How Global Warming Is Awakening Deadly Diseases

How Global Warming Is Awakening Deadly Diseases

Sure climate change is bad but at least it’s
not causing more cases of flesh eating bacteria or something… no you’re kidding, seriously? Hey global citizens, Julian here for DNews. We talk about climate change a lot here, probably
because it’s a massive looming problem that will affect the globe in profound ways. You already know most of them by heart I’m
sure: melting ice caps, rising sea levels, changing rainfall patterns that lead to droughts
and food shortages. All bad stuff that’s in the not too distant
future. But what if I told you that climate change
is causing problems already, and some of them are truly unexpected? Take for example a recent anthrax outbreak
in Siberia. If you’re like me, you only know anthrax
as this white powder that gets mailed to someone and then everyone freaks out because it could
kill you. So you may be wondering what madman is mailing
a bioweapon to people in one of the most remote places in the world. But in reality, the bacterium that causes
anthrax infections, Bacillus anthracis, occurs naturally and infects an estimated 2,000 people
each year. Back in the early 20th century, anthrax outbreaks
were common in Siberia. Anthrax infections killed over a million reindeer,
and they were buried in about 7000 burial grounds by the indigenous Nenets. But since then it’s been quiet, with the
last outbreak in Siberia happening in 1941. Now the same bacteria that caused those outbreaks
could be responsible for the 20 Siberians who contracted anthrax in August of 2016,
and I do mean the exact same bacteria. The current hypothesis is after the infected
reindeer were buried, the bacteria were essentially refrigerated by the permafrost heaped on top
of them. Now that temperatures are climbing upward,
that frozen soil is starting to thaw, unleashing spores across the tundra and infecting reindeer
and people anew. If rising temperatures are the culprit, then
the Nenets can expect anthrax outbreaks every summer. There could be other dormant bacteria up there
waiting to be reawakened too, like bubonic plague, or a disease that hasn’t occurred
naturally since 1977, smallpox. Climate change might be doing more than revive
frozen microbes north of the Arctic circle; it could be helping microbes closer to the
equator too, like Vibrio vulnificus. That little guy is also known as a flesh-eating
bacteria, and it does well in warm and brackish waters. Guess what climate change causes more of? Warm and brackish waters. Global incidents of V. vulnificus have been
steadily rising for the last 4 decades. Now there are about 80,000 cases in the US
each year. Before you shout that correlation does not
necessarily equal causation and bring a tear of joy to my eye like a proud parent, a study
in June published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that warmer
surface ocean temperatures are causing blooms of the bacteria and are associated with the
increased incidence of infection in Northern Europe and the US Atlantic coast. Most of the infections come from eating contaminated
seafood raw and in those cases the cholera-like symptoms like diarrhea, cramping, and fever
usually pass after 3 days. But Vibrio can also find it’s way into open
cuts, causing lesions that grow rapidly. 20% of the time these infections are fatal. Climate change isn’t some far-off problem
with hypothetical impacts that will be felt 50 years from now. It’s creating problems already, and some
of these problems come out of left field, like these revived and revitalized bacteria. Don’t worry though, because the hotter temperatures
can kill bacteria too! Except that’s happening in deserts, where
the bacteria helps keep the soil from eroding. Seriously climate change, can you just chill
out? Another unexpected side effect of climate
change? A refugee crisis. Seeker Stories has more info on that here. And climate change might be happening faster
than we expected. Trace has more info on that, here. Now have you noticed the changing temperatures
affecting your life in ways you didn’t expect? Like I for one basically can’t play PC games
anymore without my room turning into a sauna. Let us know in the comments, subscribe for
more and I will see you next time on DNews.


    We're getting snow more often in my area… I heard an explanation once about how global warming was causing that, but I don't remember it.

    So growing up we always had those pumpkin trash bags filled with leafs out for Halloween. Well I've noticed it's been many years since the leafs have fallen before Halloween. They keep falling later and later and I'm not even 30 yet.

    thank u SO much for putting links up I can click on using my tablet!!! I requested this like a month ago and Idk if u guys saw it but thanks anyway cuz it's way easier than having to search it and losing track of my lsst video!

    Funny how Darwinists tend to be anti-climate change. Yes, climate change is real but is it anything to be afraid of? There only two ways to evolve, sexual selection and natural selection. We have been holding back natural selection for far too long. If an entire species goes extinct because of a temperature change of a couple degrees, it was never fit enough to live on this planet anyway. Plus, liberals always seem to be complaining about overpopulation, is this not the perfect solution for you?

    The fact it's November and it's still NOT snowing here in MI! I should NOT be able to wear shorts 11 months and half months into the year. That's just not normal for SE MI.

