Honest Government Ad | Renewable Energy (NEG)

Honest Government Ad | Renewable Energy (NEG)

Hello, I’m from the Australien Government We know you want us to transition to Renewables ASAP so you can get on with your favourite activity… continuing human life on this planet Well, good news There’s only ONE barrier left between
you and a clean energy future It’s not technological…
it’s not economic… Nope, it’s us! That’s right: after ditching the carbon
price, dumping this, refusing this and tryna kill these we’re proud to bring you: NEG
The Negligible Energy Guarantee Coz it’s such a watered-down pissweak policy
that it’s literally worse than doing nothing at all Which is precisely why our BFFs love it so much And keeping them and this bunch of nutjobs happy
is pretty much our official energy policy I mean, why should we encourage Renewables? We should let the market decide how we get our energy And nothing says “free market” like propping
up a dying industry with your tax dollars Or trying to force this ancient relic to stay open,
when even its owners are saying coal is dead Sadly, not everyone shares our dream of delaying
the transition to clean energy… Like those smug eco-hipsters in South Australia
who went and reached their 50% Renewable target a decade early
and are on track to hit this one by 2025 Just coz they invested in shit like the world’s
biggest lithium-ion battery Built by combining two resources no longer
found in Canberra – leadership and brains – it’s only been running for a few months
and is already making us look like dickheads Whatever… There is one Renewable resource we
do believe investing in: BULLSHIT Bullshit is what fuels our daily fermongering
about blackouts and high prices when in fact, Renewables are responding to peak demand AND reducing electricty bills Which is why, instead of waiting for us Aussies are taking matters
into their own hands to get this shit done And it’s why the market invested 9 billion
dollars in 2017 alone Into solar farms… solar solar trains…
solar whatever-that-is Heck, even these pricks are investing in solar And why not? With the prospect of new jobs, cheaper bills
AND avoiding epic climate change fail what kind of energy neanderthal would want to stand
in the way of the Renewables Boom that’s coming? Well… Us 🙂 Australien Government We’ve stopped the boats Now it’s time to Stop the Sun Authorised by the
Department for transitioning to the Dark Ages


    Energy technology is one of my specialties. I always tell people to look at the overall efficiency. As well as the overall return on investment. That is the only way you can really compare different energy technologies

    Sorry Juice, but you're way off base on this one. Cutting fossil fuel subsidies is OK, but governments should only tax gasoline and diesel as needed to support the infrastructure of motoring. All subsidies for renewables should also be cut.

    Why? Because the concept of man made climate change is a total crock. All of the climate models ever created have been gross over-simplifications that cannot come anywheres close to making reliable predictions. If some guy gave you tips on horse races many times and was never right, would you bet the farm on his next prediction? Of course you wouldn't, so why would you bet on the predictions of a bunch of hacks that have never been correct?

    British tech like this is brilliant –
    Cryogenic energy
    Air turns to liquid when cooled down to -196°C (-320˚F) and can then be stored very efficiently. Re-gasification can then used to drive a turbine and create electricity without combustion.

    The Earth is flat. It does not move. It is covered with a dome. All just as God designed it.

    There is no such thing as climate change.

    John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10

    We let Saudis do what they want because Oil! This despite the sun shining, the wind blowing, the sea constantly moving & in my country, perfect climate for growing weeds for biofuel. Now we realise politicians do love the anarchy of Saudi crime.

    The global warming lie, this is all for for big $$$$ corporations to profit with out tax dollars, the open new businesses with tax payers money and then collect $$$$$$ when we pay the bill, very smart, is like me opening a new business with no $ out of my pocket and then passing the expenses to the same people that gave me the money while I collect billions every month, that’s smart, but don’t worry the lefties socialist will be glad to do that, that’s how stupid they are.

    I love seeing native bushland being cleared for Solar Farm acreage. Who needs trees and wild life anyway?

    BTW how are the recycling of first generation solar panels going? What? They can't be recycled? Who'd have thunk.

