship or feel insecure, why not become the woman that
helps him balance his energies? So, this is a lot of ways
a woman can heal the man through her, which I absolutely
believe can happen once you balance your energy. Once you get into your
feminine energy and stay there, and don’t wobble too much, the man will more and more get
into his masculine energy. Men are really just drawn to
women in their feminine energy because we’re confident. We’re not up in our heads
and challenging the man with action or trying to outdo him
or compete with him in any way. Men can finally with us relax and just give us that
masculine attention we want while we receive. Now, I personally
have found that I am more in touch with
my feminine energy now. I used to be the biggest baddest
ball-buster you have ever met and now I’m so much
more calm and relaxed at being a woman. It feels so much
more natural to me. Now a lot of you might be thinking well,
how did I lose my feminine energy, where did it go? Many women, I call us
powerful dynamite women. We were brought up in
household whereas, a dad or a father figure
or maybe even your mother, that was really strong, confident,
had more of that alpha energy. And there’s a part of you
for survival purposes you relate to that
energy the most and so you think for survival, I need to relate more
to this tougher energy. It doesn’t happen to
everybody because some women are brought up in households
where the energies are balanced and they see their mom you
know, being treated fairly having a good career and things like this
and being soft and warm and receiving. So, they don’t ever make that
correlation that I need to be tough. So, if home life
doesn’t do it to you, when you get out
in the real world, everyone tells you, you
have to be tough, don’t cry, you have to be this
way at work or that way at work. And we want to make it we’re in this
Western society where if we want something we go out and we get it. It
doesn’t work that way with men. You will repel a man by
chasing him and pursuing him. At the same time, you can be
in your feminine energy. You can be warm and
you can be receiving and a man that you
really, really want will pass on you, it happens. Sometimes even though your
energy is in the right place, he’s just not ready,
or he’s not attracted or the energies just aren’t
feeling good to him. There’s so much that
goes into attraction. However, that’s the man that’s
in front of you right now, even if it’s not your dream guy,
even if it is your dream guy, he’s who you want to practice
on right now and all other men. Learning how to
be soft and warm is something you can
practice on a daily basis even if you’re text messaging or
speaking to a man on the phone. So, it’s just this simple. When a man feels really
good and he’s around you and he’s feeling really good,
he’s feeling like a man, he’s not going to be able
to get enough of you, he’s not going to be able to get
enough of the softness and warmth. That’s why men gravitate
to feminine energy women. So, I hope this video has
been helpful for you. Again, if you like my content, please click subscribe and
be sure to hit the bell so you can get my updates when I have live videos
or releasing new video. If you want to learn more
about feminine energy and just how all of this works, I have so many courses and
programs over at my website, and be sure to definitely
check on my e-book, 500 Ways to Talk to a Man. It will get you started
in this wonderful process of tapping into your
feminine energy, rediscovering who
you are as a woman. All right, everyone
thanks for tuning in and I look forward to hearing from
you in the comment section. If you start to feel your
feminine energy and get wonderful positive responses or you’re
curious or whatever it may be, please comment below. I would
love to hear from you.


    thank you for this video Adrienne! when you said something along the lines of there's nothing you need to do or say to attract a man , I felt the biggest relief! I want to crawl out of my skin after running around all day, even I like my own company more when I'm easy, warm and soft and not doing much

    Being warm with FE has brought me so much more attention. You are so very right. Sad that some women take it as a put down. At least, try it.

    Its easier for me to behave in a femenine energy with men than with women because the masculine energy of these women triggers my masculine energy too. So, as you say, I take a deep breath when im with masculine women and slow down to focus only on what my body feels. This has helped me a lot even in negotiations with agressive women, and I have noticed that my femenine energy left them feeling calm but also kind of confused or intrigued, like "wtf has just happened". Sad that everybody behaves all the time in masculine energy.

    I'm totally soft and warm and in my body. I tune into my feelings all day long, however I still end up chasing my twin flame and I think this is very masculine energy. I'm trying to really figure out how to balance my energy. I think I switch back and forth between the two energies and I want to say more in my feminine energy. However, living in a masculine world I've always needed to make money and I'm very action oriented / entrepreneurial. I think it gets confusing and many woman can slip back into masculine without realizing it.. lol

    You're my favorite feminine dating coach! I've learned so much from you now my bf 10 years older than me has fallen in love with me just by me applying your techniques

    Exactly, I am soft and warm and sensual…it's just sometimes I have my masculine energy coming forward, when I feel that I'm not being heard or validated. Dropping into that zone, and being in your body, pulls a man into your feminine energy, making it very difficult for him to resist you.

