[Guide] Crossout The Garage №4: LONG RANGE BUILDS; Powerplant map overview

[Guide] Crossout The Garage №4: LONG RANGE BUILDS; Powerplant map overview

Hello survivors! Welcome to the Garage – the biggest vault of knowledge in the Wastes! You are watching the most detailed and fun show made for true fans of Crossout. Subscribe to the channel and hit that bell icon never to miss another one of our videos ever again. See it first, straight from the devs themselves. Buckle up, fellas, it’s go time! After all major cities turned into mass graves, most of the few surviving people feared to venture back into the ruins for a long time, preferring the familiar safety of smaller and more secluded places. But the sheer need to trade and use the tech of the civilization that is now dead made some brave loners or even whole gangs of raiders to try their luck in these dreaded places. The so-called Central is one major post-apocalyptic settlements, that formed naturally over time right next to the Necropolis. The buildings and workshops of the old power plant are now covered in shoddily-made shanties, built as far away from the ground as possible. This place is under constant threat from raiders, but there are still even more dangerous things out there at night. Few people stay outside of their homes for long. The Powerplant is a Capture-type map. Despite the apocalypse, the plant is still functioning, well, mostly. Hm, i wonder if someone still has
videogames there and you can trade ‘em for rat pelts? What? I got some to trade! This map is mostly linear, so no sneaking around back unnoticed here, no sir. There are some thermal power plant units in the middle that divide the map in several lanes. One such lane has some railroad tracks and a bunch of derelict train cars. These cars are scattered around, making for some nice and tough cover for you and your foes. Use this place for mobile combat only, also, this is where most of the hot-headed drivers will be to score some early frags or simply wait it out in ambush or otherwise. The other major area has an empty garage, that is located next to backstreet and a short dried canal. You can use it for some shooting and scooting, or to lure your enemy into it. A foe pushed in there or tipped over on the bottom of the canal is an easy frag to make. The third lane is yet another canal, located in between two huge plant smokestacks. Unlike the previous route, this one is narrow and long. This got to be the most dangerous place on the entire map. A single well armoured ride with long-range guns can hold the fort here pretty much alone for the entirety of the round. The crates in the middle can be used for cover, but regardless, this place is not for the faint of heart. If you go there, you better be ready to go fast. Firefights begin almost instantly on this arena, so choose your tactics quick. It’s going to be up-close and personal around those train cars, but it’s still the best place for mobile and high-speed combat. Middle ground with the garage and the ditch is where all dramatic battles are fought, should you wish to try your luck here, your ride must be able to survive at least two or three serious hits. Canals can be used for maneuvers or a place for a sniper duel. The further you move up the lane, the higher the stakes. This map tolerates no compromise. Only extremely heavy or very light machines can be truly effective here. The former can hold the line in tight spaces, while the latter slip past it to capture the flag. While long-range weapons can be especially effective, exploiting the lanes of the map. Let’s talk about a couple of such rides, by the way. Well, since we touched the topic of long-range combat, how about we take a dive into the user-made solutions found in the Exhibition tab? Mandragora48rus aka Mandrake Author: Oo_3eB5_oO (Zeus) Color: Snake Today’s exhibit one is the Mandrake, a heavily-armoured transport, christened after its weaponry. The Mandrake howitzer can fire across great distances, like actual artillery, while the ride is safely away from the danger of frontline combat. Well, while the gun’s accuracy leaves much to be desired, its incendiary shots compensate well for that setback. When the Mandrake’s shot hits, it spills a flammable liquid that sets everything on fire. The ride also has a radar, not to fire blindly, mind you. But the designer used the Carapace cabin that
