How Electrons Become Electricity

How Electrons Become Electricity

How electrons become electricity. Electrons are negatively charged particles
in atoms. Electricity is the flow of electrons and a
force is needed to move electrons. First we need to look at forces. Forces either push objects apart or pull them
together. Gravity is a force of attraction that pulls
objects together. Imagine sitting on a bench. The gravitational force attracts you to the
earth and the earth to you, but the bench stops you from being pulled to the ground. But if a boulder falls on the bench, causing
it to tip over, the force of attraction due to gravity pulls you to the ground. Where do electrons fit in? Electrons move as a result of a different
force called the electromagnetic force. This force both attracts particles with opposite
electric charges together, as well as repels particles with the same electric charge apart. Electricity in your house usually comes through
copper wires, which are connected to a power station. These wires form closed circuits which carry
electricity. Before a switch is turned on, a circuit is
not complete and the free electrons in the copper are moving around randomly. After the switch is turned on, the open circuit
closes. The difference in electrical charge at either
end of the power station causes electrons to move in the same direction. Like charges repel, opposite charges attract. The flow of electrons is electricity. [zapping sound] Check out our other videos about electricity,
fuel and heat.


    Each house has a ground wire attached to the neutral bar in the circuit-breaker panel. (The neutral bar would be the return line to the power station). The ground wire is attached to a ground rod. The illustration shows a complete circuit, but it seems to me that the electrons would be lost into the ground before returning to the power source. I wonder where the electrons come from it they are continually lost into the earth, before they can be returned to the power source.

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