    You are right about BS but come on – CO2 is not the issue (plants need CO2) – environment destruction is and we should point the fingers at Multi National Corporations (cough, Coca-cola Amatil, cough, Nestle) and their ilk in saturating the land with Plastics and stealing Ground Water with the help of Governments the world over.

    Then there is Agro Business with petroleum based fertilizers and nicatoid based pest control (Monsanto/Bayer) and then there is the crap they spray into the atmosphere daily to "protect the planet".

    Many things need to be done but f-all being done except misinformation and scare mongering putting the focus where it isn't helping.

    Hahaha i loved the alien gray head above the australian government logo hahhaha that is not far from the truth

    Sad thing is it takes a 1000 solar panels to run a 10hp air conditioner and won't do it at night you bimbo.

    Absolutely loving these ads. Greetings from Poland. A country where comon sense is still fighting back the influx of corporate bullshit.

    We need to regulate fossil energy companies more and even try to go after its shareholders. Stop grants for renewable companies if they are acquired by fossil energy ownership.

    India pretty much tried to revolutionise the solar energy until USA decided to stop this shit fuckery and dragged India into WTO for doing so which again for some amazing reason decided to put a stop to this shit show known as solar power revolution !!

    TheJuiceMedia is my new classroom. Now, must seek out and find satire geniuses in each country willing to start their own TheJuiceMedia channel. 🤔 Canada needs one. Haven't found a more entertaining way of connecting the dots. Bravo team JuiceMedia!

    You SHOULD let the market decide. It's the state that prevents change to shield monopoly power from competition. Lobbyism exists for a reason.

    Thanks for this 😊❤ You lot should do one on Aussie drought/desertification (there's a good Ted talk on desertification for inspiration)…

    Australian Government like all Zionist run World Governments all form total kakastrocracies filled with racketeering criminal psychopathic parasites parading as politicians.

    We are doomed.
    6 yrs left before we all will be slaves.
    Freedom is the last word a slave speaks before realising its too late.

    Every atom has more energy the you can imagine , but we have to pay for power . The surface of the earth is mostly water but we have water restrictions. The people who own us are fools .They did say we would make great pets and we do.

    "So you can get on with your favourite activity. Continuing human life on this planet." That is assuming people in Australia want to continue living. It's not like the government is making our life the greater of all SH*TS.

    All of these videos are basically applicable in the United States, all you have to do is change a few names.

    So only 279 Australian government employees down-voted this ?
    Disclaimer: some of those down-votes may have actually been
    missed up-votes as a result of "small tablet" + "butter-fingers".

    I like these "ads" but have to point out that Green Energy IS the very Big Gov't you are complaining about. In fact, there just as large an industry behind Green as Coal. It's just two groups of Fat Cats "competing' via politics and there is no reason to believe either one. Of course, we are always looking for better ways to do things but politics has never been one of them.

    Answer this question why do the money lenders still lending money if the planets not going to survive in 14 years according to the sheep. Global warming is bullshit.

    I don't know what is more disturbing the fact that it might be right or the fact that people have lost faith in their government so much that they have no respect for it.

    So Gordano, ole Bob Brown Ex Greens leader doesn't want windfarms because they kill the eagles, doesn't want nuclear power, doesn't want hydro dams, doesn't want coal power, doesn't want gas power. So what's left – solar. And how much land, who's land are we going to clear to put up some Chinese made solar panels? https://youtu.be/_DDtXGmuWJU

    Everywhere I look, people are choosing politicians who are screwing them over and ruining the planet. Democracy does not work when the people are so politically illiterate and ignorant.

    I love this girl… we humans are in so much trouble because we leave our destiny in hands of puppets of the ruling elite. There is no bright future if we follow the same path.

    That offensive to neverthdaln also you didn't realise that solar panels farms creating problem by cutting down tree and mining to get metal for them cause deforestation I am a all for renewable energy but you need to beo carefull how they do it

    Hmm seems like anti-renewable people… havr been snorting lead dust and drinking lead laced water from birth.. no wonder their brains are tiny

    Renewable energy is not going to save us. Sorry. We have already triggered the feedback loops. Civilisation is a heat engine no matter what you power it with anyway.