    Have I noticed the changing temperatures???? It's going to be 80 freaking degrees here at the end of the week in November!!! Average temp here this time of year is 59(15C). And before you say its just a heatwave… we broke high temp records 3 days out of a week last month and missed the other 4 days by a couple of degrees

    ☀ i've been around for a good while
    and i seem to be waiting in vain for warmer times
    because the only place there is global warming is on TV

    Looking back at history, the most deadliest diseases to ever have strike humanity actually happen in periods of global cooling. The 2 deadliest disease, small pox and black death, all occurred in a period known as the little ice age. So plz Dnews, stop the fear mongering.

    Climate change is a fucking hoax made by the chinese to destroy american jobs. Becides, IF global warming was real, wouldnt we have rain where it wouldnt be? wouldnt deserts become great wet plains, forests, jungles? In fact, the ice glaciers are actually growing! Liar mad scientisis dont know shit.

    Any changes you or I are noticing are, by definition anecdotal. I better question would have been, what trends have you noticed over the last 100 000 years and has that change been drastic since the industrial revolution…

    Bullshit. The ice caps are not shrinking except in their summer season, which is the bullshit videos we are shown to support this financially motivated hoax. Geoengineering IS purposely causing some erratic change, but that is a global government operation. Oh yes, mr Eistein, we humans are not the cause of the observed warming of ALL the solar system planets. The SUN rules all climate shifts.

    but guys trump said climate change was made up by the chinese. Come on people we need to be more pro-active to reverse these scary facts that are going to happen.

    Climate change is happening. Global Warming is not. Global Warming is defined as man is creating climate change. This is not true. People, Co2 plays a very, very small part in climate change. Co2 is great for the plants. We should be looking at the water vapors. That play a huge part in climate change. There is a lot of info on youtube about the Global Warming hoax.
    Man cannot change the climate, it nature.

    you hip cats didn't mention HAARP and how they are manipulating the climate. your climate fraud has been exposed.

    In canada well some where near North Pole it's very cold right now and still don't get it why you guys are overreacting 😒

    Oh hell Naw I'm not going to the beach thank you for letting me know this. stupid ass CLIMATE CHANGE!

    actually global warming will only effect coastal countries which mainly consist of 3rd world nations (Yes this includes you modern day USA).

    why is the the only thing I'm able to think about right now is The Scorch from The Maze Runner…?

    Quelle c'était climet existe pas mais le terre a beaucoup gagne les encormes les glaces géants -> Bonus taux arguement gros froid l'air ! Et les neiges aussi que l'eau (reserves -> glace fabrique mer glace géant resisance les Soleil c'est normal réel ) :/ mais problème la cerdaine conditions mauvais climet. mais s'il vous plaît l'evite juste climet pour le moment on doit reserves glace pour survie à la futur, et ne joue pas climet est pire utiliser rien de changer qu'ils ont détruit les glaces frais gros grave si continul les glaces sont final dans le temps,
    je sais pas… c'est mauvais idée climet réchauffement trop utilisé lier cause de température tres éleve sur glace moins en moins c'est pas bon !

    Yes and I've heard that those deceases affect only the brains of lefty liberal hysterical scare mongers ……..

    Go vegan!
    "A new study published in the journal Science details the largest-ever analysis of the impact that food production has on the planet. The study concluded that ditching or reducing animal products in the diet and in commodities is the single most effective way to reduce one’s environmental impact."

    I hope that one of those reviving bacteria and virus from permafrost, kill, yea, kill those who said that climate change was a hoax

    That is crazy and I do think our kids generations may make out better then us adults adapting to it…

    Checkout microwave auditory voice effect also… How the American public deal with it and it’s been shown how to us with different media channels…

    I live in Trinidad and everyday its getting hotter and hotter,bush fires have been happening and the bush and scrubs look burnt and brown

    Guys global warming is real because here in the UK temperatures rise each year because this February it was warmer than usual

    So… you are afraid of flora and fauna natural to the earth. Oh, I’m sorry, are you not naturally here as well? Yes…and one day we will be extinct. Those prokaryotes have been here for BILLIONS of years. By the way, the earth naturally warms and cools. Why are you promoting the control of this? Your descendants are not going to live here forever

    Hahahahahahahaaaaaa, global warming advancing things that kill, color me shocked.

    What will people do, sit in circles and pray that their ignorance can protect them? Perhaps hatred can protect them from deadly viruses. Yup, viruses along with bacteria, they are both literally exploding in population worldwide. If robots or nuclear fallout don't kill people, viruses and bacteria will.

    People are too selfish to pay attention.

    Immigration is causing the revival of old diseases. And democratic run states, because people live by the standards of the early medieval. Pooping and pissing in the streets and having waste everywhere. Not warm weather. Rats and fleas. Otherwise you would have had the plague in the 1930s when it was a lot warmer than today. You’re mich too young to know anything about climate, boy.

    Gaslighting isn't working. The Center for Disease Creation creates disease and pharma is there to save us. The Liberals fear based narrative has been used since before time began. Climate Change is due to Climate MANIPULATION like SEEDING CLOUDS, using altered frequencies and the ever popular dipole switch.
    Psychopath's ..your reign of terror is over. We are awake!

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