House Solar Water Pump – Working Prototype (Updated Video Available)

House Solar Water Pump – Working Prototype  (Updated Video Available)

This is something I’ve been working on for a while, a gravity feed solar-powered water system for a house. It works if you are in an area with no hard freezes. You could also use it for cattle stock tanks and such any time you need to pump water It could be a home fish pond or anything like that As you can see we have a couple of small solar panels here They are 2 x 40 watts and we have a
water tank the only thing going on the water tank, we have a switch Let me get a close-up of the switch This is the switch sitting on top of the water tank. Got this stainless steel bowl screwed to the top of it to keep water out and this is what the switch looks like off of there. Not much to it. There’s
normally open – normally closed connections there’s a string that the floats are tied to. And there’s a lever that when the string is pulled a lever activates the switch Floats are in here, nothing special just a
couple of floats. The switch wire leads down to the panel and turns the power on and off to the pump which is down stairs. We’ll go look at that Before I forget, the water tank is connected thru the bottom to a 2 inch pipe that does down this way And simply connects to the house water system You can see a red valve there where you can shut it on and off Goes down into the house there. Now let’s go downstairs and take a look at the pump that pumps the
water back up this direction The wires come from solar panel. Right
now they are draped over the front of the building Not beautiful, we will put them inside if we decide this will work well. They
run down to the face of the building they come across here to this little pump right here. There’s not much to it It’s a 24-volt pump that pumps 2 liters per minute which is a very minuscule amount. The pump intake is hooked over here to the city water through a sand filter Back in there is the sand filter, if you can see it. It runs down here, runs through the pump. It’s a diaphragm pump It’s typical working pressure is 80 PSI It’s capable of more than 130 PSI which is a lot and that is the reason I have a cut-off switch a high pressure cut-off switch here This is all out of one of those Reverse Osmosis systems The pump is wired through here to the switch, there’s a fuse in there. 1 way valve to keep water from backing up through it and then through this side and the put back into the house
over there So this is it. There are 3 persons
living in the house and so far the this 2 liter per minute 24 volt pump running on those 2 panels on the roof The voltage is a little too high, it should be 24-volts but because the panels are limited to 2 amps output, and the pump requires 2 amps the extra voltages isn’t doing it any serous harm It’s running right now. It’s not particularly warm. I am touching it with back my hand. If we choose to go through with full scale I’ve got an upgraded pump, it looks like this. This is 15, no 17 liters / minute however it requires 15 amps of power So it’ll need a lot bigger solar panel to run it. But it is roughly the same size roughly the same size shape as this one. This is our test. This is our test to see if it is going to work and so far it is working perfectly I’ve been really happy with it. It’s been running for a week and no issues. You can hear it running right now Just used some water in the house to make the pump run. Usually it fills that 1600 leader water tank on the roof by between 12 o’clock noon and 1:30 in the afternoon every day. So yeah, that’s, that’s it. And
that’s rain or shine Again very happy with it and that’s pretty much the whole system. Not too much to it. Well hope you found it interesting and perhaps useful.


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