generates 11 points and added a generator for extra juice. This build allows for an installation of a Mandrake AND a Caucasus machine gun for self-defence at close range. Which is a great combo. You see, the howitzer is awful at short range, not to mention it only having six shots of ammo, so this powerful machine gun has the ride covered in this department. The Mandrake has over 7 thousand power score, so it will inevitably run into some very serious foes. But it has enough structure points to ride the storm, over a thousand points, actually. This craft is so effective, there’s virtually nothing to improve, period. Twinkies88 Author: asiatpaj Color: Snake This ride has a funny name, but its stats are anything but. The Twinkies is a flat buggy, that has great grip on the road thanks to its twin wheels. The acceleration is so so, but once it gets going, it goes fast. All thanks to its light engine and Wyvern cabin by the Nomads. The icing on the cake here is two Executioner cannons. They are mounted on the sides and spread the mass evenly, balancing the ride. But wait, there’s also an ammo box that increases the total ammo reserve of the ride. Each cannon can be assigned a separate key to fire, so you can engage your foes with a single cannon or a full salvo. Using this technique, you will never be caught defenseless, when driving the Twinkies. Executioners can also be used as a sniper weapon, especially versus larger and slow-moving targets. Well, as for the rest of the foes, you would need an optical sight, but there’s no free energy to mount one on this particular build. 500 structure points and 4500 power score is a tricky combo! Do not even try rushing headlong into battle, since the ride’s weak armor won’t protect you. The Twinkies is a fast and smooth ride, while its cannons can make quick work of smaller foes. With it, you just have to learn when to risk it, to win big. After any terrible catastrophe, there’s always those kind of people that enjoy all the chaos. They don’t care about human lives, they burn their own and take lives of others. The faster and louder they do it, the better they feel. Enter the Lunatics, one of the major factions of Crossout. They like all things loud, things that go boom and go fast. They craft their shrapnel-loaded shotguns from old grenade launchers, they also make powerful rocket launchers and explosive spears! The Lunatics decorate their rides with spikes to scare their foes and they love attacking from an ambush, to quickly dispatch their surprised enemies. If that fails, they usually retreat and try again. Their leader is called Psycho Pete. Back in the old world he was a small-time gangster. He was ruthless and fearless, but too unhinged to achieve any real influence. For many years after the chaos, he enjoyed the total freedom and lack of any law enforcement, doing whatever he wanted, sparing nobody in his path. A while later, he was in charge of a small band of raiders, that followed fanatically, everywhere he went. Pete always rushed in first, but whatever happened, he always came out alive. Soon, some began saying that he was protected by magic, that no bullet or fire could touch him, that death will never claim his soul. Like the locust, the Lunatics roam the Wastes sowing chaos and destruction. Their rides are super light buggies. Those rides can’t take a serious beating, but boy
oh boy, they can dish it out plenty. The Lunatics prefer close-range combat to all other types of combat. They even got an initiation ritual, in which you must blow up an enemy ride at an arm length’s away and survive the ordeal. However, no Lunatic has ever died from natural causes. They perish like flies, be it in a suicidal rush through the Wastes or during one of their bloody tournaments. Whatever the reason, if there’s battle to be had, they’re taking the opportunity,damn the outcome. The Lunatics make some of the deadliest hotguns in the Wastes, in addition to explosive spears and powerful augers. Their legendary combat combine is one of the deadliest tales of the Wastes. But, these crazies got their own backup plan. In the depths of their butchery they make rocket launchers and an even better, upgraded version of the launcher is made at their frozen meat depot. Their most popular cabin is called Growl and it’s one of the lightest around, but generates only 9 points of energy. Such amount is enough for a deadly combine or a nice bundle of explosive spears. Not that a true Lunatic needs anything else, for that matter. You can join this faction at player level ten. Work together in combat, attack as one, always have someone in support. Do not try tanking it out – the crafts made by Lunatics are not designed for this kind of combat. The only winning tactic here is to hit as hard as you can and retreat and regroup. This is risky business, but it’s all about that risk for the Lunatics. Okie dokie, let’s see what questions you asked us this week! CoolCube_ Gaming_ says: Q:will single player campaigns be in the future? We have several prototype modes for Single Player and they might be added in the future. For now though, we do not plan to make a fully fledged campaign. – TrIpTiCuS says: Q: Do you have any plans on adding new factions into the game? With new weapons, modules etc. If that’s the case, would you be interested in getting the community involved with designing said weapons and modules or potentially entire factions with their themes? Actually, we have plan to introduce a new faction soon. We are always open for suggestions from our
players though. Many of the existing parts and weapons in the game are based on those suggestions. Wow, that’s it, folks! I’ll see ya around in one week from now, ever ready for more adventures in the world of Crossout! The best is yet to come! Don’t forget to leave your questions in the comments and tell all your friends about this show! We are always glad to see new faces here! Bye-bye!