    Thank you Adrienne this is my fave video yet 😍 i love how you even titled it in a way that felt almost tangible soft and warm.. words that i understand becausr i can feel them 💘 much love

    If masculine energy is naturally built in us why should we fight with it..Let us all be ourselves.The wrong man will go anyway. As a business owner I love being in both energies..The same as a mother. I am just grateful to Jesus for what I have and that is the right path..Ladies if you have built your queendom already,don't let anyone steal it.And one more thing, learning psychology and yourself really helps.If you're an introvert,search all the knowledge about who you are first.

    Dear Adrienne, thank you for this video, it was so helpful! Could I ask you something? I have a challenge -I don't find too many guys that interesting in conversations. I can attract cute, handsome guys, I like them physically, but I get bored as soon as I hear the way they think. Get turned off by their mindset. What can I do to turn the situation around? And #2 – does wearing skirts help us with enhancing our feminine energy? Thank you so much ❤️💖💞

    Yay! Such a fantastic way to end my week by seeing your live video's 🙂 i just purchased How to Talk to a Man 101 and I absolutely recommend investing with Adrienne's programme's. She is the Queen of feminine energy 🙂

    Adrienne I love your videos and really liked this one as well, but I think the audio is maybe a little too low on the recording? xoxo

    hi Adrienne thanks for all your advise very helpful. But today my bf just left to work overseas he'll be gone for two years and I'm so scared right now. Can you make a video about your advise how to make it work? how can I use my feminine energy when he's not around. pleasee😢I'm so scared😢

    Hi Addrienne! How can I come back from making him feel attacked when I used an I'm feeling (thinking) statement about HIM and not what I was feeling? He's been cold and distant ever since. He's going thru the hardest time of his life and I think he's close to giving up 😔

    You look vibrant as always – I've shared you with my mom and friends – love your insight and energy and I already see changes happening in my relationship with men. I thought just looking really feminine was enough but this is GOLD!

    My husband was born under cancer and he is very passive aggressive and seems to be more in his feminine energy than me! What can I do? We are pretty much separated right now.

    Hi!! Thank you for this great video! I have a question- if my husband wants me to " dominate"him or take charge in the bedroom does that mean he doesn't want a woman with feminine energy but rather masculine?

    Thank you so much for this! I'm realizing now at 30 that one of the reasons I've been unhappy is because I've been on masculine pursuits and need to connect more with my femininity, this was really helpful and insightful 💫

    Can you do a talk on ‘ how to let a man down without hurting his feelings ‘ .
    I’m an older woman looking for love again, I attract men easily, but within a few weeks of conversations and sometimes dating I want out as realise they not for me. I’m kind and caring so find it hard to say goodbye ; Don’t like to hurt men’s feelings so consequently I find myself juggling between men. ( I don’t get intimate with them) .

    Hello. I’ve got a question: what if I’ve been providing for me and my son on my own for years and had to be mostly masculine all my life to get things done. Now, I totally understand that men don’t want another men but how do you rewrite your brain after years of doing it like a man.

    I love your videos but plz. get a better microphone sometimes I can barley hear you even with my volume turned all the way up.

    That's my problem. If i dont pursuit my partner for sex, there wouldnt be any. He never initiates sex and its becoming a problem. I dont feel sexy by being the pursuing one in the relationship but if i don't we live like we are nothing more than flatmates. ☹ His ex hated sex and he was with her for 16 years. Has he been trained to not ask or need sex?

    OMG…This is amazing! I have had to take on the masculine energy b/c he left me here with his 3 kids, and now that I am learning all this, I know when to put that energy on the shelf sometimes to allow the men in my life be MEN….this is so cool . I use my intuition now and really rely on source to bring this to my attention…so cool.

    What would be cool is to see some demonstrations of it playing out with various men and in various types of relationships. I had crap for role models on both sides growing up. Sometimes I wonder when I hear talks like this if I’m even processing the info right because the overwhelming majority of what I’ve seen over decades is pretty dysfunctional and some very highly dysfunctional. And how easy is it I wonder to switch hats from when you have no choice but to be in your masculine energy? Cuz I also as a single parent and a long term single all my life—well, I had to be both parents a lot of times and then I had to work as well and provide for my kid. I had a son also and I had to do a lot of “boy” things with him as well. I wonder a lot of times what a woman really is even supposed to be like in very many ways and if I’m really feminine enough at all. I feel like I’m learning a lot and doing some of it right, but I still wonder if I really am tho. Lol.

    Adrienne! I love your value and energy about the power of feminine energy!!! I couldn't POSSIBLY agree more!!!
    I love love LOVE to feel my feminine energy and I'm truly delighted that this preaching is having a come back.
    It's a call for all of us women for us to come "home"!!! Our true source! Mother nature! Our most purest energy that's just written in the earth! We can't deny and reject it! Enough! That's our truest power! To be in a feminine soft way.