    Does this lady know that south australia has the highest energy prices in australia? Mainly because they went renewable….does fake lady actor know this??

    This may be another old thread, but as I watch through an awesome collection of these beyond-awesome masterpieces of informative mockery, watching when I can, I do have to pause to make my perpetual applause 'audible' on here once in a while. Especially since the driving force behind these operates virtually everywhere, affecting and damaging everyone and everything: the mindless, ruthless pathological greed and control-freakery of a relative few taking over governance – because we've let them. So far.

    leftist propaganda 🙄 unrecyclable lithium batteries and unrecyclable solar panels that degrade to be less than 50% of original over 10 years in blazing sun will not save us.
    why don't you just use solar panels to power fans to run the windmills? makes about as much sense. or just export all your coal to China the world biggest polluter while you virtue signal about how great it is to have high power prices because 5% of energy comes from wind and solar?

    There a wind and solar farms going up everywhere…….if you want to practice what you preach give up your modern lifestyle…..every device has minerals taken from the earth…..even solar and wind farms take mining to make the materials……give up all your material wealth and go live in the bush and shit behind a tree and wipe your arse with some gum leaves…….no more jet travel to italy, movies, computers, european sports cars or electricity. Inner city progressives use more mineral resource than anyone whilst preaching climate change like a Jehovahs Witness telling us we are going to hell at your doorstep…..bunch of hypocrites that think that because they use a re usable cup they are superior………dont berate people and throw stones in your massive glass houses

    I'd like to see someone send ALL the Politicians an information dossier with DVD/USB telling them how many Electric Buses,Trucks,Cars etc are available right now, how many countries are using renewable energy at a higher percentage than us, how many people die or become sick because of pollution, etc, etc . It should be sent to their office and signed for, then they can't say they never received it or the information contained therein.

    Yes South Australia is doing amazing things. however all we're doing is making the energy providers richer because South Australia has the most expensive bills

    They tried this shit here in the states, a whole city went green, and failed. You libs want to just kill the economy of every country, but people know and understand that renewables are just to make your higher leaders richer. What is the average mean temperature of our planet? No one can or wants to answer this. Why? if we don't know this, how does anyone know the planet is over warming itself?
    But you people just keep on using energy, paper signs, and wooden handles for your protests to save the world. Hell we don't need trees, they are just in our way of our renewables. They are our only natural defense against co2. Oh and by the way, after our little Tantrums, oh I mean protests, we will leave behind all of our garbage, you know the same things we are fighting against.
    And thank you for bringing back paper straws. Now we can clear out even more trees, and the straws are too thick to recycle, so they can go into the garbage, this way we can just keep right on crying about the environment.
    And what are we all crying about anyway? In 89 the UN told us we would be under water in 12 years. So what's the problem? By their geniuses, we are all under water, dead. I just hope I don't vote Democrat. You know being dead and shit like that, that never happened.

    The real pisser is that with all that fierce sunlight & available coastline, you could do a passive solar water purification & desalination system that also generates abundant power using good old steam turbines. You might do better with flywheel energy storage rather than batteries or in combination.

    Regarding South Australia, that Tesla Battery farm they installed at a cost of $100M can provide electricity to 3,500 houses for 30 minutes. It is intended to cover the sudden drops in power that sometimes occur on the South Australian electricity grid. By the way South Australia still has power lines running to Victorian coal fired power stations in case the renewables don't provide enough electricity. All up they are going in the right direction but they have a long way to go to be carbon neutral and the Federal government has an even longer way to go. In my opinion we should look at embracing nuclear energy like France in order to wean the country off fossil fuels.

    We should keep in mind that energy generation only accounts for 35% of global emissions. And half of that typically goes to the usually avoidable expense of home heating and cooling. To reach stability, we need a 75% reduction in emissions.

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