    Q: Would you guys be willing to add any spear related items to the game or something throw-able like a catapult to throw rocks or sticky goo at the enemies?

    Q. First will we ever get to turn boosters to face up like in the new brawl? And second when if ever well their be a weapon rebalance? The shotguns just seem to be too much at times.

    Q: can we have wenches in case your teammate losses his wheels and you can tow him to victory? NO MAN LEFT BEHIND!!!

    Q:will the knights weapons be craftable? It would make sence, the steppenwolfs get the tsunami and the lunatics get the goblin. I think the spike 1 shouldent be crafted unless u make a medival faction

    We all know two important and true things:

    1. This game is awesome and much fun to play 😀

    2. This game ends like WoT, WoTB and all the other games in which u can´t go out of ur car. The people would like that u could
    at least see ur caracter in the garage and walk with him. There need to be at least ONE first person acting moment!

    Question of the day for me would be why in the world would people get glowing eyes from a weird plague and how do i get glowing eyes without the unfortunate side-effects of having to get the plague for it…. 😐

    First of all, sorry for my bad English, I'm translating for an online translator. Second, this is a theme suggestion for future factions.
    A faction based on space equipment (just like steppenwolfs are based on military equipment, this faction would be based on materials coming from NASA, for example). Modules could be added such as efficient vertical propulsion, weapons with greater intent in disabling enemies, modules with the intention of benefiting friends. One of the epic weapons could be something like a coil of tesla that would be hitting lightning bolts at nearby enemies, working more like a melee weapon. The cabins could be based on space capsules / space shuttles and their differential would be to have an amount of energy greater than the common one. If anyone likes the idea, give suggestions of weapons, wheels, cabins, modules that would be related to a space theme. Thank you.

    I'm on my 7k power score build and keep getting matched against 11ks and 12ks how much do you have to pay for a fair match I mean do you developers even play your own game

    Gotta say, after hearing about Psycho Pete's backstory, I'm kind of picturing him as a greedy, quick-witted, unpredictable, manipulative, psychotic, heartless backstabber, who always charges in 1st to try to get what he wants before his fellow Lunatics, and runs away with his tail between his legs, more than willing to leave his fellow Lunatics to die, whenever the situation doesn't go in his favor. (I initially thought that the "Psycho" in his name was more of a front, meant to intimidate his fellow Lunatics to keep them in line, along with his enemies.) This gives me ideas to create some fan-fiction regarding characters who were not only former Lunatics, but would've used to have some sort of relationship with Psycho Pete, before falling out after finding out just how unreliable and self-serving he is as a teammate, and after barely surviving a Lunatic raid gone horribly wrong.

    My game was sort of very choppy and we had a moaner but it was just loading and unloading and kicked us out and it said something just could not work but can you try to fix it and oh yeah I'm a kid and those that driving's really cool but wonky it does the job and cuz you're really adding some some very cool stuff like actually have like chainsaw slash crossbow

    I love this game, but if you need a native English speaker to do your voiceover, and not a Russian guy pretending to be a hillbilly give me and email, youre accent is sooooo strange….

    I love this game, but if you need a native English speaker to do your voiceover, and not a Russian guy pretending to be a hillbilly, shoot me an emal. A Your accent is sooooo strange….

    I love this game, but if you need a native English speaker to do your voiceover, and not a Russian guy pretending to be a hillbilly, shoot me an emal. A Your accent is sooooo strange….

    Thank you for the name of the vehicle and who made it but saying the color seems really stupid. I can see it myself.

    Ok, so since weapons and others are added from player suggestions, too. Does the game already have something like the Browning .50 Caliber? From the looks, closest seems to maybe be the Whirlwind?

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