    Now, tbh, i do struggle on a daily basis with my very strong masculine energy! I am impatient, get angry quickly, frustrated and can get in bad moods. I'm quite a passionate person verbally so i do cuss too much.
    Now I've discussed it with my man and he doesn't think i cuss too too much. But i still loveit/hate it. I hate it coz i KNOW i am not a smidge bit feminine then.
    But thankfully he thinks I'm so feminine, so gorgeous (which I'm so elated about)
    How do i manage my hotter temper and cussing?? The more i try to suppress it, bottle it, the more I'm like a pressure cooker!!! Which only leads to one thing! 💣💣💣💥💥💥💥

    Please help! I do love all girly feminine things and am proud to be a woman and all that comes with it!!

    Hi Adrienne, I recently started listening to your videos because I'm going through a break up and I would like my man back. I most definitely have been driving my relationship using masculine energy (without knowing). I'm loving your content so far. I wish I could afford your programs right now. However, I do have a couple questions, and I hope you can answer them for me. I would really appreciate it. My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago. He said he just wasn't feeling the connection anymore. However, we've been in contact every day since then. I can't seem to stop myself from making references to he moving on and finding a new girlfriend. I say things like "oh, there's probably a lot of pretty girls where you're going. you might find your new girlfriend" but in reality I just say that to hide the fact that I still love him and I want him back. I think I'm saying that so that he thinks I'm cool with him moving on, and with us being friends. I think I'm trying to prove to myself that I don't care and he can do whatever he wants. But I feel like these comments might be pushing him further away. Any advise on how to stop these comments and what to replace them with? Also, we're trying to be friends, but that's not what I want. Should I still work out with him? Should I still let him come over to my apartment to study? or should I just cut him off? I don't know where the line is between being his friend and being nice, and letting him walk all over me. any advise on that? I would really appreciate your input. Keep doing what you're doing. Thank you for helping women get in touch with our feminine energy.

    I thought femininity is an ugly word until i feel its absence in many women today (and the demonisation of it).

    What about in bullying situations where guys are bullying a female?
    why do guys do this? does this have anything to do with these guys feeling emasculated by a female?
    or is this a behavioral problem with these bullying guys?

    Hi Lovely Adrienne Hola friend! You are the best Youtuber and I love you,your video channel so much friend Adrienne your talent,smile,style is super good I really likes appreciate you. Adrienne your talent and beauty hands gestures,eyes look very cool please make more good videos, Jesus bless you forever the year 2019 ….continue bye.

    Sadly like friends say just no answers to any thing with at, all tried every thing from for 18 years not thing as worked they notthing i can do any more i have put 150 % or more in everthing and it not meant to be any one can only try for so long

    🌿 western culture has detered feminine energy in girls that grow up to be assertive go getter type women. Nothing wrong with rounding out the sharp corners to embrace the feminine that is innately within all women…

    Hi this is my first time on your channel. I'm a 22 year old female. My question is, should I be practicing femininity around family members, or can I be loud, and joke with them. I come from a Hispanic background and when my family get together we like to joke, get loud, even swear around each other. When I am not around my family I practice being feminine such as being calm, lower and soft voice, not swearing etc..

    Whenever I do something feminine it feels so wrong I feel sick. I hate it. It’s not me at all.
    Being around very feminine women makes me want to smash my head into a wall until nothing is left but a bloody pulp; I find it so boring it’s difficult to tolerate.
    When I’m in my body I get overloaded by all the sensory information coming in and shut down

    If a guy only makes out with you fingers you and takes bj but never wants sex with you does it mean hes not pysically attracted to me?

    Honestly I can’t really agree with u in some parts. A women gives him all the attention n positive energy n the problem is the man.

    i know you don't claim to be "soft and warm", but i don't think you are. you seem loud and intense. which is fine. but that might be why you're not into "masculine" men. i imagine you enjoy occupying the dominant seat in a relationship and having a beta male to follow you around and tell you how brave and strong you are (but also soft and warm!!)

    not everyone can be everything. play the hand you've been dealt and let's not overthink. relationships shouldnt be social experiments. guys are very keen when it comes to inauthenticity

    You look EXTRA amazing and gorgeous in this video. I love your comforting presence and I learn so much from you!

    I find it’s hard to tap the feminine energy when things happen that make you worried about security. For example if the man drags on helping fix something in the home that you’ve mentioned numerous times or engages in behaviors that let you know that you can’t count on him when you need him.

    Don't know what's wrong with pursuing my man for intimacy or sex. My man loves it and if I wanna have sex right now in that particular moment, there is nothing wrong in taking what I want.

    I have a friend that looks so feminine on the outside, but she is such a man. She controls everything. Then the man runs.

    This is so true. I was such a little Tom-boy for so long and the boys I had crushes on didn’t like me back, but once I felt out and tapped into my feminine side, I couldn’t keep boys away from me. The key word is, BALANCE! Have qualities of both. Be a balanced person. Not leaning too hard one way or the other. Audrey Hepburn kind of had that chic tom-boy energy I’m talking about. Nicely balanced 🙂 ♥️

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